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Top 15 precision screwdriver set

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Ever since technology industry started, people have been using different tools to achieve their desired results. Among the numerous tools, screwdrivers became an important. They are used to create a variety of devices and equipment we use in our day to day tasks. These are special types of screwdrivers and they do not fit in any other type of driving mechanism.

WORKPRO 10-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set with Pouch, Phillips, Slotted, Torx Star, Magnetic Screwdriver Repair Tool Kit, Non-Slip Grip, for Eyeglass, Watch, Computer, Laptop, Phone

precision screwdriver set

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This 10-piece precision screwdriver set is a great gift for the handyman (or handywoman) in your life. The anti-slip handle, non-slip rubber grip, and swivel end cap on the magnetic screwdriver allow you to work with confidence and efficiency in tight spots. It's great for electronics, eyeglasses, watches, computers, laptops, phones, and more.

The precision screwdrivers are made of heat-treated chrome vanadium steel that's stronger and tougher than the carbon steel typically used in other screwdrivers. It's an upgrade that makes them stronger and more durable than comparable screwdrivers.

The size of each one is indicated at the bottom of each handle—you won't have to figure out which one is which as you dig around looking for it.

These precision screwdrivers come with a carrying pouch so they're always ready when you need them.

What I Like

My grandson needed micro screwdrivers to repair a set of headphones. The ergonomic factor was essential. He used these and within 5 minutes they were repaired, saving him having to buy a new $100 headphone.

ORIA Precision Screwdriver Kit, 60 in 1 with 56 Bits Screwdriver Set, Magnetic Driver Kit with Flexible Shaft, Extension Rod for Mobile Phone, Smartphone, Game Console, Tablet, PC, Blue

best precision screwdriver set

This 60 in 1 Screwdriver Set is loaded with all the specialty bits you'll need to work on laptops, gaming consoles, televisions, and cellphones. These hand tools will help you remove and install just about any screw you could encounter. The ergonomic handle is comfortable to use and made of durable material that will last a lifetime. Removing those screws has never been easier than with this handy screwdriver set.


From an ergonomic handle to a magnetic screwdriver head, the ORIA Precision Screwdriver Kit is packed with features that make it easier to use than any other of its kind. The kit is made up of 60 precision screwdrivers, each with a unique function for varying tasks—no matter how complicated your electronics are, this kit has a driver for it. The kit also comes with a variety of specialty bits, like pentalobe and torx bits, which have become more and more common in today's electronics.

The flexible shaft included in this set makes it easy to reach even the tiniest of screws while still giving you complete control over the driver. It fits perfectly in the hand and gives you the leverage you need to get those hard-to-reach screws out without straining your wrist or getting frustrated.

The strong magnet on the head of this screwdriver provides extra grip on whatever tool you're using it with, reducing slippage and ensuring that your hands stay safe from sharp edges when working with difficult materials.

This screwdriver also comes equipped with a handy extension rod that expands your reach by two feet—it's perfect for reaching screws at awkward angles or behind furniture that might block your path.

What I Like

Awesome set. The company even emailed me to make sure I was happy with my purchase so I'll definitely buy from them again. And these bits will take down any knife you can think of side from a WE for to the star-pattern screws. I took apart my Strider and a Microtech easily and also a PS4 controller. I can't say enough good things about these tools!

11PCS Mini Precision Screwdriver Set, Small Screwdriver Set for Electronics, Toys, Computer, Watch Repair

best precision screwdriver set

Are you looking for the best precision screwdriver set? If you are, I have a good one for you. This set comes with 11pcs different sizes such as 0.5mm,0.6mm,1.2mm and 3.2mm. These micro screw drivers are suitable for electric machinery repair, watch and cell phone repair etc…They are made of high quality material which is rust proof and durable. The handle is covered with silicone material which is soft and comfortable to hold. In addition,the convenient carrying case makes this set very easy to carry and storage. Lastly but not least, the price is much lower than similar products on Amazon at present.


