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Top 10 Professional Repair Tool Kit for Computer

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Top 10 Professional Repair Tool Kit for Computer is a professional set of tools and components, which has been designed with the latest technology and is easy to use.

Precision Screwdriver Set, SHOWPIN 122 in 1 Computer Screwdriver Kit, Laptop Screwdriver Sets with 101 Magnetic Drill Bits, Electronics Tool Kit Compatible for Computer, Tablet, PC, iPhone, PS4 Repair

Professional Repair Tool Kit for Computer

Do you want a nice screwdriver set but fear that the price of such a multiple-function tool will be expensive? Or do you need a Christmas gift for your father, grandfather or boyfriend and don't know which one to choose? This product is the perfect solution! Our set includes 98 bits, 3 TorxTR screwdriver bits and 21 auxiliary tools in a case. It is not only powerful but also practical. As one of the main tools to repair or maintain smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, PS4 and Xbox, game consoles, this precision screwdriver set is indispensable in daily life!


If you've ever seen an infomercial for a product, you know that "122 in 1" sounds like an impressive number. But when you look closer, it's clear that there's more to the product than at first appears. In this case, it's not a scam or anything—the set really does have 122 pieces: 98 screwdriver bits and 21 other tools. The other 23 items are attachments, though, and they don't factor into the description of what the product can do. It might sound like a lot, but it's worth noting that there are multiple screwdriver heads included in each bit, so the 98 bits themselves are actually only 98 different shapes. All of this is fine if you want some extra attachments—it could come in handy if you're working on something with specific screws—but as a more general toolkit for electronics repair, I would recommend something more comprehensive and versatile.

But if you need a precision screwdriver kit to use in your professional capacity as an electronics repairman (or woman!), this might be a great choice for you!

What I Like

I bought this set of tools and a $25 keyboard and replaced the keyboard in my daughter's MacBook Air after some water damage. I got it done in 2.5 hours. Now I have the tools to take on virtually any electronics repair. This set is complete, comes in a great case and the tips are fully magnetic to help pick up the near-atomic sized screws Apple puts in things. I highly recommend.

oGoDeal 155 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set Professional Electronic Repair Tool Kit for Computer, Eyeglasses, iPhone, Laptop, PC, Tablet,PS3,PS4,Xbox,Macbook,Camera,Watch,Toy,Jewelers,Drone Blue

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Looking for a practical and cool repair tool set? This upgraded magnetic multi-function screwdriver set is just what you need! Made with a hardness of 55-60HRC chrome vanadium alloy, it has a sturdy body and can withstand heavy loads. Even screws that are stripped or damaged can be tightened easily. The tips are stable and not easily stripped, improving performance, saving your time and effort. With more than 100 magnetic bits for long-lasting performance, plus our fast customer service, we are confident you will enjoy this product and love it.


oGoDeal is a new brand on Amazon. oGoDeal was started in 2016,we are dedicated to providing the best service for our customers and to make a better life for them. We have high standard for quality and performance, that is why our first product-oGoDeal 155 in 1 precision screwdriver set is sold so well around the world. Our products are designed by professionals with more than ten years' experience of research and development in this field. Our team members have rich experiences in producing various products, especially electronic products such as mobile phones, MP3/MP4 players, digital cameras, car DVD players and other consumer electronics.

What I Like

I'm not a pro-phone repair expert, but I have had the need and want to fix my own electronics from time to time, mainly video games consoles. I bought this kit to have better organization with a all-in-one kit and have as many different security and custom screw-driver heads as I could get my hands on.

Computer Repair Tool Kit, Novoard Precision Screwdriver Set with Small Screwdriver, Magnetic Laptop Screwdriver Kit, Repair Tool Kit for Computer, PC, Laptop, Phone, iPhone, Macbook, PS4, Electronics…

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Nowadays, more and more people are using computers and mobile phones. This can be a good thing for you since there's always a demand for people that repair such equipment. However, one thing that can sometimes make this difficult is the fact that those things keep breaking down. If you get tired of dealing with all of that, here's the solution for you to earn an actual income from something you probably do any way - repairing gadgets!


This is a great electronics tool kit for computer repair, laptop repair, PC building, phone repair, iPhone repair, MacBook repair and tech repair. This precision screwdriver tool set with case includes 100* CRV steel magnetic precision bit heads, a total of 15 types, including Torx star, Phillips, Flathead, Pentalobe, Triwing and Triangle screwdrivers. All bits are made of high-quality CR-V steel with hardness up to 56HRC. The bits are well made with strict quality control with high precision to make sure all your repairing work is precise and reliable.

This multifunctional electronics tools will make your electronics repairing easier." This mini screwdriver set with case comes with extension shaft for easy reach; magnetic pad for holding small screws; SIM Eject for cell phone repair; suction cup for mobile phone screen removal without leaving any scratches on it; 1/4 inch screwdriver adapter; pry toolset and tweezer – may be the most important tool in your motherboard repairing work. They will be your excellent computer tools repair kit professional, laptop repair tool kit, pc building tool kit, phone repair tool kit, iPhone repair tool kit, MacBook tool kit and tech tools.

What I Like

I have only been able to use this kit once, but so far it has functioned exactly as expected. The tools seem sturdy and well constructed and I expect it to last for my light term use.

