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Top 15 Professional Repair Tool Kit for smartphone

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

After long and deep research, we found the best professional repair tool kits for smartphones. Prepare to be amazed by amazing functionality and how you can use them on everyday tasks.

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit - Electronics, Smartphone, Computer & Tablet Repair Kit

Repair Tool Kit for smartphone

Got a computer, smartphone, tablet or gaming system that needs fixing? iFixit's Pro Tech Toolkit has what you need to bag and tag it like a surgical veterinarian. A magnetic closure keeps the case locked until you need a tool, while foam inserts organize and secure your bits. 64 precision bits are made of life-time-guaranteed premium grade magnetic steel. The kit is your ultimate weapons locker, helping you repair electronics at home or on the go.


iFixit's Pro Tech Toolkit is the best tool set for computer, smartphone, tablet, and gaming repair. With 64 precision bits and a magnetic case, it contains everything you need to open up your devices. And it's all backed by thousands of free instructions for computer repair or smartphone disassembly.

In addition to the complete 64 bit driver set that comes with the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit, you also get an extendable flex extension and 6 opening tools that are perfect for getting into hard-to-reach places. For added convenience and protection against ESD damage, the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit comes with a simple anti-static wrist band. The inside of the toolkit lid is also a sorting/organization tray that keeps your tools in place.

If anything breaks while you're using our tools, we'll replace it—even if you're not the original owner. It helps support our advocacy on behalf of consumers everywhere to have full access to repair information and replacement parts.

What I Like

I’m going to give this five stars even with a few flaws, and here’s why. I’ll start with the negatives: the packaging seemed to have seals broken on the box leading me to believe it was repackaged. I was thinking, here we go again as I’ve had a few items touted as new sent via AMZN which were obviously used.

Bonafide Hardware - Smart Phone Repair Tool Kit 17 Piece Set Screw Driver Torx Pentalobe Cell Tools

professional cell phone repair tools set

This Bonafide Cell Phone Repair Tool Kit 17 Piece Set Screw Driver Torx Pentalobe Cell Tools will be a great addition to your tool box. These screwdrivers are different than regular screwdrivers as they have a more rounded surface with a smaller contact point so they are easier to use on cell phones and other devices. The tinier contact point makes it easier to fit the screwdriver in tight spaces and still be able to apply pressure.


Bonafide Hardware's 17-piece cell phone repair tool kit is the perfect gift for the techie in your life. It contains all the tools needed to fix anything from a cell phone to a Nintendo Switch! There are bits that are designed specifically for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. The bits are magnetized so they stay in place while you work and can easily be removed when you need them. This tool kit is also labeled so you know exactly what you're reaching for. The whole thing fits inside of a durable carrying case that has pockets designed to keep the tools organized and prevent them from getting damaged during transportation.

As mentioned above, this kit has everything you need to fix most electronics. It comes with a screwdriver, four types of Torx bits, a pentalobe bit, and two types of flathead screwdrivers. All of these things fit into an easy-to-store case that's only about three inches thick! With this handy little tool kit, you'll never have to worry about breaking another phone or losing your phone again!

What I Like

Like many people who are trying to repair their smart phone screens themselves, I am thrifty and wanted to save some money. So, I made the beginners mistake of buying the CHEAPEST TOOL KIT I COULD FIND from a certain auction site.

Kaisi Professional Electronics Opening Pry Tool Repair Kit with Metal Spudger Non-Abrasive Carbon Fiber Nylon Spudgers and Anti-Static Tweezers for Cellphone iPhone Laptops Tablets and More, 20 Piece

phone repair tool kit near me

Opening Pry Tool Repair Kit with Metal Spudger Non Abrasive Carbon Fiber Nylon Spudgers and Anti-Static Tweezers for Cellphone iPhone Laptops Tablets and More. We've all been there, that moment when something goes wrong with our device whether it's broken or water damaged. Kaisi has been doing this for years and knows exactly what you need to make things right again.


As a smartphone user, you're probably pretty familiar with the dreaded moment when you can't get your phone apart fast enough to fix whatever problem is currently plaguing it. And like anyone else in that situation, you want to reach for something that can pry open the device without scratching the screen or causing any other damage.

In comes the Kaisi Pry Tool Kit. This 20-piece kit offers everything you need to take apart your cell phone or tablet and get it working again. The kit comes with stainless steel pry tools and nylon pry tools of varying sizes, as well as an ESD Tweezers and Anti-Static Tweezer/Screwdriver Combo tool set. With these tools, you'll be able to disassemble and reassemble your device as much as needed—and do so with no fear of damaging its delicate components.

With this kit, you can open up your phone in minutes!

