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Projector Mounting service

Projector Installation Service: Several Things You Should Know

Projectors can be intimidating, but MyProVideo is here to help. We've worked with projectors from personal use to professional presentations, and we have the knowledge and experience to install any projector you choose.

Lipstick Mounting (Sold Separately)

Our projectors are shipped with a mounting bracket, but it may not be the best location for your projector. If you have determined that a ceiling mount is more appropriate for your installation, we can supply the necessary hardware to complete this project.

  • Ensure proper ventilation is available by checking with local building codes and/or local fire departments.

  • Once you have identified where your projector will be located, contact us at [phone number] so that we can guide you through the process of mounting our product on an existing ceiling or wall surface (including drywall).

Flush Mounting (Sold Separately)

If you don't know--and don't care to learn--about projector installation, or if you've already spent too much time trying to configure, customize, or troubleshoot your home theater system and find yourself getting frustrated by the process of setting up a new projector: It may be time to bring in a pro.

It can be worth the investment in your time and sanity to have a pro make sure your home projector installation is as smooth as possible with proper alignment and focus.

Ceiling Mounting

Ceiling mount is a type of projector mounting system that allows you to hang your projector on the ceiling. It’s a good choice for people who have a small room, or no window available for projection purposes. A hard ceiling is made of drywall (or other building materials such as concrete) and does not have cells or panels arranged in a grid.

VESA Wall Mounting

  • The projector isn't included in the service. Please make sure you have the projector and its power cord on hand before your appointment.

  • You should also provide the cables you will use to connect your projector to its media source (HDMI, USB and/or VGA).

  • When the service provider arrives to mount your projector, he will need to show him where it goes and where he can plug it into an outlet so that he can properly secure this part of his work properly with our equipment kit (mounting screws). In addition, we will need access through our protective guardrails outside so that we can access both sides of each bracket side if needed when installing them above eye level on walls or ceilings around rooms without obstructions like furniture or other objects hanging down from above eye level directly behind those brackets themselves being used for mounting purposes only; otherwise there would not be enough room left over after installing all necessary components from one end toward another end - which would result in poor visibility due because then viewers wouldn't see anything clearly anymore either way!

Extra-Wide Ceiling Mounts (Sold Separately)

This service supports one home projector installation. If you would like to have multiple projectors installed throughout your home, feel free to discuss this with your pro who can then provide an updated price estimate for projector installation.

You can choose to accept the new estimate before the projector installation begins.

Get Free Projector Installation Help from MyProVideo

If you need help with your home projector installation project, contact us today! We have provided some information about our services below.

  • We offer professional home projector installation projects at competitive prices.

  • Getting a projector for your household can be an exciting experience. After all, a projector can be the be-all and end-all solution to an ultimate home theater in your own space! However, getting a good quality projector that fits within your budget will require research on what makes up good features in each model available at different price ranges; this means reading reviews on various brands/models before making any purchase decisions.


We hope that we’ve helped you understand the many options available for installing a projector. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best mounting location for your projector—be sure to speak with an expert before making any decisions! Our team is here 24/7 and ready to assist with any questions or concerns you may have about our products or services.

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