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Top 10 Windshield Repair Kits

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Top 10 Windshield Repair Kits you can buy!

Choosing the best auto glass repair kit must be your top priority if you're planning on doing your own car repairs. There are so many windshield repair kits in various price ranges, shapes, and sizes that it can be hard to select which one to buy for yourself. This quick guide should help make things easier for you. It will go over each of the 10 best Windshield Repair Kits available online and the pros and cons of each one so that you can make an informed decision on what to buy.

Rain-X 600001 Windshield Repair Kit

professional windshield repair kit

You never know when you might get a small crack on your windshield. That's why it's always good to have the Rain-X 600001 Windshield Repair Kit at home - the solution to all repair problems. The Rain-X 600001 Windshield Repair Kit is designed to stop chips and cracks from spreading after early detection, and can even stop existing small cracks so that you won't have to deal with spending hundreds on glass replacement or worse - D.O.T inspections!


I'm pretty clumsy, so I've broken many things over the years—my phone screen, my laptop screen, a mirror in my bathroom, and some other things that I can't remember. I've always dreaded having to pay for repairs, but never more than when it came to windshields. The thought of having to pay hundreds of dollars or have my car down for several days was just too much to bear.

The best thing I ever did was buy a Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit. It only took me a few minutes to use, and it worked like a dream! My windshield looked brand new and didn't cost me all that much. The best part, though? If it broke again within two years (which it did), I could use the same kit again without having to buy an entirely new one, which saved me even more money!

Rain-X 600001 Windshield Repair Kit is easy to use and minimizes cracks and chips from getting worse. When used properly (following the instructions), the repair will be invisible from the outside. The kit comes with everything you need to make your windshield look like new in just minutes. This is great for emergency repairs or just giving your car a quick buff after a bird hits it.

What I Like

Product worked great! However, it will be important that you set reasonable expectations. If you go into this thinking that it's going to look like nothing ever happened to your windshield, you may be disappointed. The goal is to prevent the damage from spreading, and touch up the cosmetic appearance of the glass. From the outside of my windshield, all you can see are the chips where the rock made impact.

Permatex 09103 Windshield Repair Kit

windshield repair kit for long cracks

This windshield repair kit has everything you need for the repair including detailed instructions, easy to follow instructions and photographs. Your purchase will arrive with everything you need for the repair including a testing jar, blender lid, mixing sticks, measuring cup, liquid resin, hardener, silicone tape and wipes. The new delivery system means no more spills or leaks! The kit contains two bottles with one being a hardener which will cure through natural sunlight. Mix the resin and hardener together only after testing on a piece of glass that can be thrown away when complete.


As if the heat of summer weren't bad enough, the intense sun can also take its toll on your vehicle's windshield. The temperature fluctuations that cause chip-damage are a big part of this, but so is the UV radiation from the sun. This is why you may notice that your windshield has seemingly inexplicably been damaged in places where you're sure there was nothing wrong with it before.

In most cases, these cracks and chips can be repaired easily by filling them with an appropriate resin or epoxy. Permatex is one product line that makes this easier than ever before—their new Windshield Repair Kit tackles the problem head-on by making permanent air-tight repairs on most types of damaged laminated windshield glass. This kit comes complete with everything needed for the repair including easy-to-follow instructions with photographs and even a single use disposable mixing container (that won't mess up your car interior). If you've ever found yourself wondering how to fix a cracked windshield , stop wondering—Permatex has packaged all you need for a successful repair in a convenient and affordable package.

What I Like

I bought a used 2011 mustang gt with a nickel size rock chip right in the driver's view. I have no clue how long it's been there. I was quoted $65 for a basic chip repair and $150 for it to be professionally done by a safelight. I did this repair at 7:30 PM on a cloudy rainy day and still got near perfect results.

AZLIXLH Windshield Repair Kit with Pressure Syringes, for Repair Half-Moon Cracks, Cobwebs, Star-Shaped Damage, Long Line Crack

best windshield repair kit

Luckily, AZLIXLH Windshield Repair Kit with Pressure Syringes, for Repair Half-Moon Cracks, Cobwebs, Star-Shaped Damage, Long Line Crack has been designed to make those nasty windshields look new again. You just need a pair of scissors to cut out the damaged area and follow the easy-to-follow instructions. This handy kit comes complete with pressure syringes, silicone glue and a brush. The pressure syringes that come in this kit are newly designed to help eliminate air in the crack. This is something that is essential because having air in the crack will warp and twist the windshield without it. The silicone glue that is included is designed specifically for laminated windshields (the kind of windshields that are used for most types of vehicles). The manufacturer recommends repairing the crack in a shaded area with a temperature between 50°F and 75°F. They also recommend making sure that no one steps on the windshield while performing this operation.


AZLIXLH Windshield Repair Kit with Pressure Syringes, for Repair Half-Moon Cracks, Cobwebs, Star-Shaped Damage, Long Line Crack, Scratch Etc.

Using two pressure syringes, the windshield is filled and the air is pressed out of the crack to restore the transparency of the windshield.

You can do this repair at home without removing your windshield.

