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Top 15 Office Chair Caster Wheels

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

With over 200 reviews & rated 4.7 stars, 'Castor Wheel 4' is the winner. Here are top 15 Office Chair Caster Wheels that we have picked out for you which comes with various of color, design & price. Follow us!

Office chair wheels replacement rubber chair casters for hardwood floors and carpet, set of 5, heavy duty office chair casters for chairs to replace office chair mats - Fits 98%

office chair caster wheels

Restore your office chair and replace it with this set of heavy-duty polyurethane wheels. No longer will your wheel casters require replacing. This kit includes two large and two small desk chair wheels.


If you're looking for wheels to roll on a variety of surfaces, look no further. Our heavy-duty caster wheels are made from industrial-grade steel, precision ball bearings, and durable polyurethane casters. The stem size is 7/16" x 7/8", which is compatible with most office chairs. While these caster wheels fit most rolling chairs, it's important to check the stem size before ordering. They're also not compatible with IKEA chairs or some off-brand chairs.

The chair casters will never scratch, smudge, or damage your floors. Enjoy a carefree, safe glide across wood, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile and carpet floors all day long.

Our replacement chair wheels are durable enough to last through years of wear and tear—even if you roll over rough terrain like concrete or asphalt daily.

Our caster wheels are perfect for any situation where you need to roll around frequently or have to deal with different surfaces on a regular basis. They're great for office chairs that have metal rolling bases and rubber stoppers (which can get worn out after years of use). We also sell caster wheels for furniture like shelving units and bookcases that can be moved around frequently as well.

What I Like

I bought these wheels because my 500lb frame demolished the wheels that came with this chair that was supposed to be rated for fatties up to 650lbs. When the wheel broke it shattered sending plastic bits all over the place. I ordered the new wheels from the above listed vendor and it arrived in very quick order. Packaged neatly, professionally. I don't think they slaved crafting my wheels as i'm pretty sure.

Office Chair Wheels,Heavy Duty Casters Set of 5,Caster Wheels 3 Inch, Suitable for All Floors (Carpet, Hardwood), Rubber Replacement Casters That Most Computer Chairs, Game Chairs,Desk Chairs Can Use

caster for chairs

If you are looking for replacement wheels for office chairs, then here is a recommendation that suits you. These wheels are specially designed for chairs that support a maximum weight load of 250 pounds (113 kg), which means it is perfect for most office chairs. They feature the one-wheel design, which delivers both convenient and a neat appearance. The wheels can be installed on your favorite chair in just a few minutes.


One-wheel style Office Chair Wheels, if you want to make your chair more fashionable and modern, try our one-wheel style wheels. Their brackets are made of solid steel, and the valve stems are equipped with C-ring handles for easy installation. They are made of transparent polyurethane material and strong steel fabric, giving them a clear and fashionable appearance. The one-wheel design will make your chair look more fashionable and modern.

[Product Features]: [1] High quality: Our new design is more beautiful than ever! The rod of the wheel is a metal piece inserted into the base of the chair, which is a universal rod with a size of 7/16 inches wide x 7/8 inches high (11 mm x 22 mm). These chair wheels fit most office chairs sold in the United States (usually the same size casters are used), don’t worry they don’t fit your chair. But it does not include IKEA chairs from European brands. [2] Easy installation: Installation is very simple, just follow the instructions to screw them on your office chair or game chair. No need to worry about how to install these office chair casters on your wheels because they come fully assembled. [3] Smooth rolling:

What I Like

I purchased these to keep my office chair from scarring up my wood floor. These wheels made a huge difference. They glide on the floor with very little noise and resistance. I should have made this upgrade lots sooner!! As others have stated, because of how well these wheels roll, you have to be careful when moving around. It is fast!! LOL If only we had these on our chairs at work when we did the.

TICONN Office Chair Caster Wheels Set of 5 for Tile, Hardwood Floors and Carpets, Universal Fit for Most Chairs NOT Compatible for IKEA (Black)

chair caster

Dear friends, I've been a fan of TICONN for a while. They make things that truly work and last long. I'm a proud owner of their office chair caster wheels set because they solved my problem with buying one of those cheap office chairs on Amazon. I'm telling you from personal experience (as a photographer) that the rolling chair is an important piece of furniture in your home-office. It is used every single day and needs to be sturdy enough to handle constant movement.


