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Top 10 android data recovery software for pc

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

android data recovery software for pc

These days a lot of important data like photos, documents, videos and contacts etc. can be easily lost. The happening reason may be a lot of things like your device damaged, due to improper using or any other software related problems etc. as such situations could be really annoying when you actually lose crucial data on your Android phones or tablets. Here I have come up with top 10 android data recovery software for pc, which recover your all types of important data from the corrupted devices.

Top 10 Best Android Reocvery Software/Apps You Should Know

When you lose your precious data stored in your Android phone due to virus attack or an accidental factory reset, it's painful. The good news is that there are many Android Data Recovery software tools that can help you get back all kinds of types of data from your Android devices.

dr.fone - Data Recovery (Android) - Your Best Android Recovery Software for Windows/Mac

One of the most powerful Android data recovery software available on the market today is dr.fone - Data Recovery (Android). This program is simple to use and can recover deleted or lost data from your Android phone or tablet with ease. With it, you can easily deal with all kinds of data loss issues in your digital life, and the whole process is 100% safe, so you don't need to worry about privacy issues.

7-Data Android Recovery

7-Data Android Recovery is a program that lets you restore your lost data from an Android phone or tablet on your computer. Once you connect your phone to the PC, it will scan the recoverable data and display them in a neat interface. You can recover photos, videos, audio files, documents and other files from your phone to computer directly.

Easeus MobiSaver for Android Free

This tool is a data recovery freeware for Android, which allows users to recover data from an Android device within a few clicks. It supports the following types of data: contacts, text messages, call logs, photos, videos and audio files. There are no requirements for registration or limitations on all functions. However, this software may fail to find your needed data if there are various reasons such as that scanning process is quite longer than other tools in this top list.


DiskDigger works well with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP. It supports a wide range of android devices and able to recover or undelete lost files from various devices like memory cards, hard drives, internal storage and many more. The two main modes of operations that can be used each time a device is scanned with DiskDigger include ""dig deep"" and ""dig deeper"". Like the names suggest, these modes will scan, sort, filter, recover and undelete recoverable files on Android SD card.

DiskDigger Undelete

This app is one of the most popular recovery apps for Android, capable of recovering lost photos and images from any Android device. There's no requirement for rooting, as the method or type of loss doesn't matter; this app can undelete files just as easily as it restores them.


Another app with capabilities of recovering and undeleting all kinds of files, including documents, photos, etc. in both internal and external partitions. When undeleted, it is easy to upload to cloud storage and no permission is required before the process of recovery. It's easy to use and works without much fanfare.

Hexamob Data Recovery Lite

Hexamob will work on rooted devices. The files deleted contain some data blocks, which is also a determinant of how successful the recovery will be. It is also important to note that any deleted file cannot be recovered if they have overwritten blocks. This app is easy to use as other apps and it is also one of the best apps for this purpose.

Dumpster Restore for Video and Image

If you need to recover common files like image, mp4 audio and video files, then check out Dumpster. The good thing about this app is that you don't need an internet connection to initiate the process of recovery of deleted files. It also supports backing up to Onedrive or Dropbox.

Android’s Recycle Bin

The Android 2.3 version and later versions can use this app to restore deleted files, including video, photo, and audio files. The app doesn't need an internet connection to work; it also gives you the option of restoring files to their original paths.

Free Android Data Recoveryfor Windows

A free preview option makes it easy for you to find your deleted files. Free Android Data Recovery is a straightforward app that can help you get back everything you lost on your phone before you pay for a program that you may not need.

Few Last Words

Because it is a full-functional tool, that can retrieve all kinds of data from Android memory (both internal and external), and it supports almost all popular Android devices on the market, I could like to strongly recommend you to start your recovery journey from dr.fone - Data Recovery (Android). What's more, this program is still updated and supported by a professional technical team, which means you can get the best technical support whenever you need.


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