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Top 15 Household Tool Kit

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

These top 15 household tool kit are the experts' picks. They've been tested, compared and reviewed by someone who actually work as an electrician and he had to have some good suggestions, right?

WORKPRO W009037A 322-Piece Home Repair Hand Tool Kit Basic Household Tool Set with Carrying Bag

Household Tool Kit

This tool set includes the most common tools you may use for household chores or home repairs. This is a very durable and high-quality tool set from Chrome that has a fine metal finish, which is rust resistant. It includes a hammer, a tape measure, multipurpose knife, level, sockets, hex wrenches, pliers and more. After unpacking this item and giving it a closer look, I liked how everything looked exactly as advertised. The tools are really sturdy, made of chrome vanadium steel with heat treated for strength and durability. The pieces have an all around metal finish that's rust resistant and strong. These tools will last you a lifetime!


For you do-it-yourselfers, and for frequent small repairs around the home, a tool kit is always a welcome gift. And although Home Depot and Lowe's have those cheap kits at $10 or so, they're often not good quality. Good tools are invaluable when it comes to things like hanging shelves, or assembling a bookshelf from IKEA. So we've found the perfect gift for do-it-yourselfers: the WorkPro 322-point Home Repair Hand Tool Kit. Designed with carpenters and homeowners in mind, this all-inclusive tool kit provides everything you need for everyday household repairs and chores. Chrome vanadium steel tools are durable, strong and heat treated to strengthen them. The multi-hex key set provides an extra long arm that can reach into tight spaces, which is useful when you're trying to tighten screws on a desktop computer tower or screw a picture frame onto a wall. The kit is organized in an 18" durable nylon bag with a full zip closure that makes it easy to store the tools or take them out as needed while on the go. And they come with a lifetime warranty, so you know they're built to last!

What I Like

The plethora of useful tools in this kit make it a great choice for any amateur Do-it-Yourselfer. At first glance, they appear to be very well designed and made. They are fairly heavy duty so there was no skimping on the amount of materials used. The rubberized grips feel good in the hand and especially when you're clamping down on something.

CARTMAN 148Piece Tool Set General Household Hand Tool Kit with Plastic Toolbox Storage Case Socket and Socket Wrench Sets

best household tool kit

When it comes to home improvement, general repairs and small DIY jobs, sometimes you just don't have the right tool for the job. Well, no need to worry, because I have compiled a list of tools that are sure to help any homeowner achieve their goals.


When you're trying to find the perfect gift for the handyman in your life, where do you start? It can be hard to know what to look for, but thankfully, there are plenty of great options out there. For starters, a good quality tool set is a must. This one from Cartman gives you 148 pieces in a handy blow molded case—everything you need for most repairs around the house or garage. All tools are made from high quality chrome-plated steel and heat treated to resist corrosion. And because it's from Cartman, you can expect them all to meet or exceed critical standards for strength and durability. It's the perfect gift for the man who loves building things and fixing things up around the house (or would love to learn).

What I Like

So I finally bit the “1 click” button. This came to my doorstep and I had NO idea where it came from. My roommate had been asking about a super basic tool kit to be had cheaply. I guess I ordered it while scrolling. I have 6 full size tool chests (yes, standing ones) full and literally top of the top of the line tools.

CRAFTSMAN Home Tool Kit / Mechanics Tools Kit, 57-Piece (CMMT99446)

craftsman household tool set

The Craftsman home tool kit provides a comprehensive set of hand tools for both residential and commercial use including four standard flat-bladed screwdrivers and a Phillips head screwdriver. The set also includes three each combination slip, groove, and long nose pliers, which makes them appropriate for tight areas where a regular wrench won't fit. Additionally, the set includes six pairs of pliers: two each needle nose, side cutter, and water pump lock-back, one pair each locking grip and diagonal cutting pliers. All these hand tools are made with premium quality to stand the test of time. Plus all the necessary protective guards are included on the majority of these hand tool sets to minimize damage to both it and the work in question.


