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Top 15 Professional Repair Tool Kit for macbook

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Looking for the best repair kit for Macbook? If yes, then our Top 15 Amazon search has what you are looking for. It has a wide range of repair tools and kits, from small to large.

Repair Tool Kit for MacBook, TECKMAN Macbook Screwdriver Set with P5 Pentalobe Screwdriver,T5 Torx and Ph000 Phillips Screwdrivers for MacBook Air & Pro with Retina

Repair Tool Kit for macbook

Don't you wish there was some kind of repair “kit” for your MacBook? I know I sure do. Whether you're trying to fix a busted screen, or unfreeze your device after the new MacBook Pro updates, it's always a struggle. This 6 in 1 screwdriver kit gives you an edge over Apple and most repair shops — giving you everything you need to repair your Mac with ease.


The 6 tools in this kit are the most essential tools for a MacBook repair. In addition to the P5 and T5 screwdrivers, it includes a plastic prying tool, a pair of tweezers and a Phillips screwdriver. The prying tool is great for taking off the battery and getting inside the laptop case. The tweezers can help you hold tiny screws while you put them back in, and they're also useful when trying to set up your MacBook again because they come in handy when aligning two parts together. And although you won't use the Phillips screwdriver on your Macbook, it's extremely handy when repairing other electronics.

This kit is a great addition to anyone's toolbox because the screwdrivers are very high quality and fit perfectly into their spots on your MacBook. They're not loose or wobbly, which makes them easy to use and even more reliable. And with their magnetic tips, these drivers help you hold those tiny MacBook screws without losing them, so you know exactly where each one goes when you're putting everything back together.

What I Like

I found a video on YouTube that I followed. My only problem (besides arthritic fingers) was with the screws, but I previously ordered a STREBITO 142 tool kit (saving for other uses) that included a small magnetic pad which was extremely helpful in keeping the tiny screws in order because it has a grid on it.

STREBITO Screwdriver Sets 142-Piece Electronics Precision Screwdriver with 120 Bits Magnetic Repair Tool Kit for iPhone, MacBook, Computer, Laptop, PC, Tablet, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo, Game Console

best tool kit for macbook pro

Hello, friend! Welcome to the Repair Tool Kit for MacBSTREBITO Screwdriver Sets 142-Piece Electronics Precision Screwdriver with 120 Bits Magnetic Repair Tool Kit for iPhone, MacBook, Computer, Laptop, PC, Tablet, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo, Game Consoleook, TECKMAN Macbook Screwdriver Set with P5 Pentalobe Screwdriver,T5 Torx and Ph000 Phillips Screwdrivers for MacBook Air & Pro with Retina (tool) reviews section. Here it's my job to provide you with a high quality review of this Electronics tools product while backing up my claims with substantiated evidence and reasoning. I've been writing about consumer products for over 6 years now. I hope that my experience with this Electronics repair product can be helpful in making the right decision when purchasing your next product.


Repairing your own electronics is a valuable skill to have, and it can save you both time and money. Unfortunately, the right tools can be hard to find, which is why we're in love with this set from TEKMAN. It has everything you need to repair any item that uses a screw or has screws holding it together, from cell phones and laptops to game consoles and eyeglasses. The magnetic bit holder lets you keep your screws in place so you don't lose them, and the flexible extension shaft makes reaching tight spots easy.

This kit was designed with DIYers in mind, but it's also great for professionals who need a few extra tools on the job site. No matter what kind of work or play you do, this set is sure to come in handy.

What I Like

This kit cost $18.99 on sale for 120 bits plus everything else, which is a steal. Even at the regular $29.99 it's still a steal. iFixit's largest kit has only 112 bits and is $65. So the screwdriver isn't machined aluminum like in an iFixit kit. Who cares. iFixit is sending its kits to EVERY tech content creator on YouTube.

Screwdriver Set for MacBook, Tri-Wing Phillips Pentalobe 5 Pentalobe T5 Pentalobe T6 Screwdrivers Repair Tool Kit for Apple MacBook Mac Retina Pro Air

macbook pro tool kit

Our Repair Tool Kits include a Tri-wing screwdriver, Phillips Screwdrivers, Pentalobe 5 Screwdrivers, Pentalobe T5 Screwdrivers and Pentalobe T6 Screwdrivers. It has the ability to remove all screws on MacBook computers. With this repair kit, we will be able to open up almost all MacBook laptops. The screwdriver set is made of high quality materials, which are durable and solid.


