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Top 15 tools set

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Do you use a tool to make your job as a web developer easier? Tools are great, but they can get expensive quickly, that's why we wanted to find the best 15 tools set that were available on amazon. We spent a lot of time researching the market and reading product reviews, we hope that you find this article helpful.

CRAFTSMAN Home Tool Kit / Mechanics Tools Kit, 57-Piece (CMMT99446)

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Not only is this tool kit great for the home, but it's also perfect for your garage or basement. The box itself is 14-1/2" x 9-7/8" x 2-3/4". It comes with a full polish finish, making it easy to see markings on tools. It has a comfortable grip and uses corrosion resistant steel. Each tool is easy to use and designed with comfort in mind, so you can easily finish up your projects.


If you're looking for a socket set that's going to withstand some wear and tear but can still fit comfortably in your hand, this Craftsman kit is the one for you. And with 57 pieces and a lifetime warranty, it's a great value. The sockets are crafted from chrome vanadium steel or chrome molybdenum steel with a polished finish that resists corrosion, and they have large markings so you can easily identify them. The sockets come in sizes from 3/8" to 1 1/4" and also include six universal joints, three flex extensions, and a number of screwdriver bits. The case is made from blow-molded plastic, which makes it lightweight but durable.

The tool kit also includes four pliers: three slip joint pliers (one regular, one offset, and one long nose) and one groove joint plier. These are ideal for working in tight spaces since they don't take up as much room as regular pliers do. Each of the tools has cushioned handles for increased comfort and decreased fatigue when working over an extended period of time.

With this tool kit you're getting all the tools you need to tackle most jobs around the house or on the job site—without breaking the bank!

What I Like

I bought a toolbox for the garage and all the tools in the tool bag were properly stored, never to disappear again. But the wife and kids still needed something for inside for light household chores like hanging up pictures are putting together a small piece of furniture, so I stumbled upon this. Perfect little set with just the right amount of tools, everything goes in its place, and it’s small enough to store under.

DEWALT Mechanics Tool Set, 1/4" & 3/8" & 1/2" Drive, SAE/Metric, 205-piece (DWMT81534)

mechanics tool set

DEWALT's anti-slip driver handle provides comfortable grip for more torque and better control. The mechanics tool set includes 72 tooth count ratchet providing a 5 degree arc swing for maneuverability in restricted areas. The tools are housed in a durable carrying case.


You may not be able to see or touch the inside of a running engine, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have the right tools to work on it. The DEWALT Mechanics Tool Set comes with 205 components, including three ratchets (1/4", 3/8", and 1/2") with 72 tooth count; 114 sockets (SAE and metric); 48 hex keys (SAE and metric); and 36 screwdriver bits—all housed in a durable carrying case that has metal latches.

The 72 tooth count on each ratchet provides a 5 degree arc swing for maneuverability in restricted areas. The anti-slip driver handle provides maximum comfort for the mechanics tools, so you can do your job comfortably. This DEWALT mechanics tool set is housed in a durable carrying case with metal latches. The full-polish chrome provides corrosion resistance.

What I Like

I got home early from work today. I'm sitting on the porch with a cold one. UPS pulled up with my new tools. They look and feel great. I got into my truck to go to the store and it was a slow crank. I put my new Dewalt set in my truck, then off to the local auto parts store. They checked the battery and it was time to replace it.

DEWALT Mechanics Tools Kit and Socket Set, 142-Piece, 1/4 & 3/8" Drive, MM/SAE (DWMT73802)

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The DEWALT DWMT73802 1/4" and 3/8" drive, 142-Piece mechanics tool set is the perfect addition for any tool collection. Each piece within this mechanics tool set has a low profile directional lever that helps reduce catch points for easier use in tighter areas. This mechanics tool set has a full polish chrome finish to help fight corrosion from damaging the tools over time. Each socket or wrench includes hard stamped markings for easy identification. A knurled beauty ring helps reduce slippage when using the mechanics tool set manually. Modern work gets done faster with the help of DEWALT.