A solid toolkit is a necessity for every household, and this one by Craftsman is perfect for both the DIYer and the professional. It includes almost everything you could need for both indoor and outdoor projects, from changing a lightbulb to building furniture. The case has great storage capabilities with multiple sections and pockets, each labeled so that you can easily tell what's in each section. The kit includes:

This toolkit is great for anyone who needs to get things done around the house, but it's especially helpful for those who will be doing their own projects instead of hiring professionals. If you're looking for a solid set of tools that will last you through many projects and many years, the Craftsman 57-Piece Tool Kit is the way to go.

What I Like

I bought a toolbox for the garage after my tools kept disappearing. I also bought a tool bag for the house. I hung up pictures and put together furniture with the tools in the tool bag.

FASTPRO 215-Piece Home Repairing Tool Set with 12-Inch Wide Mouth Open Storage Bag,Household Hand Tool Kit

basic tool kit

Now, who doesn't like saving money? I'm that kind of person that always goes for a bargain deal. But not just any deal will do; it has to be an incredible deal. This is why I have found the perfect kind of deal on Amazon. It's a 215-piece house tool kit with 12-inch wide mouth open storage bag, a top seller in the tools category worldwide. The best part is that you don't even need to go out and buy each tool separately, because everything you need is included in this handy set.


What could be more useful than a tool belt? And what could be handier than a tool belt that's part of an entire, complete set? You'll be amazed with the versatility and usefulness of all the tools you get in this kit. Each one has been carefully selected for its quality and for its ability to keep up with the demands of any project you can throw at it.

Forged steel construction, heat treatment, and hardened cutting edge ensure you get your money's worth from each tool. When you're ready to tackle a job around your home or office, never have to worry about whether or not you have the right tools for the job again—you can tackle any task with confidence, knowing that you have everything you need for your project in one handy spot.

A comfortable 12-inch wide mouth storage bag makes it easy to carry all your tools around with you wherever you go. You'll always have what you need within arm's reach. You'll find yourself reaching for this bag in every room of your home as well as out in the garage or on-site whenever there's work to be done—it's like having a traveling workshop on hand!

The wide range of hand tools in this kit make it perfect for so many different uses.

What I Like

I chose this tool kit for my daughter because it came with a bag that I could toss in a few extra tools I had to give her more versatility. It looks like she'll have the kit when her kids go off to college. She loved it. Really happy with the purchase.

Amazon Basics 173-Piece General Household Home Repair and Mechanic's Hand Tool Kit Set

home tool kit set with drill

Have you been using an old worn out tool set for your household repairs and everyday projects? Have you been putting off ordering a new one because in your mind, “yeah all of my tools are still good and they work”? If you're nodding with a big smile on your face, this post is for you. You see, Amazon has enlisted the help of Toolnut to provide you with their expert tool knowledge and recommendations on what are the best household repair and mechanic's hand tools to use. They've scoured Amazon to bring you a list of 173-pieces hand tool sets that are the best overall value.


What does it mean when you say an item has "long-lasting, corrosion-resistant strength"? Does that mean the tools are strong and won't break? Or does it mean they'll last a long time before you have to buy new ones? It's unclear.

In fact, that description is the very definition of a meaningless buzzword. What if I told you that I have "long-lasting, corrosion-resistant strength"? Would you believe me? Probably not, which goes to show why we need to be careful with our use of language.

By replacing the buzzwords with specific information, the above blurb can become: The AmazonBasics hand tool set features heat-treated and chrome-plated alloy steel that resists rust and is designed for long-lasting use. The non-slip handles provide comfort and control while you're working on household repairs and everyday projects. Blow-molded case provides secure storage for tools and convenient portability.

What I Like

I have used many of the tools in this package, multiple times since purchasing. I am happy with the tools. The plastic case is ok, it could be better, it works but it does not feel very sturdy nor does it hold all the tools as securely as I would like. I do recommend it to others on the caveat that this item may want you to purchase a good tool box or bag.

BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Drill & Home Tool Kit, 68 Piece (LDX120PK)

multi purpose tool kit

If you're looking for a great cordless drill, it doesn't get much better than the BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Drill & Home Tool Kit, 68 Piece (LDX120PK). It comes with a lithium drill that is powered by a 20V Lithium battery which is always ready. (It holds a charge up to 18 months). The drill has an 11 position clutch that prevents stripping and overdriving screws so you can complete your projects successfully with ease. In addition to the powerful lithium drill, it also includes 68 hand tools and accessories. The kit includes items such as screwdrivers, a ratchet, saws, and much more to help you succeed with your home improvement projects.


The Black & Decker LDX120C 20V Max Lithium Drill is a versatile hand held drill that you can use for a variety of household tasks. It comes with 68 different accessories, including screwdrivers, drill bits, and a wall anchor kit, so you can put your drill to work on a variety of projects. You can use your lithium drill to hang pictures or artwork, assemble furniture, update flooring, or build birdhouses and other small wooden items.

The lithium ion battery holds its charge up to 18 months before recharging is needed. This makes it convenient for occasional use when you're not in the middle of any home projects. The 11 position clutch prevents overdriving and stripping screws, making your drill last longer than many other models.

The LDX120C includes a carrying bag for easy portability and storage. Make sure to have this handy portable tool on hand to help you with all those everyday home improvement tasks!

What I Like

Great kit. I am a woman, so I appreciate the smaller size of the drill and how lightweight it is. I have small hands, so the drill fits perfectly. And don't let its size fool you. I was able to drill in concrete walls with no problem (NOTE: the bits included are only for wood, you need to buy separately concrete drill bits). The battery lasts a long time.

Werktough 44PCS 3.6V/4V Cordless Screwdriver Tool Kit Set Pink Color Tools Lady Tools Kit Home Repair Set Toolbox Hand Tool Kit Storage Case Gift Set LADYCRAFT

dewalt home tool set

44PCS !it's a 44pcs assorted tools set that has all the tools you need to DIY things or repair objects at home,yard,garden and so on. 1 claw hammer with fiberglass handle : it's a good hand tool for construction. you can use it to drive nails and pull nails .2 screwdrivers and 20pcs screwdriver bits : Normally we just need Phillips(PZ)head screwdriver ,flat head(FN)screwdriver ,1/4"pt(SL)screwdriver, but this toolkit is pretty rich ,there are 7 kinds of Phillips(PZ)head screwdrivers and 4 PZ head bit .


Werktough 44pc 3.6v/4v Cordless Screwdriver Tool Kit Set Pink Color Tools Lady Tools Kit Home Repair Set Toolbox Hand Tool Kit Storage Case Gift Set LADYCRAFT

This cordless screwdriver set for ladies is the perfect gift for anyone who need tools for work and life. This tool set is a great way to get started in DIY and home repair projects around the house, or it can be added to any tool collection for your convenience. The tools are comfortable and easy to use, so you won’t ever have to worry about hand fatigue when working with this kit. They’re also designed with simple operation in mind, so you won’t have to worry about struggling to get them working. This screwdriver set will provide you with all of the necessary tools that you need in order to fix problems or make improvements around your house. It comes with a wide variety of different tools, ranging from a claw hammer, tape measure, and level up to precision screwdrivers and hex wrenches. The versatility of this kit means that it can be used on an array of different projects—the only limitation is your imagination!

What I Like

I bought this complete tool kit for my wife because she likes purple. (THEY SAID IT CAME IN PINK, THEY ARE VERY WRONG, IT CAME IN PURPLE,) MY WIFES FOVORITE COLOR. She thinks that all tools should last a lifetime. SOME DO, AND, SOME DO NOT. My wife SAID TO ME WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH THIS.

BLACK+DECKER 12V MAX Drill & Home Tool Kit, 60-Piece (BDCDD12PK)