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Top 10 brake lines of cars repair kit

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

So we did a search on +amazon and found the 10 best brake lines of cars repair kit. The following includes information and pricing for each item. Many people find it hard to diagnose problems when trying to fix their vehicle's brakes, especially if they have never done it before. It is highly recommended to use a torque wrench , because they will make your job easier by providing the needed accuracy in applying the correct pressure on the brake pads

4LIFETIMELINES LTPC325KIT - PVF-Coated Steel Brake Line, Fuel Line, Transmission Line Tubing Coil and Fitting Kit, 3/16" x 25 ft of PVF-Coated Brazed Steel Line and 16 Tube Nut Fittings

brake lines of cars repair kit

Are you looking for replacement brake, fuel or transmission lines? Do you want to replace them with a safe and reliable product? Then this tube nut kit from 4LTL is the right choice for you. The PVF-coated steel absorbs less moisture over time and retains its integrity better than galvanized steel lines. The tubing coils are ready-to-install after a simple unwrapping and straightening out of the coil. This brake line kit contains 16 of the most common tube nuts which come in handy when securing new brake line or repairing your existing one.


4LTL has been in the business of auto products for over 20 years. Their passion for building the best products has made them what they are today—a leader in the aftermarket industry. A line of their own creation, 4LTL Brake Line, is commonly used by professionals and DIYers alike thanks to its ease-of-use and top-quality materials.

In a friendly tone: 4LTL Brake Line Kits contain everything you need to replace your existing brake lines with high-quality PVF-coated steel tubing. Each kit has one 25 ft 3/16" Brake Line Kit, Universal Size Tubing Coil (includes 16 Fittings) PVF-coated, Copper-brazed, double-walled steel tubing coils. This PVF coating is 30 times more resistant to corrosion than galvanized steel tubing, so it can hold up under the harshest conditions. With 4LTL Brake Lines, you can be sure that your brakes will be working when you need them.

4LTL Brake Line Kits are designed to fit most cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs with standard brake line configurations. They are easy to install and maintain because they come with all of the necessary hardware for installation.

What I Like

This brake line works perfectly! It is very forgiving with bends but I highly recommend using a bending sleeve. I am very satisfied with this brake line!

hikotor Flexible 25 Feet 3/16 Inch Copper Coated Alloy Brake Line Tubing Kit with 16 Inverted Flare Fittings SAE Standard for Hydraulic Fuel Transmission System

brake line patch kit

Are you looking for new brake line tubing to replace your old or rusted one? I highly recommend you to take a look at this copper coated steel brake line tubing, it is not only ideal for professional cars, but also works great for hydraulic systems. It is made of premium copper-coated steel which resists rust, durable and lasting. What’s more, the inner thread is SAE/ISO approved with a high flow rate, 0.028" wall thickness assures versatile usage and flexibility. This brake line tubing provides you an easiness to work with and high-end replacement option for harsh weather environments or normal vehicles experiencing spring replacement time. Moreover, this kit can be applied on applications including mechanical transmission lines, fuel systems, and other applications requiring flexible hoses. The package includes 16 common inverted flare nuts: 2 x 3/16” 7/16/24 nut, 10 x 3/16” 3/8/24 nut, 2 x 3/16” 1/2/20 nut, 2 x 3/16” 9/16-18 nut. Hope this tubing can help you out in any situation!


Flexibility is important when it comes to replacing brake lines. When a car experiences harsh weather and environmental conditions, the interior of the vehicle is also affected. Even if the brake lines are made from copper-coated steel line, they may not be flexible enough to handle the situation. That's why we recommend you this hikotor brake line kit, which is made from heavy duty copper-coated steel line, rust resistant and long lating. It provides you guarantee all year around.

The package includes 1 x replacement brake line and 16 x most common inverted flare nuts: 2 x 3/16” (7/16-24) nut, 10 x 3/16” (3/8-24) nut, 2 x 3/16” (1/2-20) nut, 2 x 3/16” (9/16-18) nut. They are easy to install and work great on hydraulic braking systems, fuel systems, transmission Systems, etc. The brake line kit works great on hydraulic braking systems, fuel systems, transmission Systems, etc; Also commonly fits to household, industrial, commercial uses and more.

What I Like

The item purchased was delivered on time and in good condition, everything was as I expected, and the product is of great quality. Many thanks to the Seller!

ABN Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool Kit, 45 Degrees - Single, Bubble, Double Flare Tool Kit for Steel, Copper Tube

hydraulic brake line repair kit

Now, I'm sure everyone here knows about the importance of having a leak-free connection when building something. But what if I told you there is a way to create leak-free connections quickly and easily, without hours of hand cramping or twisting exercises? Would that pique your interest?