If you're like me, you're probably obsessive about keeping your tech in mint condition. Whether it's the iPad you read The New Yorker on every Sunday or your iPhone that keeps you connected to all of your favorite people, keeping your computer and phone in top shape is key to getting the most out of them. The last thing I want is to be using my laptop while it overheats or thinking my iPhone needs a screen replacement.

[Michley ® Macbook repair tools kit] -The complete set of tools for your MacBook and other Apple products, including MacBook Pro, Air, Retina, iMac, Mac mini, and more!

-Includes a Tri-Wing Screwdriver, Phillips Screwdriver, Pentalobe 5 Screwdriver, Pentalobe T5 Screwdriver, Pentalobe T6 Screwdriver, 2 x Helper Stick, Tweezers , Brush , Cloth.

[Wide Application] -These magnetic tip screwdrivers are designed for Mac repair, battery replacement or DIY work. It helps you change battery easily with no damage to the device.

[Good Quality] -The screwdriver kit is made of stainless steel, would not easily get out of shape, strong and durable. They are easy to use and handle.

What I Like

This kit had everything I needed to fix my Mac touchpad and more. It included screwdrivers of the proper size with metal spinning handles and a perfect pair of tweezers for holding little screws in place. It also included two sets of plastic pry tools, which would work well for removing cases and batteries without damaging them. The kit was complete and perfect for Mac and Imac repair.

Kaisi 5pcs MacBook Repair Tool Kit Precision P5 Pentalobe Screwdriver, T5 Torx and PH000 Phillips Screwdriver with Ultra-Thin Steel and Nylon Spudgers for MacBook Pro & MacBook Air with Retina Display

p5 pentalobe screwdriver

Looking for the best pentalobe screwdriver for your Macbook? Take a look at this Kaisi 5pcs Magnetic Pentalobe Screwdriver Tool Kit. Featuring an ergonomic handle and precision tips, these tools make it easy to fix your Macbook/Macbook Pro/Macbook Air with Retina Display.


With no screws exposed, the bottom of a MacBook is notoriously tricky for anyone without the proper tools. This tool kit is specifically designed to give you the best possible chance to repair your own laptop, saving you time and money. With every tool you need in an easy-to-use format, it will help you get back up and running in no time.

The Kaisi Pentalobe Screwdriver Set comes with a magnetic tip that won't slip off even if it gets wet or oily, and won't scratch your Macbook! It's made of S2 alloy steel that's been quenched and hardened with a hardness of up to 62 HRC, all while remaining wear-resistant and rustproof, so you can be sure it will last as long as you need it to. The handle is made of ABS plastic that has been shot with rubber oil for a comfortable and anti-static grip. With 360 degrees of rotation and a wide handle that lets you apply maximum torque, this screwdriver is guaranteed to get the job done!

The Kaisi T5 Torx Screwdriver is made from an improved version of T5 screwdriver which is widely used for Macbook pro/air disassembly.

What I Like

I'm not sure about the negative reviews, but this worked out well for me. I bought this to disassemble one MacBook Pro 2017 15 inch and one MacBook Pro 2017 13 inch. No screws were damaged, and the tip held up great. I didn't know the tips were magnetized, but that was an awesome bonus. The spudgers are not very useful for me,

Kaisi 70 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set Professional Electronics Repair Tool Kit with 56 Bits Magnetic Driver Kit, Anti Static Wrist Band, Spudgers for Tablet, MacBook, PC, iPhone, Xbox, Game Console

macbook air tool kit

Engineered with you in mind, Kaisi 70 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set includes 56 screwdriver bits (Phillips, Flathead, Torx, Torx Security, Pentalobe screwdriver and more), handle bar, extension bar, flexible extension shaft, anti-static wrist band, ultra-thin steel spudger, fiber nylon and plastic spudgers, triangle plastic picks, tweezers.


As a techie, the idea of carrying around a toolkit of this magnitude may seem unnecessary but trust me when I say that you'll be kicking yourself if you don't have it. There are so many uses for this kit and so many situations where it comes in handy. The set comes with a hard durable carrying case that protects all of your tools (and keeps them organized) and is compact enough to easily fit into a backpack or even the pocket of your jeans.

