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Top 15 Cordless Circuit Tester

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

We've found the 15 best cordless circuit testers. With so many to choose from, it can be a difficult process finding the right one. By reviewing customer ratings, brands and features we've made it easy for you to find the top rated ct tester on the market today.

ATD Tools Heavy-Duty 3-30V Cordless Circuit Tester (ATD-55033)

Circuit Tester

This is the first thing I thought of when I saw this combination of words. A Heavy Duty Cordless Circuit Tester (NOT the tool used to test circuits). This tool is a perfect example of an electrician or even DIYer's helper that they use on projects.


Keeping up with the maintenance of your car can be a hassle, but it's also an important part of ensuring that you have a safe vehicle. With the ATD Tools Heavy-Duty 3-30V Cordless Circuit Tester (ATD-55033), you can be sure that all circuits are working properly. This product is designed for testing circuits and switches at home or in the workplace, and offers a variety of safety features including overload protection and a thermal cut-off switch.

User reviews for this product are overwhelmingly positive, citing its versatility as well as its affordability. The lightweight design makes it easy to hold and use, and it also comes with a case for storage or transport. This tool is compatible with 12-volt DC circuits, as well as 120-volt outlets.

What I Like

I am a diesel technician who works on big rigs. These trucks have multiple fuse boxes, and with this cordless test light, it makes it a breeze to diagnose for an open fuse. The big brand sells something similar, but for double the price. This little test light is bad.

Astro Pneumatic 7760 Cordless Circuit Tester

best Circuit Tester

The Astro 7760 is a multipurpose manual circuit tester that allows users to check just about any circuit without a need to use a heavy ground cable or clamp. The device uses your own body as a conducting path. Standing on flat surfaces or holding the tool in hand insures that current will pass through your body instead of test leads when they are attached to "hot" circuits.


Product Description: The Astro Pneumatic 7760 Cordless Circuit Tester can test 3-28V DC circuits without a ground cable or a clamp. This is great because that means the user's own body can be used as a ground. In fact, the user must be holding the tester and contacting a ground to use this product, making it incredibly safe. The tip of the tester is even shaped like a V to ensure that it pierces wires in their centers (for good, safe readings).

Convenience: When using the Astro Pneumatic 7760 Cordless Circuit Tester, you won't have to worry about your battery dying, as it runs on a 9v battery. Also, it's not necessary to have a ground clamp when using this product. You'll be able to test circuits all over the car by just simply holding the tester and touching an exposed wire with your other hand.

The Safety That You Need: The Astro Pneumatic 7760 Cordless Circuit Tester will not only let you know if there is current running through a wire, but also what polarity it is as well as how much resistance there is. This will help you locate shorts and open circuits.

What I Like

I have used these things before and like them. I bought one for myself and two more for gifts for mechanics and the family. All three work great. I am not the first person to use these things and really like them.

K Tool International Dual Polarity Cordless DC Circuit Tester; 3-30V, Quick Detection, Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles; Audible Beep and Dual Color LED Indicators: KTIXDCHT504

Cordless Circuit Tester

This tool is great for testing connecter, checking for blown fuses, and verifying the proper polarity of a circuit. Use this tool to check existing circuits and prevent shorts and ground failures in outdoor lighting systems, entertainment lighting, and security systems. The alarm on the tool will sound as well as an indicator light to alert you when you have switched the polarity of the circuit you are testing. This tool can also be used to double check your connections after making repairs.


The K Tool International Dual Polarity Cordless DC Circuit Tester is the ideal tool to check your vehicle's electrical system. The tester offers a quick detection of DC Voltage from 3-30V DC on autos, trucks and motorcycles, with an audible beep and dual color LED indicators. The tester features a simple use – just probe the circuit and touch vehicle ground with free hand without the need for a connection to ground. The tester is used for testing circuits without the need for a connection to ground. Just probe the circuit and touch vehicle ground with free hand without the need for a connection to ground. A red LED indicates DC Power and green LED indicates Ground reverse polarity testing. Includes built-in 3.6V lithium battery/30hr minimum. Computer safe, audible buzzer, clear handle, pocket clip, hi-vis orange safety tip protector and length is 6".

What I Like

I fell in love with this tester the first time I used it. I used it to test for power on a boom, and not needing to find a good ground was amazing. I touched most painted surfaces and it still worked.

