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How to Fix Common Mobile Phone Problems: a blog about common phone problems and ways of fixing them

common samsung phone issues

Have you ever felt that your smartphone is perfect? Of course, no one is perfect, so how come your phone can be perfect? We all are obsessed with our smart phones. We carry it with us to parties, restaurants and even in the bathroom. If anything happens to our phones, we don’t know what to do now. A smartphone is a machine, so many times we found bugs, crashes and other issues when we use it. But luckily these are the most common mobile phone problems which can easily get fixed by yourself.

Smartphone is running slowly

This is one of the most common smartphone problems, especially as your phone gets older. The reason behind the slow speed is an accumulation of unnecessary apps, which use your device’s RAM and save numerous numbers of files in your phone. Cleaning up these files will help alleviate some of this burden and make your phone faster. If still, you face this issue after cleaning up your device, restoring it to factory settings may be necessary.

Poor Battery Life

samsung galaxy s8

If you're having a problem with your phone's battery, there are things you can do to fix it. The first thing to do is check the settings on your phone. Go to Settings->Battery, and see where the battery is draining too much. If you identify any bug, remove those apps. Enable the battery saving mode, turn off the locations and dim the brightness.

Storage Space

Your smartphone is full of photos and videos. After buying a new smartphone, you may start to panic about the low storage because your phone fills up quickly. The best way to free up space on your device is to delete the cache, use apps like Cache Cleaner to delete the cache for specific apps, uninstall apps or move them to your cloud, and transfer images from your device to your cloud.

Too much bloatware

Android devices come with lots of junk you don't want, but you can get rid of most of it. The easiest way to do that is to look in the Apps section of your system settings for a list of all the apps you've installed. When you find an app that you don't want, tap its name and then look for either the Uninstall button — or, if that isn't present, the Disable command. You may not be able to get rid of absolutely everything that way (paging Bixby...), but you'll be able to clear out a fair amount of clutter.

A home screen mess

galaxy j7 prime

Android phones' home screens often aren't optimal out of the box. But you don't have to live with what your device-maker gives you. Android has a huge array of third-party launchers — alternate environments that completely replace your phone's stock home screen setup and app drawer arrangement. There's something available for practically every preference and style of working.

Cracked screen

If your phone screen is cracked, you may have trouble reading text on the display and interacting with touchscreen features. It’s best to get it repaired before equipping it with a high-quality case and screen protector to protect against future damage.

Water damage

If your smartphone has been exposed to water, you may be able to save it. First, turn off your device immediately, without pressing any buttons or keys (this may cause further damage). Gently dab off any excess water from the outside of your phone. Next, place your phone in a sealable freezer bag filled with uncooked rice and let it sit there for at least 24 hours. After 48 hours have elapsed, remove your phone from the bag and see if it works. If it does—great! If not, you'll need to get it repaired by a professional.

Screen is freezing

If your phone freezes frequently, try closing the apps you’re running and then clear your handset’s cache. Or if you want to free up some of your device’s memory, it’s often worth moving some data onto an external hard drive or SD card.

Phone frequently crashes

If you’re having performance issues on more than one app or your handset is shutting down or restarting on its own, it can be tricky to diagnose the main problem. Sometimes, a new operating system update will contain bugs that can cause issues like these, but if you haven’t updated your OS recently, it’s something else. Therefore, it’s best to take steps toward cleaning your system.

Bluetooth issues

Although you might assume that fewer cables mean fewer technical problems, this isn’t always the case. Make sure that your Bluetooth device is compatible with your phone first, to ensure that no obstruction is causing the connection to falter. If the problem persists, restart your phone before taking it to a professional for repair.


Although we've provided you with some fixes, it's worth knowing that in certain cases your smartphone may be beyond repair. Phone insurance can provide extra peace of mind and if you take out the so-sure policy, you could get up to 80% cashback at the end of your policy.


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