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Top 15 Optical Eyeglass Repair Tool Kit

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

ETopLike Screwdrivers Kit Repair Tool for Eyeglass/Glasses/Watch/Cellphone/Clock (12PCS, Travel Pocket)

eyeglasses repair kit

If you are a person that has lots of things to repair on a daily basis, then you know how handy it is having the right tools around. This could mean anything from a simple pair of eyeglasses to your home items. That's why you need a multifunctional tool to help you out with all of them. With this screwdriver kit, you get what you need when it comes to keeping your tech in top condition at all times.


Replace your broken eyeglasses in no time, with the ETopLike eyeglass screwdrivers kit. This 12-piece set comes with a storage pouch, so you can keep all the pieces together and take them on the go. The tools include 2 pieces of multi-use single open ended sockets set, 8 flat head screwdrivers and 4 Phillips head screwdrivers. With these, you will be able to replace or repair your eyeglasses as well as household appliances, mobile phones, toys and more.

Looking for an easy way to carry this essential toolkit? This eyeglasses repair kit comes with a small suede pouch that will hold the tools securely and allow you to conveniently carry them around wherever you go. The case is small enough to fit into most pockets, making it perfect for anyone who is always on the go.

The kit contains all of the tools that you need to complete almost any task, which is why it is such a great gift idea for everyone from parents to students. No matter if someone needs to fix their favorite pair of glasses or they want to be prepared by keeping it in their car or in their office at work, this is the perfect gift idea!

What I Like

The price is very good, and the kit includes a lot of tools for the price. The tools and case are of good quality, and the bits do not fall out of the driver as some other reviewers have mentioned. Everything works great.

FAMKIT Glasses Pliers Kit Professional Eyeglass Repair Set Rimless Disassembly Glasses Frames Optical Tools Set

eyeglasses repair kit near me

Why do you need to replace the glasses frame? The rimless design makes it difficult to do. To replace, you will spend lots of time and money. This kit includes all tools you need to disassemble your rimless glasses frames. It is very practical, durable, solid and easy to use tool kit.


Eyeglasses can be really expensive, and many people don't have the financial means to buy a full pair of glasses at once. If you have a pair of glasses that you're having trouble with, you may be tempted to get rid of them and buy a new pair—but that's not always a good idea. A lot of times, it's possible to repair your old glasses instead, saving yourself the cost of buying new ones (and helping out the environment at the same time).

[Tools for Glasses Repair]The FAMKIT Glasses Pliers Kit Professional Eyeglass Repair Set Rimless Disassembly Glasses Frames Optical Tools Set is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get into eyeglasses repair. It's easy to use and comes with all the tools you could need to repair your glasses. Its durability will ensure that you'll have it around for years to come, and its carrying case makes it easy to carry in your backpack or purse when you're on the go.

[Essential Tools]The FAMKIT Glasses Pliers Kit Professional Eyeglass Repair Set Rimless Disassembly Glasses Frames Optical Tools Set comes with five essential tools: pressing pliers, pressing pliers, cutting pliers, drilling holder.

What I Like

These tools saved me from having to pay $600.00 for another “designer” pair of glasses. Videos are on the web on “how to”. These tools should last a life time.

Paxcoo Eyeglass Repair Kit with 6 Pcs Magnetic Screwdrivers and Glass Screw for Glasses, Eye Glass, Sunglass Repair

walgreens eyeglass repair kit

The Paxcoo eyeglass repair kit is the perfect toolbox for your eye glass. It has all you need to repair your glasses, from screws to screw caps, from tweezers to screwdriver. And it comes in a hard case, you can always take it when you go sightseeing or camping.


Hi there, fellow eyeglass wearer! Have you ever tried to fix a loose screw on your glasses, sunglasses or reading glasses? If the answer is yes, then you'll know how annoying it is to try and find the right size in a box of screws that are all the same. You could spend hours digging through hundreds of tiny screws with no luck because you can't tell which one will fit.

We at Paxcoo think it's time for a change. We've made an eyeglass repair kit with 6 pieces of precision magnetic screwdrivers set, a box of 1000 pieces glass screws, a tweezers, multi-function mini screwdriver and a glasses cloth. It includes all the tools and accessories for eyeglasses repair and you can get them all in one place.

