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3 Common Cell Phone Issues and How to Solve Them

common samsung phone issues

When it comes to mobile devices, there aren't a whole lot of agreed-upon facts. Everyone has their favorite model and its own fan club — or many. Its worth noting that the smartphone market is one of the most dynamic in existence. It's also critical to take into account laws and other changing factors that could affect cell phone owners. With this in mind we are dedicating our time to presenting common cellphone problems and solutions in an effort to help you get the most out of your phone.

Couple of faulty apps

 samsung galaxy s8

If your phone is running slowly, it might be because of a few bad apples. You can figure out which one it is and save yourself a trip to the store by deleting the data that app stores on your phone. On Android, open Settings, go to Apps & notifications and choose the troublesome app. Then tap Storage & cache. Here you have two options: Clear Cache to erase only the temporary files that app has stored on your phone (when these grow too numerous or become corrupted, they can mess with the app’s speed and power); clearing the cache won’t mess with the app’s settings but it may not be enough to solve your issue. If this doesn’t help, select Clear Data to erase all the app’s information and start from scratch; clearing the data offers a more comprehensive option but you may have to re-enter information such as your username and password afterwards.

Widespread bugs

If the old fallback of turning your device off and on again doesn't solve the problem, you may have a hardware problem. The best way to diagnose what's wrong with your phone is to look up its make and model online. Google Pixel phones or Apple iPhone models have special buttons that can be pressed in order to force a reset.

 galaxy j7 prime

Poor battery life

Everyone has trouble with battery life to some degree. However, if you find that your phone's charge drops by half in just a couple of hours, it may be due to an age-related problem called battery degradation. If this is the case with your phone, you should consider getting the battery replaced professionally. This will make sense if the handset is relatively new, but if you carry an old one around, you may be overdue for an upgrade. Just don't forget to recycle your old one once you get a new one.


If you’re having problems that aren’t specifically mentioned here, you might be able to find help with your specific phone on the Internet. Just be sure to choose specific keywords that include your type of phone and the exact problem that’s plaguing it. Otherwise, you’ll encounter thousands of results of varying relevance.


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