I'm not one to brag, but I think I've figured out the solution to all your chair-rolling woes. My ability to roll smoothly and silently across any floor is unparalleled—I'm like a ballerina of chairs, except instead of pirouettes, I do 360s and figure-8s. I was built with heavy-duty components so you can push me hard while you're sitting on me. And my casters are made from non-marking polyurethane to protect your floors.

A word of caution: though I'm compatible with most chairs, I am NOT compatible with those from IKEA. If you're looking for something for an IKEA chair, try my cousin, the TICONN Office Chair Caster Wheels Set of 5 for Tile, Hardwood Floors and Carpets, Universal Fit for Most Chairs (*) . The difference between us is that my cousin is designed for the smaller stems found in Ikea chairs. So even if your chair stem looks like it would fit me, be sure to check before ordering!

What I Like

I bought three office chairs from Office Depot. I bought one set and it arrived yesterday and I installed it on my work from home desk chair. After giving it a try, my husband and I agreed we needed them for the other two chairs. Both of us being tall, it helped to get the chairs up just a touch higher. The wheels are extremely quiet and roll quite well. We already have agreed if we ever replace.

MaxGear 2" Office Chair Wheels Heavy Duty Replacement, Mute Rubber Rotating Desk Chair Caster Wheels, Safe for All Floors Including Hardwood, Universal Standard Stem Size Fits 99%, Set of 5

casters for chairs

The office chair casters are made of premium rubber material, the wheels fit 99% of all standard stem 2 inches 5 wheel office chairs. Fit 99% of the standard stem size, It's not applicable with IKEA chairs.


This set of five heavy-duty casters will replace the old and broken ones on your office chair. They are made of premium rubber material, which can support up to 300 pounds of weight as a set. It fits most standard stem casters with a diameter of 2 inches, including IKEA chairs. The sturdy design will provide you with long-lasting durability.

The precision ball bearings in the swivel and axel make it easy to roll smoothly across smooth floors, while the rubber head prevents scratching. You can enjoy smooth rolling without worrying about disturbing people around you.

These replacement wheels are used to protect hardwood, laminate, tile, slate, and all other hard floors from damage. They are also great for thick carpets.

What I Like

Replaced hard plastic chair wheels to protect new laminate flooring and these were perfect. I just pulled on the old ones and they came out. The new ones pushed right into the same holes and I was done.

Office Chair Caster Wheels, Rubber Chair Casters Replacement, 3 Inch Heavy-Duty Computer Gaming Desk Caster Wheels Smooth & Safe Rolling for All Floors Including Hardwood and Carpet, Set of 5

caster chair

These office chair caster wheels are encased with a high-quality, extra-thick non-marking soft polyurethane layer to stop scratch or leave marks on any surface even if there is no carpet or chair mat. Widely used for the office floors, wood, hardwood, parquet, laminate, vinyl, tile and carpet floors.


Safety is a major concern for anyone who has a desk job. You don't want to be worrying about your chair every time you're at work. But what about that pesky office chair creeking and squealing? It's distracting and it might even ruin your work flow. Not to mention the fact that if you don't have a carpet or rug, your chair will cause scratches on the floor, which could damage both your wheeled office chair and the floor itself.

This five-set of heavy duty office chair caster wheels is a great way to make sure you don't have any more of these problems. It comes with solid construction, soft polyurethane casters, and precision ball bearings that ensure smooth rolling and no annoying noise. As long as you have this set of replacement caster wheels on your office chair, you can relax knowing that everyone in the office will be able to work in silence.

What I Like

I expected a fight when it came to pulling the originals off and popping these bad boys on, but I was wrong! My adult son tried to get me to try to barely put them in and then flip the chair back up and sit in it to set them in. Men, ugh. After watching the wheels fall off every time he attempted this, I finally said "Let me try" I used a little .