The glasses screws set includes 18 kinds of stainless steel eye glass screws, nuts, washers and screw caps. Referring to the information about their sizes on the case and you can find the size you need easily and quickly. It is a good selection to replace screws for your glasses by yourself.

We have thought about your convenience when designing this product so we've also included a box of 1000 pieces glass screws, a tweezers and a glasses cloth.

What I Like

This kit rose to the top of my search for a kit to fix my wife's Guess glasses, because of what looked like a quality screw driver set, and I was not disappointed. The kit comes well packaged in a nice plastic case that keeps the screws and tools all together. The tools are of remarkable quality for the price. Overall, I highly recommend this product.

Rimless Glasses Frame Silhouettes Eyeglass Optical Kit Plier Repair Disassembly Tool

eyeglass repair kit with nose pads

We've tested our Rimless Glasses Frame Silhouettes Eyeglass Optical Kit Plier Repair Disassembly Tool in front of the class and they loved it. We give you our full commitment that we'll get you the most affordable glasses plier kit on Amazon.


We all want to get the most out of our purchases, and that's especially true for eyeglasses. When you buy rimless glasses frames and optical kit, you want to make sure that your investment is going to be protected from the elements and last for years to come. A toolkit like this one will ensure that you're able to have confidence in your glasses repair job every time.

If you're a glasses repairman or a person who repairs their own frames often, then this toolkit can be a great help to you. It comes with three different types of pliers—you can use the cutting pliers to cut plastic plugs off of metal rims, demolition tongs for taking apart thicker frames, and installation pliers for putting things back together correctly. Every type of tool is essential for getting the job done right, so having all of them at your disposal will help you work more efficiently!

Each tool is made from durable stainless steel, which means that they'll last through many jobs and still always perform as well as they did on day one. The handles are also designed with springs so that they'll spring back automatically after each use—it's an ingenious design that makes working with them much more comfortable compared to other glasses repair tools!

What I Like

I bought this kit to fix one of the "arms" of my rimless glasses which I had bought quite a while back. I was first of all pleasantly surprised to see that this kit was delivered same day. While, as pointed out by other reviewers, the kit did not come with instructions, there are plenty of DIY videos online that will help out with using the kit.

Repair Tool 3 in 1 Mini Stainless Steel Screwdriver Keychain Eyeglass Repair kit - 3 Pack SCREWDRIVER for Optical/Glasses/Eyeglass Frames/Sunglasses/Jewellery/Watches Fix Glasses, Change Watch, Laptop

best eyeglass repair kit

Our 3-in-1 portable eyeglass screwdriver is the ultimate repair tool you need when travelling or simply going around town! Don't let your glasses break down again by letting this multi-tool give you the quick fix you need to change a watch, laptop, and other small objects.


Whether you're on a road trip, at the office, or just hanging out at home, having a keychain screwdriver is an absolute necessity for small fixes around the house that can make a big difference in your day. A tiny but mighty tool like this should always be on your person, and when you find one that's as cute as it is functional, it's easy to get excited!

This mini screwdriver has three different attachments with varying functions: a slotted driver for eyeglasses or reading glasses; a flat head driver for iPhone cases and laptops; and a pentalobe head driver for iPhone cases. This means you'll never have to waste time looking for the right tool whenever you need to fix your eyeglasses or watch. The best part is that you can carry it with you everywhere!

Whether you're traveling or commuting to work or school, this versatile tool is so convenient because it can fit into your bag or purse without taking up much room. You don't even have to worry about misplacing it—simply attach it to your keys with the included ring and never lose track of where your glasses screwdriver is again.

What I Like

I have some Blenders that were pretty loose fitting on my face & needed them to be tightened. This item did the job - now they fit just perfect!

Spire tools ® Pliers for Rimless Adjusting Rimless Disassembly Glasses Frame Silhouettes Eyeglass Plier Set Optical Tool

eyeglass repair kit with screws

The Spire tools ® Pliers for Rimless Adjusting Rimless Disassembly Glasses Frame Silhouettes Eyeglass Plier Set Optical Tool is a professional tool kit for the rimless frame. This set is very well made and includes all the necessary parts. This plier can be used on any rimless eyeglass frames without telegraph, some flat top-type sunglasses, sports goggles, beachwear glasses, motorcycle goggles and other plastic eyeware. The point design let you adjust tighter and lock the screws more easily. It is very convenient to use and make your work fast!


The Spire Tools® rimless frame pliers are a very useful set of tools for anyone