If you're working on a project that requires precision, it's important to have the right tools for the job. These mini screwdrivers are great for electronics, toys, computers, watches, and even jewelry repair. They're small enough to fit into those hard-to-reach spots, yet durable enough to withstand the force of your hands. You can have a secure grip on them thanks to their ergonomic handles and non-slip rubber caps. These screwdrivers come in 11 different sizes: 00 point, 0 point (both flat head and Phillips), 1 point Phillips and flat head (1.0mm/1.2mm/1.4mm/ 1.8mm/2.4mm/3.0mm), and an awl with a magnetic tip for picking up loose screws (1.8mm). The blades are made from hardened steel with a black oxide finish that keeps them looking new longer—and they're rust-proof! Last but not least, these tools come in a plastic storage case that helps keep everything organized until you need it next!

What I Like

I needed a set of small screwdrivers to take the back of my watch off in order to change the battery. This set was absolutely perfect. I will be using it every 10 years, but in the meantime I have given the set to my wife, as she uses several small tools in her crafting hobbies/projects. If I need them again, I know where to find them in my wife's craft cart.

Wiha 26197 7 Piece Precision Slotted and Phillips Screwdriver Set

precision screwdriver set with case

When you are adding or taking out screws in your house, or even when you decide to construct something for fun, you will need a screwdriver. This tool is available in many different sizes and shapes. Today, we look at the 7 piece precision slotted & Phillips screwdriver set from Wiha 26197. These tools have a lot packed into built into the handle which should be the first thing you notice. The shaft is made of high quality chrome vanadium molybdenum steel material which is incredibly strong and can last years before it needs to be replaced. The shaft of this screwdriver also contains magnetic properties which make it perfect for holding screws when not in use to reduce clutter.


The Wiha precision screwdriver set features seven different-sized screwdrivers with rotating caps, allowing for greater precision in screws and better control of the tool. The set is made entirely of high-quality materials and includes the following sizes: Phillips 00, 0, 1, and slotted 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0mm. These screwdrivers are made of a special alloys that includes chrome-vanadium-molybdenum steel, which means they are stronger than other steel types and have a higher resistance to wear and tear over time. The blade is tapered for precise turning and has a long taper for maximum torque transfer from driver to fastener, resulting in lessened hand fatigue when using these precision tools. Each piece comes with a rotating cap that allows you to quickly change between the various sizes while providing better control with your fingertips. The handle is also tapered to allow rapid rotation when fastening items together and is made of anti-roll thermoplastic material that keeps it from rolling off flat surfaces or getting knocked over by accident. This set can be kept organized by storing them in the included case that features a handle for easy transport.

What I Like

I work in the Cabling/IT field and was introduced to Wiha precision drivers by a colleague. You may find them at a few hobby shops or specialty stores but for the most part you don’t see them in places like Home Depot or Lowe’s, which is a shame because in my opinion, they are easily the best precision drivers I have ever used.

Wera - 5134000001 Kraftform Micro Big Pack 1 Screwdriver Set for Electronic Applications, 25 Pieces

precision screwdriver set electric

25-piece Kraft form Micro screwdriver set in a robust and compact roll bag with handles made from the patented Kompaktlamellen process for fast and ergonomic working. The tools have an anti-roll protection and rotating cap for fast turning. Each handled tool has its own anti-roll profile for safe storage in the rounded-off roll bag made of abrasion resistant fabric. Colour coding according to profile and size on front side (colour also indicates grip section). Anti-roll protection at both ends of the rollbag.


Wera's 25-piece Kraftform Micro screwdriver set in a robust and compact roll bag is a great option for anyone who works with electronics or is constantly on the go. The handle has anti-roll protection, which means you'll never have to worry about it coming apart or slipping out of your hands and onto the floor. The ergonomic handle shape also makes it easy to hold for longer periods of time, even if you're using it for more laborious tasks. The rotating cap provides a fast turning mechanism and allows you to work faster without any unnecessary hand movement.

The Kraftform Micro handles have a nice, chunky feel that makes them easy to grip firmly even when your hands are getting tired or if you're working in colder weather. You can easily fit all the pieces into the roll bag or carry them separately in their individual cases, making them easier to store than sets with fewer pieces that come in larger cases.

