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Top 15 fixing clips for led strips

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

LED is a great light source. It's bright, doesn't heat up the house, and there's a rainbow of colors. We love working with strips because they're flexible, you can cut the strip to any length you like. But hanging it up can be difficult sometimes, especially if you've chosen a color that's in demand. If you want to hang it on the wall but can't drill into it, or your kids haven't let you use all the nails, consider these top 15 fixing clips for LED strips.

Griver 100 Pack Strip Light Mounting Brackets,Fixing Clips,One-Side Fixing,100 Screws Included (Ideal for 10mm Wide Waterproof Strip Lights)

fixing clips for led strips

These transparent clips will let you mount your strip light without any hassle at all. Its inserting part is hollow so your strip light can be mounted horizontally on any surface without falling off. One-sided, single screw design makes the installation much easier than a conventional way so that anyone can handle it. With this great mounting bracket, you don't have to worry about the safety of your strip light any more.


With a range of sizes to fit any need, these clips are perfect for all kinds of small-to-medium strip lights. Their clear color allows them to blend in with whatever they're mounted on, while the 102 screws that come with the set make it easy to attach them to pretty much anything. Whether you're hanging lights on the ceiling or around a doorway, these clips can hold onto 10mm wide strips lights up to 1 meter long. Each clip is only 1/10th of an inch thick, so you can mount as many as you need without interfering with what's behind or below them. The hollow design of each clip also means they don't take up any space on your light. Each package comes with enough clips and screws to mount one meter of light, but if you ever need more we've got you covered: more than 100 total pieces are included!

What I Like

I bought these clips to use with 10mm Wide Waterproof LED Strip Lights, after finding the light strip tape was inefficient, and they work perfectly. Be sure to screw them in straight or they will not fit down snug as designed to. I spaced them 8” apart; the adhesive on the light strip sticks pretty well with the extra support. Some of my light strips are butted up against a board which doesn't.

Threetwofour 100 Pack Strip Light Mounting Brackets,Tape Light Fixing Clips,led Strip Light clamp,Double Side Fixing,202 Screws Included,Use for 8-10mm Width IP65 Silicone glued led Strip Light

led light strip mounting

Hello, my name is Anthony. I have been in this industry for more than four years. We have a wide range of products. Our products are of high quality. These are designed to last long and serve their purpose knowingly without fail. Bring home LED light strips today! You won't regret it!


LED strips are becoming more and more popular these days, as they're used in all kinds of places. They're a great alternative to fluorescent lighting or incandescent light bulbs, and they're also perfect for DIY projects.

But how do you actually go about using them? Well, you might think that you'd just have to stick them up on the wall or ceiling wherever you want some extra light, but it's a little more complicated than that. When you stick them up in certain places, they won't be able to give off the same amount of light. The installation process is actually pretty tricky, if you don't know what you're doing.

But that's where this blog comes in. I'm going to walk you through everything you need to know about installing LED strips onto your wall or ceiling! You'll learn which parts are important for installation and what tools will help with the job. I'll also show you some examples of places that people have installed LED strips in their homes, so be sure to keep reading!

What I Like

I used these mounts to install the Monster Light 3000, a simple LED strip under the bed that makes monsters go away. The mounts were used to upgrade the ones that came with the product, which were made of a very soft silicone. The screws had large enough heads on them to attach and didn't strip out like others.

200 Pieces Led Strip Lights Clips Light Mounting Clips One Side Led Light Clips with Screws for 10 mm Wide Waterproof LED Strip Lights

strip light mounting brackets

Durable and artistic: our LED light strip fixing clip is made of plastic material, light weight but not easy to break, durable and flexible to protect your LED strip from thermal expansion and other damage; In addition, its transparent design allows you to fix the light strip firmly without worrying about affecting the overall aesthetics.


LED strip lights are among the most versatile lighting options available today, but their versatility has its drawbacks. While they can be mounted to almost any surface or used in almost any space, because of their flexible material, you still need to find the right kind of clips for mounting them. These clips will secure the strip light to your chosen surface and prevent it from falling off or sagging over time.

In addition to being durable and easy to use, these clips have a clear design that will blend in with most types of LED strip lights—they won't distract from your choice of color or pattern. Because they're easy to install and remove, you can take down your lights when you want to clean them or make changes without taking up too much time or effort in the process.

Your strip light is an investment that deserves the right kind of protection; with our LED light mounting clips, you'll find just what you need.

What I Like

These strip retainers are great, I use them for 10mm waterproof strips and to clean up some custom wiring around them. The screws bite pretty well into most wood. I highly recommend a high quality.

