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Best Data Recovery Software For Android

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

android data recovery software

There are various kinds of files on the android, like contacts, messages, photos and documents, etc. if you lose these files accidentally without backup, these will be terrible when you regret. So must know how to recover deleted content from your android phone.

iMyFone D-Back Android Data Recovery

iMyFone D-Back is an Android data recovery software released by iMyFone specifically for Android users, who can recover deleted photos from your Android phone without root and restore deleted WhatsApp messages on Android without backup and root as well.

It Features

iMyFone D-Back Android Data Recovery is an all-in-one solution for a variety of data loss scenarios. It can selectively download Google Drive backup, preview and export WhatsApp chat history, and support recovery of 11 types of Android data, including photos, videos, documents and more. It supports 6000+ Android phones and tablets including Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO and Google Pixel.


Tenorshare UltData for Android Data Recovery

Tenorshare UltData is an Android Data Recovery solution that can help you recover deleted or lost data such as contacts, messages, call history, videos, etc. It supports most Android devices such as Samsung, Motorola, HTC and Google Nexus. It does not require a computer or root access.

It Features

Tenorshare UltData can restore WhatsApp Business data such as photos, documents, and videos. It has a new Photo enhancement feature to increase the resolution of recovered images. It has the facility of Recovering Google Drive Data that helps with broken Android data recovery. Verdict: Tenorshare UltData supports more than 6000 Android phones and tablets. It is simple and easy to use. You just have to follow three steps: connect, scan, and recover. It provides the highest data recovery success rate in the industry.



Wondershare Dr.Fone is a full-service smartphone security tool that you can employ to keep your stored data safe. One of its most prominent features is its ability to recover data from Android devices. When recovering data from an android phone, the tool automatically roots your device. This makes it capable of performing high-end recovery operations.

It Features

Wondershare Dr.Fone provides a protective cover to your Android smartphone by performing several high-security operations, with data recovery being its most prominent function. You can virtually recover all types of mobile data with the help of this tool in a couple of easy steps.


EaseUS MobiSaver For Android

EaseUS MobiSaver is a free-to-use tool for recovering data from Android devices. It allows you to recover data in three easy steps. You connect your Android device to the software, initiate the scan, and select the files you want to recover. The software is compatible with over 6000 Android phones and tablets.

It Features

If you have lost data from your Android device due to accidental deletion, then EaseUS MobiSaver will help you recover them. The software is easy to use and comes with a 3-step process that makes it extremely easy for users to restore files of any type. Also, there is no reason for you to worry about compatibility issues as the application works great with most devices available in the market today.


Disk Drill

Disk Drill can retrieve lost or deleted files from your rooted Android device’s storage. Recover data from the phone's internal memory as well external memory cards. The software supports all Android devices circulating the market today. Additionally, it will recover lost files, videos, images, documents, and more no matter how severe the data loss event was.

It Features

Disk Drill won't be everyone's cup of tea, but it can be extremely powerful for an Android recovery tool. It doesn't matter what caused the data deletion, the software will help you restore all types of data in an instant.



DiskDigger is a powerful app that scans your Android device and recovers deleted files. The free version allows users to recover photos and videos, but you can pay to access other file types. You can also upload recovered files over FTP. It's available in both basic and full scan modes, but the full scan mode is only available for rooted devices.

It Features

DiskDigger is a smart recovery software that locates lost files on Android devices. The software can recover unlimited number of videos and photos in both basic and full scan modes. The software supports all devices running on Android 2.2 or higher.

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FonePaw Android data recovery software can help you retrieve all types of video, photo, and text files from your Android phone in an easy and efficient manner. You can recover lost files from your Android device’s internal memory, SD card, or sim card. The software supports all Android versions between 2.3 and 9.0.

It Features

FonePaw is a data recovery tool for Android phones. It can help you restore all types of media and text files from internal storage, SD card, or SIM card at an incredible speed. This is one of the fastest data recovery tools out there. We highly recommend this tool to all Android phone users who carry a device versioned between 2.3 and 9.0

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iMobie Data Recovery

iMobie makes even complicated Android data recovery look like a walk in the park. It allows you to recover lost data in a matter of few clicks, and supports the recovery of all possible types of files, including photos, videos, and WeChat history. The software can also be used to access a phone if you’ve been locked out of it, without deleting any data. With scanning speeds that show results minutes after the recovery process has begun, you can preview files before you recover them. iMobie backs up files automatically so that an accidentally deleted file can be restored directly to your phone with just one click.

It Features

iMobie acts as a tool that enables you to recover all your lost data from your mobile device. The software is fast, user-friendly, and securely helps you recover all major types of phone data.



AirMore allows you to recover lost data from all kinds of scenarios, including those in which you lose your phone or accidentally delete files. It supports all major Android devices, and it can help you recover contacts, media files, call history, documents and more in no time. The software follows a very simple three-step procedure to recover data. You can preview the data before recovering them as well. AirMore doesn't leak information while it's scanning your phone; thus, making it a secure software to use.

It Features

AirMore is an easy-to-launch, user-friendly software that helps you recover files that were lost due to accidental deletion, corruption of the SD card or any other unexpected reason. The software allows you to preview your files before recovering them and it can also clean your mobile phone from viruses.

AirMore Android Data Recovery

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If you want to unearth data that is very old and thus difficult to restore, iCare offers you an ‘Advanced Data Recovery’ feature. With advanced recovery, you attach your phone to a PC where the software is running, select the mode which you want to initiate for recovery, select the drive in the phone you want to scan and run the software. The software will immediately show you all the files you can recover. Restore the file you want by simply clicking on it.

It Features

If you’ve got a data-loss emergency on your hands, iCare Data Recovery is the powerful app to turn to. This software’s Advanced Recovery Mode can recover all types of data from your phone instantly. It’s also great for its targeted scanning abilities.


Android phones can be a convenient medium for storing data. However, they are not the most secure devices on the planet. They are at constant risk of being damaged, attacked by viruses, and experiencing sudden system crashes which result in data loss. Fortunately, recovering this data is easy if you have good recovery software for your Android device.