What I Like

This kit contains all of the necessary items needed for cell phone, tablet, and small screen repairs that might be required. There are many kits with most of the items but this kit contains the best selection.

Precision Screwdriver Kit, XOOL 140 in 1 Electronics Repair Tool Magnetic Driver Kit with 120 Bits, Flexible Shaft, Extension Rod for Computer, Mobile Phone, Smartphone, Game Console, PC, Tablet

phone repair tools list

Any size : XOOL 140 in 1 precision screwdriver set kit includes 3 extension rods and 9 bits of different sizes, which are suitable for repairing various mobiles phones and computers. You can easily repair your laptop/computer/cell phones/mobile phones, etc on your own with this magnetic screwdriver. It is ideal for mobile maintenance work.


XOOL is a professional manufacturer of digital products, we have our own R&D team and production factory. We have been engaged in the development and design of digital products for many years. XOOL has devoted itself to providing customers with high quality products with reasonable price. We aim to provide customers with perfect service and high quality products in return. The XOOL 140 in 1 precision screwdriver set is a professional repair tools kit for iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Cell Phone, PC, Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Camera, Game Consoles, PS4/Xbox Controller and other electronics. It is built with 120 bits in total (including Phillips bits, Flathead bits, Torx bits and Torx Security bits). And all of bit is through strict quality testing. Every bit is standard size.

What I Like

This kit has everything you need to repair any piece that you can buy for your iPhone. I have not tried to fix an Android, so I cannot speak to that. I have replaced over 8 screens (on different phones) a ear speaker, 4 charging ports and everything on 1 iPhone.

Precision Screwdriver Kit, XOOL 62 in 1 Electronics Repair Tool Kit, Magnetic Driver Kit with Flexible Shaft, Extension Rod for Mobile Phone, Smartphone, Game Console, PC, Tablet

iphone repair tool kit

Ever been frustrated trying to loosen a screw that is stripped out? Have you ever gone in frustration and thrown away a broken cell phone or appliance piece of equipment? The Precision Screwdriver Kit with Flexible Shaft Extension is just the tool you need to save your electronics.


This XOOL 62 in 1 precision screwdriver set is the ultimate electronics tool kit for all of your repair needs. With 58 bits, a flexible extension rod and two extension rods, this is the perfect tool kit for anyone who just got a new cell phone or computer, or for an amateur or professional to fix anything from a laptop to a cell phone. There are Phillips bits and Torx bits, flat head bits, security bits and specialty bits—and the set includes both regular sized bits and mini bits so you can fix almost anything. The whole thing is packaged neatly in a handy carrying case so you don't have to search through drawers trying to find the right bit every time you need it. And don't worry about breaking the cheap plastic ones that come with most electronic devices: these are high quality steel that will hold up to multiple uses without bending. This makes it easy to open up your iPhone to replace the battery without worrying about scratching the display, or get into your laptop's hard drive without worrying about ruining its casing.

What I Like

This kit includes just about every small, precision head imaginable, including a couple shapes that I never even knew existed. All with a great selection of handle extention options and a case to keep it all organized in. I don't think I'll ever need to buy a small, precision screwdriver again!

ToolBay Precision Screwdriver Set Toolkit - 122 in 1 Electronic Repair Tool Kit for Smartphone, PC, Computer, Phone, Glasses, Laptop, Screw Driver Set for Electronics and Computer Accessories

phone repair kit with glue

The Toolbay122 in 1 Precision Electronics Repair toolkit is the most comprehensive, full-size and portable 122 piece electronics repair tool kit. The 103 screwdriver bits in this handy toolkit will help you to solve any problem or repair any appliance. It is perfect for both beginner enthusiasts, it is a must-have for techs on their jobs. The set includes the most common size bits and many hard to find specialty bits too, making it an unique option for electronic technicians, professionals, handymen and first time DIYers.


This 122-piece electronic screwdriver set is a great gift for anyone who likes to tinker with technology and electronics. It's the perfect size to carry around in your car or toolbox, which means you'll always have the right tool with you wherever you go. The toolkit contains many uncommon specialty bits that are hard to find individually, so it's a great way to expand your collection of precision tools.

This set also comes with an adapter that allows you to use the screwdriver bits on any cordless drill. This means you can use your cordless power drill to save time when you need to tighten or loosen screws. You can easily store all the pieces in the handy plastic carrying case, which comes with a handle for easy transport.

What I Like

This tool kit is great because it has every single tool I could possibly need and more. It has a movable neck piece that is great for getting to hard to reach corner screws. It also has a suction cup so you can pull iphones open.

Professional Computer Repair Tool Kit, Precision Laptop Screwdriver Kit, XOOL 82 in 1 Electronics Repair Tool with 58 Magnetic Bits, Compatible for Macbook, iPhone, Game Console, Tablet