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iPhone SE 3rd Gen (2022) Problems and Solutions

iphone SE

This iPhone SE Problem and Solution guide is here to let you know how to fix some of the most common problems with your new phone. From common fixes, like changing the battery, to less common problems like jailbreaking or restoring a device (unlocking bootloader), we’ve got you covered.

iPhone SE 3rd Gen won’t connect to iTunes

If you’re having trouble connecting your iPhone SE 3 to iTunes, make sure you’re using the latest version of iTunes. After updating, check to see if the problem still exists.

Battery drain on iPhone SE 2022

Even though Apple promised an improved battery life on the iPhone SE 3rd Gen, some users with heavy usage can experience the overnight battery drain on the 3rd gen iPhone SE. Additionally, 5G networks tend to drain the battery a lot quicker as compared to 4G. So, if you’re among such users who are facing battery drain problems on the 2022 iPhone SE 3, we recommend reading the following solutions to get fix it.

Touch ID not working on iPhone SE 3rd Gen

If Touch ID isn’t working, you can’t use your fingerprint to unlock your device, nor can you scan the fingerprints to make payments for the purchase you make from the Apple Store. If you’re experiencing issues with Touch ID, keep on reading below to find solutions for iPhone SE 3rd Gen not working.

Wi-Fi turns off when the phone is locked

iPhone users experience various connectivity issues daily, but the common problem reported by iPhone SE users are the ones related to Wi-Fi. A few people have experienced a problem where Wi-Fi turns off when the phone is locked or put to sleep. So, if you’re facing Wi-Fi issues on iPhone SE 3rd gen, below are a few things you can try to curb the problem. Please have a look.

Overheating problems on iPhone Se 3rd Gen (2022)

If you are looking to fix the overheating problem on iPhone SE 3rd gen, we recommend that you immediately turn the device off and let it cool down before you restart it again. We also recommend removing any bulky cases or covers because they can make it difficult for your device to cool down quickly. When you’re using your iPhone in a hot environment or charging it in direct sunlight, try not to expose it directly to those elements.

Clicking noise coming from Home button

If you are facing a problem on your iPhone SE 3rd Gen where an audible noise is coming from the Home button, here are a few things you can try to fix this issue.

Bluetooth connection issue on iPhone SE 2022

Bluetooth connection issues can be frustrating for iPhone users. If your Bluetooth devices aren't connecting to your iPhone SE or disconnecting randomly, here are a few things you can try.

iPhone SE won’t stop vibrating

Some users have complained of continuous vibration on the previous generation of iPhone SE. With the release of the iPhone SE 3rd gen, many users are concerned that they may experience this problem as well. If you are among those unfortunate users, read on to learn more about possible solutions that may resolve your issue.

Yellow screen issue on iPhone SE 3

Some iPhone SE users have reported that their phone's screen started turning yellow as time passed by. While some claimed the yellow tint was only around the edges of the iPhone SE display. So, this exactly isn't the problem, rather it appeared that in most cases it was the matter of the adhesive used for the digitizer during the production process, and while it was drying with time, it would produce the yellow tint.

No SIM detected on iPhone SE 3

ou may be getting an error message that says “No SIM” when you try to use your iPhone SE 3rd gen. This may mean there’s an issue with the SIM card or tray, or that the software on your phone needs updating.

The End (For Now)

If you experience problems with your iPhone SE 3 that are not included in this guide, please leave a comment below. We will update the solutions for such problems as well in the near future. For now, we want you to bookmark this blog and share it with your friends who are facing any problems related to iPhone SE 3 that we have discussed in this guide.

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