The Wera Black Point tips are designed especially for electronic applications and provide an exact fit for optimum corrosion protection. The tools are colour-coded according to profile and size (red for high, orange for medium and yellow for low) so you'll always know exactly what you need without having to think too hard about it.

What I Like

This set is a pain to work with from different reasons. If you have to do serious work on computers, phones, tablets, and other small electronic devices, make yourself a favor and get this set. The quality is incredible, the case is well marked, and you can easily maintain all your pieces in proper order.

CRAFTSMAN Screwdriver Set, Precision, 10-Piece (CMHT65070)

wera precision screwdriver set

The Craftsman Precision Pro screwdriver set comes with an array of double-ended screwdrivers that make all of your DIY projects easier. As a matter of fact, this set features a torque zone function, allowing you to apply heavy torque without worrying about slipping. Additionally, the black oxide tips offer a perfect fit every time, ensuring that no screws become loose.


I've been a big fan of Craftsman tools since I was a kid. I remember having a little toolkit with all these different hexagonal-shaped wrenches and screwdrivers, along with little pliers and hammers. It seemed to have everything I needed to take apart anything in the house, whether it be my toys or my parents' things. It really made me feel like I could fix anything that was broken or worn out, and even if I couldn't do it myself, I could just ask my dad (or his friends) for help.

In the years since then, Craftsman has made some pretty cool improvements to their tools so that they're more efficient at their jobs and easier to use. These are some of the features that I've recently gotten on a new set of screwdrivers in my own kit:

Black oxide tip provides improved durability and grip without compromising tip fitment. This helps avoid stripping screw heads or pulling them out of the material you're tightening or loosening.

Speed zone provides quick rotation control for efficient run down. Instead of dragging your hands across the tool as you rotate it, this textured section helps you keep a firm grip while quickly maneuvering it into position at an angle you want.

What I Like

These pliers are good quality and are holding up well. Obviously they are for small delicate work; I would not use them for heavy duty work. I have used them to open tiny battery covers for the alarm system and to tighten glasses.

Fanttik Mini Electric Screwdriver, Precision Screwdriver Set with 24 Magnetic Precision Bits, 2 Gears Torque, Cordless, Repair Tool Set for Phone Camera Laptop Watch- E1 PRO

precision screwdriver set for computers

When it comes to installing and repairing various electronics, we have to be able to handle small screws. Especially with the gizmos getting smaller and smaller. If we don't have tools for the job, we're either trying to use our fingers which is super awkward, or trying to somehow contort our fingers into the tiniest places imaginable. Not only is that uncomfortable, it's also frustrating and unreliable because you can't see exactly what you're doing. And now imagine how much better you could do this in 2 hours than if you spent 20 minutes per device? With FANMING Mini Electric Screwdriver, not only will you be able to work more quickly but also more accurately as its reverse function prevents over-tightening and stripping screws.


Fanttik MINI Electric Screwdriver is an essential tool for your electronic repairs. First of all, it has a high and low electric torque of 0.2/0.05N.m and a manual torque of 3N.m. This means you can use it repeatedly without any lag and the precision is enough for your cellular phone, tablet computers, watches, jewelry, cameras, precision instruments and so on. Secondly, with Magnetic design, if you open the shell upside down, the internal screw parts will not fall out of it. The whole body is magnetic and there is a magnetization zone at the bottom of the gearbox. You can put it on this place for 5 seconds to complete the magnetization. After that, when you want to change a bit ,you can easily take off the bit by lifting up the handle to avoid taking off bits from its storage place. Lastly, there are 24 Magnetic Precision Bits included in the set which are made from S2 steel with sturdy hardened construction for long-time using and offering you a precise workmanship. The aluminum case with portable lightweight design offers you to carry easily as well as improving its durability for long using time.

What I Like

This set of high quality precision screwdrivers is excellent as well and doesn't feel like an afterthought. It is indispensable for small electronics such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, and the like. I do wish it came with a few more tips, however, just a little larger, to make it more useful for desktop computer motherboards and case screws. It is a real time saver, though.

Klein Tools 32581 4-in-1 Electronics Screwdr