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How to Fix Your Loose Electrical Outlets That Don’t Hold Plugs

Need to fix your loose electrical outlets that don’t hold plugs? They don’t look good and can become a safety hazard. Here are step-by-step instructions for fixing them.

How to Fix Your Loose Electrical Outlets That Don’t Hold Plugs

Okay, so you’ve spent some time on the issue of your outlets not holding plugs, and you’ve determined it’s not your cords but the outlet that’s faulty. That means it’s time to replace the outlet. This is something you’ll inevitably have to do throughout your home anyway, so now’s a good time to learn.

Products That Quickly Fix a Loose Electrical Outlet Issue-Outlet Add-On

If you rent your home, or if the issue is limited to one or two outlets, you may not want to mess with replacing an outlet. It is usually frustrating because the most-used outlets are the ones that tend to go first. Consider a product like this Mifaso outlet add-on on Amazon is a great quick fix. It also has USB charging outlets built-in (two USB-A ports and one USB-C port), making your existing outlet more practical. The USB-A ports are great for charging devices like the Apple Watch, iPhone, Samsung phone, or iPad, while the USB-C is for the iPhone 11 or 12 and the iPad Pro.

Outlet Extender - Wall Surge Protector with 6 Outlets 3 USB

Wall Outlet Extender - Surge Protector 6 AC Outlets Multi Plug Outlet with Shelf

My outlet is not holding plugs; how would it hold the Mifaso outlet add-on?

That is an excellent question. Don’t worry; the center screw included with this outlet add-on lets you permanently attach it to a duplex outlet. Also, the bottom prong, made of plastic, reinforces the Mifaso outlet add-on. If you’re plugging this product into a GFCI outlet or a USB receptacle, cut off the plastic prong first.

wall plug keeps falling out

Products That Permanently Fix a Loose Electrical Outlet Issue

I own my home. Sadly, our cheap “builder grade” receptacles started to fail one after another. I was worried about my kids, who began using the outlets for their phones and games. A loose plug is dangerous and a fire hazard.

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