Office Chair Caster Wheels - 3" Rollerblade Rubber Replacement Chair Casters - Best Protection for Your Hardwood Floors No More Chair Mat Needed - Universal Fit,Smooth & Silent

chair casters

Office Chair Caster Wheels - 3" Rollerblade Rubber Replacement Chair Casters Best Protection for Your Hardwood Floors No More Chair Mat Needed. These rollers are designed with soft and durable rubber that won’t scratch hardwood or hurt your floors. These chair caster wheels are ideal and safe for all floor types; making sure delicate surfaces are protected from eventual scratches or dents.


In a friendly tone: Office chairs are a necessity in the modern workplace, but they're not always a pleasure to sit in. The biggest problem with most office chairs is that their casters aren't designed for hardwood floors, which can lead to issues like scratches and dents in your floors. If you want to protect your floors with the least amount of effort, it's time to switch out those casters.

One of the best solutions for this is our 3" rollerblade rubber replacement chair casters. Available in a variety of colors and made with high-tech elastic polyurethane, these office chair wheels are ideal for hardwood floors, carpet, tile, laminate, linoleum, and even concrete floors. This means that delicate surfaces are protected from eventual scratches or dents—you won't have to worry about things like dents in your floor after moving an office chair around on it. In addition to protecting your floors from damage, these wheels also come with plenty of other benefits that make them worth switching out for stock casters. For example:

Our chair wheels are easy to install. Two minutes is all it takes to pull out your old casters and push in your new wheels until the stem is firmly seated and secure.

What I Like

I had previously bought a Leather LazyBoy office chair that looked super comfortable, but I found that I would slouch in it, which would give me back pain. When I decided to replace it, I looked around for awhile, and then I started to notice people on TV shows like Meet the Press and another I can't think of right now had these chairs, or chairs that looked damn close.

Office Chair Caster Wheels Replacement(Set of 5) for Hardwood Floors and Carpet- Heavy Duty Caster Support up to 1000bls, Office Rubber Chair Wheels,2 inch,Universal Size (Grey)

office chair replacement wheels

All the casters are of high-quality polyurethane, wear resistant and light weight, easy to replacement and use. Five chair wheels have enough strength to support an adult up to 1000 LBS safe for a big man sitting on a rolling office chair. Wheels Set for Office Chairs are ideal for home and office use can be used on all kinds of floors such as hardwood, laminate, ceramic tiles, slate and so on. These floor protection rubber office wheel will protect your hardwood floors from damage or scratches. The wheelchair wheel is very easy to slide on the hard floor made of carpet and polyurethane material can be used for a long time.


If you're looking for a way to protect your hardwood, hard tile, or other hard-surface flooring, there's no better way to do it than with these heavy-duty casters. These are universal in their sizing, meaning they fit on most existing chairs and other stools. The casters are made from high-quality polyurethane, meaning they'll always remain firm and easy to use. Plus, the casters are designed to protect floors from damage with their ability to roll on hard surfaces without leaving scratches or gouges behind.

With these five caster wheels installed on your chair, you can move around freely and quietly—the firmness of the wheels ensures that you won't have any trouble controlling how much you're moving around at any given time. The 2" diameter of each wheel adds stability and strength so that your chair is able to support up to 1000 LBS—enough strength for a big man sitting on a rolling office chair!

These caster wheels are the best choice if you want to upgrade your office chair or create a new one from scratch. They're the perfect addition if you want to create a smooth and quiet working environment. Start protecting your floor now, order a set of these heavy-duty casters today!

What I Like

I have a desk chair that was fairly expensive that still had the original wheels on it. I got rid of my desktop pc and desk along with the floor mat in front of the desk and now had no place to use it without tearing up my floors. I no longer have long times in front of a PC (retired!!) but I do love jigsaw puzzles and sewing and decided to use these casters to save.

Office Chair Wheels - Replacement Rubber Wheels - Universal Fit 3 Inch Chair Casters, Heavy-Duty Chair Wheels, Noise Free, Fits 98% Chair, for All Floor, Set of 5