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How To Fix A Keyboard Key That Fell Off

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

A keyboard key may fall off due to the internal component breaking. If this happens you should take action right away because a detached keyboard key can be extremely annoying and it’ll only get worse. Luckily, there are some simple things you can do that will help fix the issue and get your keyboard working again in no time.

Hi there my friend! You may have wondered "How to fix a keyboard key that fell off?" Maybe the keys are trembling or it's not working? We're here for you!

How To Fix A Keyboard Key That Fell Off

If you want the technical side of a laptop keyboard explained, it's simple. There are three parts to your laptop keyboard – the keycap, the keypad and the key retainer. The key retainer is made up of two plastic pieces that latch together with hooks. When you're building your laptop keyboard, first locate the hooks on the back of the base plate and make sure they match up with corresponding grooves in your key retainer. Now insert all the keys into their respective retainers, if they go in easily then do not force them!

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How To Fix A Keyboard Key That Fell Off

There are a few steps you can take if one of your keyboard keys falls off. First, you should try to reattach it using a small piece of scotch tape or clear nail polish on the hinge side of the key. If that doesn't work, try gently pushing the key back into place. If it still won't stay on, you'll need to replace it with a new one.

Loosen Or Fallen Keycap

If the keycap is simply loose or if the keycap is detached from the side, the only thing you need to do is press down on it gently yet firmly. You’ll hear a snap when you push it down—that means that it’s attached again.

A Detached Key Retainer

If the key retainer has been detached, too with the keycap, try following these steps to fix it. Firstly try detaching the keycap of any other key but very slowly, and gently, so that the other things remain in place while only one keycap is removed. Notice how they connect to the keyboard and other parts. Move back to the detached key again, check its joints for wear or damage and (rejoin it with its retainer.) See that retainers connect at four different points on your keyboard base. Line up one of them correctly and try to connect it to all four places simultaneously. In this way you can click your retainer back into place easily.

A Damaged Rubber Nub Beneath

If your keypad is damaged, you can replace it. First remove the keycap and then remove the retainer and the keypad. Next remove the silicon nub by using a sharp knife to cut through the glue that connects it to the base. Now you will be ready to glue on a new keypad. Make sure it is centered correctly on the base before you apply glue. When you are done, attach the retainer, keycap and any other parts that might have come off during repair. Your keyboard should now work as good as new again!

Lost/Damaged Keycap Or Retainer

If the latching point is broken or the retainer is broken at any time, you should buy new ones immediately. The worst-case scenario is when you've lost any one of these items, or both; then you will definitely need to order new components. It's not difficult to find replacements for these parts.

What If The Spacebar Key Fell Off?

The spacebar key is bigger than the others. When it falls off, you can easily put it back in place. First, turn it over and look for a long metal bar underneath. Usually this bar has hooks at each end that hold it in place. Then use a screwdriver to remove the bar. Line up all of the latching points, then gently press down until you hear or feel the key snap into place.

What If The Re-Attached Key Still Doesn’t Work?

If you can't get your keyboard to work after repairing it, make sure that the key is placed correctly and then try connecting the laptop to a computer repair shop or contact the manufacturer. You can also replace the entire keyboard if you wish.

What If Randomly your Keys are Falling Off?

How can you fix your laptop’s keyboard when the keys keep falling off one after another? In most cases, you can fix it by taking it apart and reattaching them. But what if the circuit board malfunctions? Then you should consult a mechanic.

Situation 1

If the key cap and key retainer fall off the keyboard and you can’t figure out how to put them back together, here are some steps you can try.

Situation 2

If the key is down somewhere, and the cap container is also lost, you can try measuring some other methods. For instance, search: “Dell keyboard key” “Toshiba keyboard key” “HP keyboard key” and so on. If you find one that matches your keyboard type, buy it online. After getting a new key, simply place it back in place—just as I described earlier in this guide.

What if all Keys are Fixed Yet Any of Those is Not Responsive

If you encounter a trembling key or a fallen key while typing on your computer, there are some simple steps you can take to fix it.


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