It can be a pain to ensure that every line in your car is properly connected and sealed. The last thing you want—or need—is for something to start leaking. For example, if your brake lines are improperly flared, the fluid could leak out and cause a loss of stopping power. When you're working on your car's brakes, it's important to have the right tools for the job.

So what kind of tools exactly? Well, when it comes to connecting brake lines, you're going to want a reliable flaring tool kit. This kit from ABN is designed for steel, copper, and aluminum tubing. It's also easy to use with a durable T-handle that allows for a secure fit in any bench-mounted vise. This tool kit even features six different dies and two die blocks so that you can create single flares, bubble flares, and double flares quickly and easily.

Flares are used to add a flare (like the name says!) that makes tubing wider so it can connect securely without leaks or spills. When building brake lines in your car, it's especially important to get a leakproof connection that makes sure fluid doesn't spill all over the place—and this tool kit will help you do just that!

What I Like

I initially bought one of the $50-something kits that includes a cutter, bender, and burr remover. After 8 tries I hadn't made a double flare correctly even once. Something was always a bit off center, the flare was wonky, no matter what I did or how careful I was, and the teeth the held the brake line in place gouged the heck out of the line, requiring filing.

4LIFETIMELINES True Copper-Nickel Alloy Non-Magnetic, Brake Line Tubing Coil and Fitting Kits, 3/16 & 1/4, 25 ft, 2 Kits

autozone brake line repair kit

For more than 40 years, copper nickel brake line has been the preferred choice by professionals. Able to withstand heat and cold without compromise, it's a great product for braking systems. Copper nickel brake line is corrosion resistant on the inside and outside of the brake line, making it ideal for brake, fuel and transmission lines. It is 100% non-metallic so leaks cannot be detected with ferromagnetic tools; It's also highly resistance to oil, grease and most chemicals.


The hassle of replacing brake lines can be over in seconds with the Copper Nickel 3/16" and 1/4" brake line kits from 4LIFETIMELINES. These kits are made for vehicles that use copper nickel tubing for transmission lines, fuel lines, and hydraulic lines. It is the ideal solution to replace worn out brake lines with premium quality products.

The tubing is flexible enough to allow easy bending but rigid enough to withstand extreme temperature changes. It is also resistant to corrosion.

The kit contains two (2) complete brake line kits: one for the left side (left front and rear wheels) and one for the right side (right front and rear wheels). The kit comes with 8-feet of tubing in three 16-inch pieces, 12 - 45 degree fittings, one brass fitting, 2 DOT approved banjo style connectors, 2-split steel braided hose sections each 25 feet long, 2 flaring tools, 2 flare nuts and 2 copper nickel ferules.

What I Like

This kit comes with plenty of tubing and an abundance of fittings at a great price. It is an excellent value for anyone who is a 25 year veteran of the auto parts business and used to stock all the special fittings needed to plumb a brake system.

4LIFETIMELINES PVF-Coated Steel Brake, Fuel, Transmission Line Tubing Coil and Fitting Kit, 3/16 x 50 ft

steel brake line repair kit

Easy to install and easy to use, this 50 ft brake line kit is intended for the professional or DIY'er. It includes a universal size tubing coil that easily bends into place, tube nuts for connecting your tubing, and a complete set of fitting pieces for creating any 3/16 in outside diameter brake lines for inverted flares. Unlike standard galvanized steel tubing which only offers minimal corrosion resistance, the PVF-coated tubing provides much more. It's a 30 times better alternative that not only provides years of reliable braking but also helps you become the master of the road with its added strength. The steel tubing coils used to create these kit are a long lasting alternative to standard tubing as it will not corrode or rust.


If you've ever worked on a car, chances are you've had to repair brake lines. If you've ever had the misfortune of having an old brake line fail, you know how frustrating it can be. The good news is that you don't have to suffer through a faulty brake line again. This kit contains everything you need to replace any 3/16" outside diameter brake lines for inverted flares. It includes universal tubing coils that are easily cut and shaped by hand or with a few easy tools. You'll save time and effort in trying to get the right size tubing at the store or looking around online when you find out that most places only carry 3/16" tube in short lengths, which is not convenient for making long runs of tubing like this one provides. The tubing coils are made of PVF-coated steel, which offers 30 times the corrosion resistance of standard galvanized steel tubing.

The kit also contains popular tube nuts for working on and creating any 3/16" outside diameter brake lines for inverted flares.