The Kaisi Precision Screwdriver Set comes with 56 bits and everything from Phillips to Torx screwdrivers so you have everything you need to fix nearly any gadget or device. Everyone knows that no matter how good their gadgets are, they always seem to break at the most inopportune times. You don't want to get caught without one of these kits on hand, because you never know when your smartphone might need a new battery, or your camera might fall apart just before an important trip. This kit is incredibly affordable and will last you forever, and it's one of those purchases that will make your life easier and save you tons of money in the long run.

What I Like

Let me first start by saying I've had many different screwdriver kits over the years. Different kits have different bits that support different computers and what not. This kit has a bit for every screw in every one of them. The tools included are top quality and fit each fastener perfectly. Everything is well constructed and durable; note, this does not mean you can use these tools to pry open a beer.

Computer Repair Tool Kit, Novoard Precision Screwdriver Set with Small Screwdriver, Magnetic Laptop Screwdriver Kit, Repair Tool Kit for Computer, PC, Laptop, Phone, iPhone, Macbook, PS4, Electronics…

mac repair tools

I'm sure that you've tried to repair your electronics or laptop yourself only to find it completely unresponsive. I know that's my story every time. That's why I got this tool kit for electronics, laptops and phones. It'll be your computer tool kit, iPhone repair tool kit, tech tool set, and laptop repair tool set.


This screwdriver set is the best computer repair tool kit for PC, laptop, phone, iPhone, Macbook, PS4 and other electronics repair. It includes 100*CRV steel magnetic precision bit heads, a total of 15 types, which are made of high-quality CR-V steel with hardness up to 56HRC. It includes Torx star, Phillips, Flathead, Pentalobe, Triwing, Triangle screwdriver set and more screwdrivers. All bits are well made with strict quality control to make sure all your repairing work is precise and reliable.

The multifunction electronics tools included in the kit will make your repair easier. This electronics tool kit includes a flexible extension shaft, 1/4 inch screwdriver adapter, pry toolset, magnetizer/demagnetizer, tweezer and small screw magnetic pad. It will be your excellent computer tools repair kit professional, laptop repair tool kit ,pc building tool kit ,phone repair tool kit , iPhone repair tool kit , MacBook tool kit and tech tool kit.

What I Like

I've only been able to use this kit once, but so far it has functioned exactly as expected. The tools seem sturdy and well constructed and I expect it to last for my light term use.

140 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Kit, Professional Computer, Laptop Repair Tool Set, Compatible for Iphone, Tablet, Macbook, PC and Xbox Repair

imac tool kit

This product is a professional repair tool set that contains 120 precision bits with a size of 4mm, and 20 practical accessories. The tool set is made of Cr-V7 material, after a high-temperature quenching treatment, the HRC is up to 60, sturdy and durable, and can precisely bite screws. The electronic screwdriver set also has a hexagon socket as a converter, which can be matched with an electric screwdriver with a diameter of 6mm. There is also a magnetizer for magnetic attraction between screws and the magnetic pad. 5.7


As an engineer and DIY enthusiast, I have always dreamed of owning a collection of precision screwdriver sets to meet all my needs. However, it's not easy to find a high-quality screwdriver set that's both reasonable in price and comprehensive in its selection of tools. I kept on searching until I finally found this 140 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Kit.

This precision tool set contains 120 precision bits with a size of 4mm, 20 practical accessories, and can be used to repair various electronic products such as computers, laptops, tablets, iPhones, ps4, Xbox, toys, glasses, lamps, Small appliances, etc. For example, changing screens, replacing electronic vital parts, cleaning, dismantling and reorganizing construction equipment.

The precision bits are made of Cr-V material. The HRC is up to 60 after high-temperature quenching treatment. The screwdrivers can precisely bite the screw and fit firmly into the screw head without slipping or shaking.

The electronic screwdriver also comes with a hexagon socket as a converter that can be matched with an electric screwdriver with a diameter of 6mm. There is also a magnetizer which can increase magnetism to attract screws. 5.7*3.3 Magnetic pads can absorb small metal

What I Like

I replaced a fan on a newer HP laptop using this kit. The kit made the job simple and easy. I can see where it will pay for itself in saved repair costs in one use. Sending the computer away for five to six weeks for the fan repair and a cost of $100 versus a new fan and this tool kit. Time waited for delivery, about a week for both.

Kaisi 126 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set with 111 Bits Magnetic Driver Kit Professional Electronics Repair Tool Kit for Repair Computer, PC, MacBook, Laptop, Tablet, iPhone, Xbox, Game Console

apple repair tools