Performance Tool W2979 Cordless Circuit Tester (3 to 28 Volt) Safe with ECM's, Sensors, Transducers and More

wireless circuit tester

The Performance Tool W2979 Cordless Circuit Tester detects voltage from 3v to 28v. This tool is safe with ECMs, sensors, transducers, etc. No ground wire or clip required. With 2 "N" type long-life batteries included, you will be able to find shorts and ground faults on circuits for hours of uninterrupted use.


This little device is an indispensable tool for those of us who work on cars, especially if you're doing the repairs yourself. It's great for checking for voltage in multiple places in the circuit, which allows you to find where the problem is quickly.

A lot of auto repair shops use these in their everyday work, but if you're doing your own car repairs or working on a friends car, this is really helpful to have on hand. It's also great for diagnosing problems with appliances and other electronics. The tester is designed to work with ECMs (electronic control modules), sensors, transducers, solenoids, relays, and more. It doesn't require a ground wire or a clip to make contact since it draws power directly through the wires. The two long-life alkaline batteries are included in the package.

The device can detect voltage from 3 volts up to 28 volts and will show a red light for positive voltage and a green light for negative voltage. It has 3 probe tips: one for testing voltages between 0-3v, one for testing voltages between 0-5v, and one for testing voltages from 0-28v.

What I Like

I found the product easy to use and accurate enough to determine dwell and rpm in my 1967 Ford Galaxie with a 289 engine. The product is well built and the components are sturdy and well insulated. The display is large and easy to read, even in bright sunlight. The product comes with the battery.

Performance Tool 20192 Cordless Circuit Tester (3 to 28 Volt) Safe with ECM's, Sensors, Transducers and More

snap-on cordless circuit tester

Whether you're studying electronics or just want to test the voltage of your car battery, this tool checks voltage from 3v to 28v completely safe with ECM's, sensors, transducers and more. The best part is there's no ground wire or clip required. Just simply touch the probes to the terminals you want to check, and it wouldn't really matter if it was 24v or 48v — this tester gives you an instant response.


With this tool in your pocket, you'll be able to take on any electrical job. It's got the power and sensitivity to figure out if you've got a problem in your 12V or 24V circuits, with no need for a ground wire or clip. The tool handles automotive, boat, motorcycle, RV, ATV, snowmobile and UTV systems as well as powersports and industrial applications.

This model is also great for testing and troubleshooting ECM's (electronic control modules) and modules from many different vehicle makes and models. The circuit tester will identify shorted and open wires within ECM circuits, which can save you time replacing expensive parts that are not actually faulty. This isn't just an automotive tool; it's also great for diagnosing problems with solar panels, inverters, PLC's (programmable logic controllers) and other equipment with electrical circuits.

What I Like

I bought two of these to replace one that I had for many years that finally crapped out on me. This one is cheaper than the Astro brand on Amazon and has a lifetime warranty versus the Astro's one year warranty. And they work great too.

General Technologies Corp GTC CT8002 Cordless Circuit Tester

monster cordless circuit tester

The CT8002 is a professional cordless computer safe circuit tester constructed in rugged stainless steel. It requires no ground wire or clip and has a safety V-groove accessory for piercing and carrying.


The GTC CT8002 Circuit Tester is a professional cordless computer safe circuit tester constructed in rugged stainless steel. It requires no ground wire or clip and a safety V-groove accessory is provided for piercing and carrying. The CT8002 operates between 3 and 28 Volt DC in battery powered systems, providing visual (LED), audio (sound) and tactile (vibration) feedback when a positive voltage is detected. Solid state high impedance electronic circuitry eliminates burned out bulbs, dead batteries and false tripping, while also making the CT8002 completely safe when working around sensitive electronic control modules and sensors. Operates on a single AA alkaline battery, which is included with the unit.

What I Like

After using one of these testers you will throw your old corded one away and be able to see and hear to see if there is power to the circuit you are testing without worrying about your ground wire falling off when you are upside under a dash or trying to get a good ground simply hold the tester and touch any metal part of what you are working on with any part of your body that has skin exposed forearm,

AWBLIN Automotive Test Light Digital LED Circuit Tester, 3-60V DC Auto Electric Tester Light Tool with Voltmeter and Probe for Checking Vehicle Car Truck Motorcycle Boat Fuses and Battery Voltage