Precision Screwdriver Set, 61 in 1 Electronics Repair Tool Kit with 56 Bits, Magnetic Driver Kit with Flexible Shaft for Mobile Phone, iPhone, Tablet, PC, MacBook, PS4, Xbox, Game Console

best professional computer tool kit

Don't you hate when you have to replace the screen on your iPhone and find out you have the wrong screwdriver? Or conversely, when you're taking apart your Macbook, and you don't have the right bit to get those pesky screws off? I know I did, so I decided to fix that. This is a review of an electronics repair kit — a 61 in 1 screwdriver! It comes with just about any type of bit you'll need to get into your electronics.


There are plenty of times when you need to disassemble your devices—maybe the screen on your laptop cracked and you have to replace it, or maybe you need to take apart your phone because it won't charge anymore. But these things aren't exactly simple, and can be downright intimidating if you've never done it before. For your next project, consider a screwdriver set that will give you the precision tooling you need in order to get the job done right.

If you're looking for something compact, then this 61-in-1 screwdriver set is perfect for you! It includes 15 types of bits in total (including Phillips, Flat, Trox, Tri-Wing, Pentalobe, etc.), and even comes with a magnetic driver that has a flexible shaft so that you can access hard-to-reach places like on laptops or tablets. This folksy toolkit is also affordable—you'd spend about as much at an electronics store for just one piece of it! And with its rubber base providing a firm grip as well as printed logo for easy identification (as well as handy storage), it's always within arm's reach whenever you need it.

What I Like

This screwdriver set would be a great addition to any household. It is perfect for small jobs like removing a computer case / installing PC parts, but I wouldn't rely on this set if I were a professional. As long as you put back all the pieces and don't lose any of the magnetic heads, you could have this screwdriver set around for years. I've successfully used it for three jobs already,

STREBITO Screwdriver Sets 142-Piece Electronics Precision Screwdriver with 120 Bits Magnetic Repair Tool Kit for iPhone, MacBook, Computer, Laptop, PC, Tablet, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo, Game Console

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Today's review is on the STREBITO Screwdriver Sets 142-Piece Electronics Precision Screwdriver with 120 Bits Magnetic Repair Tool Kit for iPhone, MacBook, Computer, Laptop, PC, Tablet. It comes with a variety of screwdriver bits to tackle any project. The magnetic bits make it easy to work on projects with small screws. There's even an extra long screwdriver handle that lets you reach into tight spaces and a blow air duster that cleans the pieces without wreaking havoc on the electronics.


The STREBITO screwdriver set is the ultimate repair kit for any techie, hobbyist, or professional. This 142-piece precision electronics screwdriver with 120 bits has every driver bit you’ll ever need to tackle any repair or DIY project. The kit has 22 practical accessories, such as magnetizer, magnetic mat, ESD tweezers, suction cup, spudger, cleaning brush, etc. Whether you're a professional or a amateur, this toolkit has what you need to repair all cell phone, computer, laptops, SSD, iPad, game consoles, tablets, glasses and much more.

The STREBITO screwdriver set is professionally designed to maximize your repair capabilities. The screwdriver features a particle grip and rubberized ergonomic handle with swivel top. Magnetic bit holder transmits magnetism through the screwdriver bit and flexible extension shaft is useful for removing screws in tight spots.

This electronic screwdriver set even comes with an instruction manual that's filled with practical tips for repairing things around the house as well as solutions for common problems. With so many tools at your fingertips and professional grade precision electronics in your hand you'll never have to call a repairman again!

What I Like

This kit cost me $18.99 on sale for 120 bits. The screwdriver isn't machined aluminum like in an iFixit kit. Who cares. Is there any wonder why they're sending their kits to EVERY tech content creator on YouTube? Buy this and save your money.

Kaisi 70 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set Professional Electronics Repair Tool Kit with 56 Bits Magnetic Driver Kit, Anti Static Wrist Band, Spudgers for Tablet, MacBook, PC, iPhone, Xbox, Game Console

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Have you ever opened up a device or game console only to find that you can't get past a certain point without having the right type of screwdriver? I have, and it isn't fun. When you have a well-stocked collection of electronics screwdrivers on hand, though, you can swap out components and troubleshoot your way to success. That's why I ended up picking up the Kaisi 70 in 1 precision electronics repair tool kit for myself.


The Kaisi 70-in-1 Electronics Repair Tool Kit is a fantastic value. If you're looking to get some basic repair tools without breaking the bank, this little kit will get you started with what you need for most repairs. The handle can bend and the extension can be adjusted to fit any job, and it comes with a variety of screwdriver bits that are sure to be useful in almost any repair situation. It's lightweight enough that you'll hardly notice it in your bag while you're on the go, and it's small enough that it doesn't take up too much room if you just want to throw it on your desk at home. The anti-static wrist band is a welcome addition—while it might not be necessary for many repairs, it does help prevent damaging sensitive electronics when working in tight spaces (and if you've ever felt the snap of static electricity zapping through you as you pulled your hand away from something delicate, you know how important this feature really is). The case is also a nice touch; it has enough room to fit everything neatly and keep them organized.

What I Like

I bought this because I needed to open up laptops and other electronics to clean and service them, or make upgrades. After researching forever for the right tools, I stumbled upon this set for under 20$. It has almost everything I need to open small electronics. Months earlier I bought 2 small Torx Security screwdrivers to open my PS4 at a price around 7$. It only came with 2 tools,

21pcs Precision Screwdriver Set Magnetic,GangZhiBao Repair Tools Kit for Fix Phone/iphone,Computer/PC,Tablet/Pad,Watch,PS4 - Replace Screen Battery Camera Small Electronics Open Pry Tool Kits Sets DIY