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10 Common iOS 15 Problems Solved

common iOS 15.3 problems

Want to know how to fix iPhone iOS 15 problems?

Apple's newest iOS (10.2) was released recently and with this update came a few bugs. No software is perfect, so you shouldn't be surprised that some bugs have already been found. If you're frustrated that your favourite apps are crashing or you're hearing noises coming from your device, then these solutions should help. If you've updated to the latest version of iOS and are experiencing any instability, here's how to fix 10 common iPhone iOS 15 issues using the tips below.

iOS 15 Problems and Their Solutions (Updated 2022)

While I won’t jump the gun and brand iOS 15 as the most buggy iOS update ever, I would put it right up there with iOS 11 (2017). And while it might seem like a lost cause, there are a few viable solutions that can help fix common iOS issues.

Battery Drain

iOS 15.3 problem

If your iPad/iPhone's battery is draining faster after the iOS 15 update, don't panic. You shouldn't overlook other power-hungry features. That includes Background App Refresh (Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh) and Location Services (Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services). We suggest you disable both of these features entirely or on a per-app basis to improve your iPhone's battery life. Besides, it would also be apt to update all apps and get rid of outdated ones because they've always been problematic.

Spotify Battery Draining Issue

common iOS 15 problems

Recently, a large number of iPhone users have complained about an unexpected battery drain problem while using Spotify. To address their concerns, Spotify rushed to acknowledge the concerns and confirmed that it’s investigating the issue. The issue seems to be due to a software bug, so nothing but an app update could troubleshoot the problem. In the meantime, you can try out some handy solutions to resolve the problem.

Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch Feature Not Working

problems in iOS 15.3

While Face ID is the gold standard for facial unlock technology, it’s not very convenient during the pandemic. At a time when you have to wear a mask, Face ID fails to scan your face and unlock your iPhone. The only way you can unlock your iPhone when wearing a mask is by using a paired Apple Watch.But what if that fails as well? Well, that’s what has happened to many iOS 15 users. Thankfully, Apple released a fix for this issue. So there is a good chance that updating the software (Settings -> General -> Software Update) could get the Apple watch unlocking method working for you.

App Crashing Issue in iOS 15

common ios 15 problems

Another issue that has plagued many iOS users is the random app crashing problem. Some apps crash right after launching, while others crash while being used. I've had issues with both types of apps, but I was able to fix it by simply updating the apps. Outdated apps are known to be problematic because they often face issues like crashing and freezing. So, try updating your apps if that doesn't work. If that doesn’t yield the desired result, delete the apps and reinstall them again.

Wi-Fi Not Working

fix for ios 15.3

The iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 operating systems can experience problems with Wi-Fi connectivity. In some cases, the iPhone disconnects from the Wi-Fi network automatically. Sometimes, the iPhone refuses to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Since these Wi-Fi issues have been around for years, there is no need to worry about your iPhone or iPad's connection to any given network either. If you're having trouble connecting to your home Wi-Fi network, try these workarounds.

Reset Network Settings:

fixes for common iOS 15 problems

To reset your network settings, navigate to Settings -> General -> Reset, and then choose Reset Network Settings.

Personal Hotspot Missing/ Not Working

common iOS 15.3 problems

You may have already expected the personal hotspot issue to be featured in this article, hadn’t you? It’s pretty much on the predicted line, so it’s not working for a good chunk of iOS 15 users. If you have also been confronted with this problem, check out the solutions below to fix it right away.

Touchscreen Unresponsiveness

If your iPhone or iPad touchscreen is unresponsive, try force restarting your device. Press and release the volume up button, then press and release the volume down button. Hold down the power button until you see the Apple logo on the screen. If that doesn’t work, try one of these other solutions:

Bluetooth Not Working in iOS 15

For some iOS 15 users, the iPhone either refuses to connect to a Bluetooth device or randomly disconnects from it. For those unfamiliar, this is a perennial issue that has managed to exist on almost every iteration of iOS. So, I’m not surprised to see it becoming a focal point in iOS 15 as well. Luckily, the solutions listed below have almost always worked for me, and I hope they help solve your iOS 15 connectivity problem as well.

Sound Not Working in Certain Apps

If you have recently updated your iPhone to iOS 15, there is a bug that prevents the sound from working in several apps, including Instagram and YouTube.Some solutions have worked for many users, so we suggest trying them:Update the App(s): Open the App Store and move to your profile. Next up, either update all apps at once or update one app at a time.Delete and Reinstall App(s): If updating doesn’t solve the problem, delete the app and reinstall it. Touch and hold the app icon -> Remove App -> Delete App. Now, reinstall the app.

Unexpected Sluggishness

When your device becomes sluggish, it not only slows down your workflow but invites other major issues, including overheating and battery drain as well. So, the sooner you get rid of this problem, the better it is. To resolve this issue, I would suggest you try four tried and tested solutions.


It's normal to encounter unexpected issues during beta testing. However, I didn't expect most of these problems to continue into the official release. I hope the solutions listed above worked for you, helping you fix some of the common problems that have cropped up in iOS 15. Besides, if you have run into any weird issues, do let me know in the comments below and I'll try to help you out.

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