ViLSOM LED Strip Clips, Self Adhesive with Screws Mounting Brackets, Strong Fixing Clips for Led Strip Lights, Fairy Lights, String Lights, USB Cable, Wall Decor - 20 Pack

led strip clip connector

These clip on to almost any flat surface or wherever you want to put them. They are so many uses that they have spots under my couch and it hold my floor lamp pretty well. I put them on the side of my bed frame and on the wall behind my TV. The picture below shows a photo of my floor lamp, you can't see the clips but it hangs right near a socket outlet and looks great!


Have you ever had a strip light that falls down when you're trying to decorate your room? These clips are the solution. They can be used to hold up all sorts of lights, including string lights, fairy lights and even USB cables. The adhesive is strong enough to keep them in place on smooth surfaces like walls and computer desks, but they can also be attached to other surfaces using the screws provided.

On top of that, these clips are made from premium PBT material, so they're heat resistant, anti-burning and safe for use with LED lights. You can rest easy knowing that your lights won't burn out or start a fire!

What I Like

My kids installed led lights in my room and these helped me. They stayed up good without the screws.

Clear Strip Light Mounting Clips Self-Adhesive Strip Light Brackets Hooks,Fixing Clamps LED Strip Light 8mm,10mm,12mm.100 Pack Strip Light Brackets Holder,USB Cable Wires Organizer.

led strip clips self-adhesive

You have to be careful of the weight of your strip light installation. I originally bought six of these clips to use with my 12' 30W flexible LED lights. With those lights you need to make sure the area where you are hanging them can handle at least fifteen pounds for each foot of lights, so for my 12' roll that is 180lbs & my studs are only rated for 110lbs ea. So I ran these little guys in a cross pattern over some overlapping drywall and made sure it was really secure.


Ever have a strip of light or a set of cables you want to hang but don't want to damage your wall? Are you tired of using tape only to get the job done? We've got the perfect solution for you. ATB-WL00512 Clear Strip Light Mounting Clips Self-Adhesive Strip Light Brackets Hooks,Fixing Clamps LED Strip Light 8mm,10mm,12mm.100 Pack Strip Light Brackets Holder,USB Cable Wires Organizer is perfect for your home and office use.

The ATB-WL00512 is made from high quality materials and can be used with different kinds of lights including LED strip light. It comes in a pack of 100 so it's enough for any project that requires hanging lights or wires. They work with both strip and COB LED lights - 8mm/0.31 inch and 12mm/0.47 inch respectively - are easy to use and can hold up well. They are also very beneficial as they can be reused anytime you want.

They're also transparent so they'll blend right into your walls and cabinets without leaving any marks or residue behind. They come in a pack of 100 strips so you'll have plenty to go around whenever the need arises.

What I Like

Great adhesion. The adhesive cover is a little hard to get off, but the little flag on each one helps. It sticks like crazy. Be careful to only mount on surface where you don't mind peeling the finish if you want to remove the clip. Exactly what I was looking for. The clear plastic and adhesive makes the clip almost invisible, which is what I wanted. It is very low profile.

99 Lighting 200 Pieces LED Neon Mounting Clips,Install Fittings Clips,Fixing Clips Accessories for 6mm 6x12mm Silicone led neon Flex Strip Lighting,Make The neon Signs (6mm)

led mounting clips home depot

Don't know how to install your new led neon? Do you worry about the installation of led neon lights? Are you worrying that your lights will be broken when installing? Please don't worry, our clips and fittings are durable enough for you to use. Also, if you have any questions about your led neon lights, please contact us freely. You can watch this video on installing led neon lights.


These LED light clips are one of the most valuable and practical lighting accessories for your home, office, or store. If you want to make a beautiful neon sign, this is exactly what you need. These clips are made of high quality PVC material, which is a very sturdy and durable material. The super large quantity contains 200 pieces silicone led neon flex strip mounting clips. They are reusable and easy to install. What's more, they can be used for a long time.

The light clips are suitable for outdoor weddings, patios, parties, big event, and any other situation you want. They are easy to install and easy to use. In addition, these light clips will not hurt your hands when you install the lights.

The silicone led neon flex strip mounting clips are widely used in commercial lighting, such as neon signs and advertisements. They can be also used in various places at home to make the lights brighter or artistic decoration.

What I Like

I ordered these clips to mount a 21' LED rope on the wall. They work pretty well. The clips are small and transparent so they're hardly noticeable, especially when the LED is on. I used 1 clip every 6-12 inches of rope and it's holding up fine, the plastic is sturdy and doesn't bend under the weight. The clips don't 'grip' the rope so they would not be suitable.