What I Like

Lines are excellent quality. A line straightener will straighten the line so that the line ends up nice and straight. The coating will chip when flaring the line. Otherwise, it's great.

LORESO Brake Line Flaring Tool Set - 45 Degree Flares on 3/16"-5/8” Copper, Aluminum, Brass & Soft Steel Lines, Premium Brake Tool Line Flaring Set, for Brakeline Brake Repair

brake line repair kit o'reilly's

The new LORESO brake line flaring tool set is the best way to produce flares on your brake and AC lines. Sold in a 3pc set with 45 degree flare tip and 2 wing nut pliers, you have everything you need to make professional looking flares every time. With this kit you can also get rid of that needle scaler that has probably been messing up your flares for years and make beautiful flares with just some simple hand tools.


The 45-degree single flare that's so popular on brake and AC lines can be a pain to make, but it doesn't have to be. Using the wrong tool or trying to hand-flare these small diameter lines can lead to cracks and off-center flares. Even when you're using the right tool, straight flaring bars don't always give the leverage you need to get those perfect flares. Professional mechanics know there's a better way: a centered 45-degree cone on this LORESO Brake Line Flaring Tool set gives you both leverage and accuracy. The yoke is extra thick and made of solid aluminum for rust resistance, and the reinforced dual wing nuts allow for maximum tightening with less risk of stripping or deforming. The extra long T-bar helps keep your hands away from the sharp edges of the flare, and the bend resistant rubber tips are easy on your lines as you work. Plus, since each kit comes with six different sizes of flaring bars, they're perfect for all your jobs!

What I Like

The Easy-to-Use 5/8" Line Tool is easy to use, intuitive, and is able to handle lines from the smallest up to 5/8". The tool is well made, heavy, and looks good. It should hold up well to hobbyists or even professional use. A great addition to the toolbox.

25 Ft. 3/16 OD Copper Nickel Brake Line Tubing Kit 3/16" x 25' with Fittings

how to repair brake line

Do you need to replace your old damaged rubber tubing with a new one? This 25' x 3/16" OD Copper Nickel brake line tubing with 15 assort fittings is the best choice for you. It is not as expensive as other braided or stainless steel hoses, but its quality is even better.Rust and corrosion proofing, bends and flares with ease. The material is resistant to oil, ozone gas and weather conditions, which means its life will be greatly extended over other brake hoses on the market.Perfect for household, industrial and commercial uses.Package include: 1


Sometimes you need an extra bit of help making something work, and that's what these 25 ft. 3/16" OD copper nickel brake line tubing with 15 assorted fittings are for. You can bend it, fold it, and flare it with ease using this tubing. The tubing is rust and corrosion proof, so you can use it in any household or commercial situation you like. It's also super easy to clean the mess up after you're done with the tubing.

This 25 ft. 3/16" OD brake line tubing kit comes with 15 assorted SAE nuts. The tubing has a wall thickness of 0.035", while the entire length of the tube is 25 ft long and has a diameter of 3/16". This product is sold as a set of 1 tubing and 15 fittings only.

What I Like

This stuff is far superior and cheaper than factory pre bent lines. It will last longer, you can route it wherever you want, and you can bend it by hand. Just buy a cheapo Harbor Freight flaring tool and cutter and you're good to go.

Auto Double Flaring Tool Kit Copper Aluminum Brake Line and Brass Tubing Tools 45 Degree Flares

3/16 brake line repair kit

This Auto Double Flaring Copper Aluminum Brake Line and Brass Tubing Tools 45 Degree Flares is a must-have for top mechanics and hobbyists that work in the construction and automotive industry. The tools will be able to flare copper, aluminum, magnesium, brass and brake line soft steel tubing and include a wide range of sizes to fit all your needs. Heavy duty flaring yoke and swivel is chrome plated for smooth operation making it very easy to use.


For the do-it-yourselfer or professional, the Auto Double Flaring Tool Kit is an ideal solution to flared tubing applications in the automotive, marine, plumbing, and electrical fields. The kit includes a flaring cone, a flaring yoke, and five adapters which can be used for 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 1/2 inch copper and aluminum soft steel brake line tubing. The yoke is forged from heat treated steel to ensure durability and strength.

The swivel is constructed out of alloy steel and chrome plated to assist in reducing friction. This tool kit is designed to use when flaring double or single flare in copper, aluminum, magnesium, brass tubing as well as soft steel brake line tubing. With blow molded hard plastic storage case keeps tools contained and organized. These tools are also easy to use with its instruction for easy use.