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How to Change a Bike Tire Step By Step

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Changing a bike tire is not as hard as you may think. It can be done in about 10 minutes, with just a few basic tools and a little know-how. Please view the videos below to see the steps on how to change a bike tire step by step

Follow these simple steps for how to change a bike tire. You can even fix a flat on the go if you have a spare tube, tire levers and a pump.

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Necessary Tools You MIght Need

Step 1: Remove the tire and old tube

How to Change a Bike Tire

Remove the tire and old tube You’ll have to remove the tire from the rim first in order to pull out the old tube. Here’s how: Push the tire levers, one at a time, under the bead of the tire. Then pry it over to one side. Repeat until you can wiggle it more easily. Be careful when prying because you don’t want to damage the sidewalls on either side of your tires. Continue sliding each lever under the edge of the tire bead and pulling it over to one side until you can pull out the tube.

Step 2: Install the new bike tube

how to fix a flat bike tire

To install a new tube or patch, start by partially inflating the tube and then insert the valve stem into the hole in the rim. Work the tube into the tire. When you're finished installing the tube, push one bead back onto the rim, leaving the other side loose so you can install the new (or patched) tube (Photo 2). When both tires are on, check around on both sides to make sure there's no pinching between the tire and rim.

Now you're ready to fully inflate the tire. But there's one last thing to watch for: Sometimes the bead doesn't seat properly in the rim, so stop before the tire is fully inflated and rotate the wheel while you look for an area where the bead isn't seated in the rim. If you see a spot where the bead isn't seated in the rim, let some air out and finger-twist the bead into place. Then inflate the tire to full pressure. Reinstall the wheel and spin it to make sure it's centered between the brakes and rotates freely. If you've done an emergency repair with a CO2 cartridge, you may not have enough pressure yet. When you get home or to a bike store or gas station, fill up your tires.

Valve Types

how to change a bike tire without tools

When you go to buy a new tube, take the old tube with you so that you can be sure to get one that matches your valve. The valves on some bicycle tires are Presta valves; these have a nut on a threaded shaft that seals the air in and must be loosened to inflate the tube. To inflate this kind of tube, you need a pump that’s compatible with a Presta valve. If you have Presta valves on your bike, keep a Presta-to-Schrader adapter with you so that you can use a gas-station air pump to inflate your tire.

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