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How to Fix a Samsung Phones that Won't Turn On: A blog about common issues & solutions

If your Samsung Galaxy won't turn on, there’s no reason to panic. There are several possible solutions that you can try before taking the phone to a repair shop.

Why won't my Samsung Galaxy turn on?

When your phone doesn't turn on and shows no signs of life, this can be a very frustrating situation. What seems like an issue with the battery might actually be traced back to software or water damage.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy That Won't Turn On?

If your phone isn't turning on, it may be that the battery has run out of power. Plug a charging cable into your device and then plug the other end into a power outlet. Leave the phone to charge for 15 minutes. If this has worked, you'll see the Samsung logo. If not, try the rest of our tips!

Reboot your Samsung Galaxy in Safe Mode

If your phone won't turn on, try restarting it in Safe Mode. The Safe Mode feature is designed to help fix problems with your device by temporarily disabling any third-party apps or programs that could be causing issues. To do this: Press down the power button and wait for the Samsung logo to appear on the screen. Once the Samsung logo appears, release the power button then hold down the volume button. Once your device powers on, the home screen will be displayed and at the bottom of your screen, you'll see Safe Mode . Safe Mode will show "Safe Mode" in all lowercase letters in both English and French.

Soft Reset your Samsung Galaxy

A simple way to troubleshoot this issue is to perform a soft reset. To do this, hold down both the volume and power buttons for 10 seconds. This will reboot your device.

Hard Reset your Samsung Galaxy

To force reset your device, hold both the volume and power buttons at the same time for 10 seconds. This will disconnect the battery and restore your phone to its factory settings, which should bring it back to life.

Reboot your Samsung Galaxy in Recovery Mode

To reboot your device in recovery mode, follow the steps below:

Turn your device off.

Press and hold both the Volume Up key with the Bixby key > Hold the Power key.

When the Samsung logo appears, release all keys. The installing system update will show on your screen before the system recovery menu with options appears.

Hold down the volume down key to wipe cache partition.

Press the power key to select.

Hold down volume down to click yes > press the power key to select.

When the wipe partition has completed > press the power key to restart the device.

What to do if the above doesn't work?

If your Samsung Galaxy phone still won't turn on after trying out all the tips above, your device may have a hardware problem that will need to be assessed by our expert technicians.


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