As long as there are no hidden damages on the body or the structure of your car, a cracked windshield can be repaired in minutes.

Windshields are made of laminated glass. These layers may look strong but they are vulnerable to damage over time.

Long cracks may need replacement with a new windshield if you want to avoid half-moon cracks and cobweb-shaped cracks after repairs.

What I Like

I've proudly affixed this license plate frame to the back of my car. Along with some Snoopy window decals, it helps to show off my affection for that fun loving dog of Peanut's fame. It's been on the car now for about six weeks, and has gone through several car washes without issue. The graphics are well done, and it appears as if it will last a long time.

zeBrush Windshield Repair Kit, Car Windshield Repair Resins Tools for Chips and Cracks, Bulls-Eye, Star-Shaped and Half-Moon Cracks

windshield repair kit autozone

Ever had a rock hit your windshield while driving and create a spider web of cracks? Can't afford to get your windshield replaced, but don't want to drive around with such an eyesore? Don't worry, that's why you need the Windshield Repair Kit by zeBrush !


When you need to fix a chip or crack in your car's windshield, there are lots of options out there. Many of those options aren't particularly cost-effective, though. While you might get by with the cheapest glass repair kit at first, even that's going to cost more than half the price of this kit from zeBrush. This kit is designed for use on laminated windshields with minor damage. The repairs are designed to be used on small chips, bulls-eyes (which are caused by stones), star-shaped cracks (which can cut through glass like a star-shaped cookie cutter), half-moon cracks (which look like a moon during certain phases of the moon), and spherical damage no more than one inch in diameter. It's filled with high-quality repair resin, which will make it easy for you to minimize the look to achieve better repair effects. It has a head dispensing system, sophisticated repair liquid, and features a suction function to swiftly remove air from the crack, allowing you to get the best repair effect and restore your windshield to near-new condition. And best of all, it's affordable!

What I Like

These tools are very nicely made. I just got the kit, haven't had the need to use it yet, but I can tell they're made right. You need some experience to know what it is you're trying to do with them, which tiny spring retainers are being used on the pin, where they're located, how to best insert the tool, and which tool properly depresses them. Then they Work!

zeBrush Windshield Repair Kit, Auto Glass Repair Kit for Fix Chip and Cracks, Bulls-Eye, Star-Shaped and Half-Moon Cracks, 6 Bottles

rain-x windshield repair kit

We live in a world where accidents happen. Whether it's by an errant baseball, or a rock thrown up by the car in front of you, Windshields can take a beating. On one hand, this is a good thing because windscreens are designed to be tough. However, modern vehicles have very sophisticated windshield assemblies that run into the hundreds of dollars.


The zeBrush Windshield Repair Kit is a brand-new type of auto glass repair kit, which can repair all types of laminated windshield fragments and cracks, such as bullseye, half-moon cracks, loopholes, spider webs, star damage, long-line cracks and scratches. It is suitable for repairing car windshields and other exterior glass of vehicles.

This zeBrush Windshield Repair Kit contains 6 bottles of repair fluid with different shapes: bulls-eye, star-shaped and half-moon. So that consumers can choose the most suitable shape according to their needs. Each bottle contains 120ml of repair fluid.

The zeBrush Windshield Repair Kit provides consumers with various repairs in one kit: it is easy to use and no harm to the body; the repaired part will not break or crack; it does not emit harmful odor in the process of repairing; it is suitable for repairing all kinds of laminated windshield fragments and cracks; vacuum design can quickly remove air from cracks and make the repaired windshield firm and beautiful.

What I Like

I was curious just exactly how soft and secure this thing really is. It arrived in a compact little bundle, felt durable even before it was installed. It did take a moderate amount of finesse to get it installed but definitely possible by anyone. I am certain this will likely never slip or slide on the wheel because of the grippy inner surface. It looks more substantial compared to any other cover, and it is.

AODA Car Windshield Repair Kit Window Glass Crack Repair Tool Fluid Liquid Windshield Chips Scratch Repair Remover Kit Car Automotive Glass DIY Quick Fix with 4 Bottles of Resin

3m windshield repair kit

You've been searching for a way to fix small chips and cracks on your car window, but what many people don't know (that I've found out the hard way) is that you can do this quickly and easily using a kit from Autozone, a hardware store, or even your own household.


The windshield repair kit is suitable for repairing double-layered car window glass. That’s because the crack repair material in this kit contains a special resin that can stick to the first layer of glass and slowly spread out to the second layer, fusing together both layers into one.

The 4 bottles of resin in this nano repair fluid kit allow you to repair more cracks and don’t have to throw the repairing tools away even they are used only one time.

The windshield repair kit can quickly and effectively repair chips and small cracks only in 20-30 minutes. That’s because the resin will spread over the cracks automatically when you pour it on them, saving your time from spreading by hands.

Save your budget and stop spreading of car glass chips and cracks, restoring windshields to near new condition. What’s more, there may be some moldy smell when using our windshield kit, but it will disappear after several days with air circulation.

What I Like

AODA windshield cracks repair kit is suitable for everyone to use and repair a double-layered car window glass.

J-B Weld 2100 Windshield Saver Repair Kit, 2 fl. oz