With a powerful and compact 1/4" and 3/8" drive, the DEWALT DWMT73802 Mechanics Tool Set provides you with the right tool for the job every time. Forged steel construction delivers maximum strength and durability while the full polish chrome finish resists rust and corrosion. The mechanics tool set comes complete with a ratcheting swivel universal joint (SAE) with 72 tooth count which allows for a 5 degree arc swing for maneuverability in restricted areas. The ratchet features a low profile directional lever to help reduce catch points and for easy one-handed operation of the mechanics tool set. Precision engineered right angle head works great with nuts, bolts, hooks, eyelets, and other items in hard-to-reach areas.

The sockets included in this mechanics tool set provide additional convenience by allowing you to insert sockets onto ratchets from either side of a fastener rather from just one side. This feature provides added versatility when trying to access fasteners that are difficult to reach or are being used at awkward angles. Sockets are stamped with both standard and metric markings for quick identification by feel alone, so no more squinting or fumbling through pockets or pouchs looking for that elusive socket size needed to complete your DIY project.

What I Like

I am a somewhat late bloomer as far as fixing things around the house. Low funds and time on my hands were enough incentives for me to learn how to fix things. Every time I am confronted with a new project I always remember that millions of people before me faced the same difficulty and managed to make an appropriate repair. So I usually sit back and contemplate the simplest solution.

EPAuto Mechanics Tool Set Drive Socket Wrench Ratchets, SAE/Metric, 122-Piece

hand tool set

The EPAuto Mechanics Tool Set contains quality pieces that will come in handy for automotive repairs and household projects. This is a useful essential tool set, perfect for do it yourself repair jobs. This set gives you the flexibility to use metric and English size sockets and bits, so no more converting between two different toolsets, one for domestic vehicles, another for overseas.


If you're looking to buy a fully-loaded toolset for the car or for your home, don't waste your money on any tool that isn't this one. It's got every size of wrench you could possibly need, and it's made from hardened treated chrome vanadium steel alloy (Cr-V) that's both corrosion-resistant and incredibly durable—in fact, the manufacturer even guarantees it against defects and breakage! A sturdy plastic storage case is included so you won't have to worry about losing pieces. It includes ratchet drive, open wrench, drive bit holder, spinner handler, sockets, screw bits, extension bar, and adaptor. Both metric sizes and English sizes are included. Made in Taiwan.

With a set like this one on hand (and at such a low price!), every repair job from here on out is going to be a breeze. You'll never want to go back to using other tools once you've had the experience of using your new EPAuto Mechanics Tool Set!

What I Like

This tool-set contains everything you need to do almost any work on your car. In fact, a good breaker bar or a torque gun should always go along with any tool-set, unless you want the tool case to be huge and heavy just because, there's a 24-inch bar in it. This tool-set is SAE/Metric and it's perfect for any: PM work, Spark plugs,

Performance Tool W1173 SAE/Metric 40-Piece Socket Set (1/4" & 3/8" Drive), Silver

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This Performance Tool W1173 SAE/Metric 40-Piece Socket Set is a durable and long lasting socket set perfect for use in the garage. It includes a chrome plated ratchet, extension bar and a variety of sockets to meet all your needs. With 40 pieces you have more than enough tools to do everything from basic maintenance such as servicing your car to more complex tasks like changing your engine. Unlike some cheaper sets, this one is made using high quality materials which means it will last you a long time. In fact, the chrome plating means that the tools are resistant to rust and corrosion thanks to their durable coating.


If you're looking for a socket set that will get a lot of use, the Performance Tool W1173 is the way to go. Its 40 pieces give you 1/4" and 3/8" drive sizes, allowing it to fit standard and metric nuts, bolts, and fasteners, and its heavy-duty chrome plating means that it can stand up to any workshop environment. The ratchet features high current clips with protective boots, so they'll last longer than most. The kit also comes with an adaptor that allows you to work with 5/32", 3/16", and 7/32" hex keys, as well as a 1/4" spinner handle for extra leverage. With 11 different sockets ranging from 5/32" all the way up to 3/4", there's no nut or bolt this set won't be able to handle—and if you need something bigger or smaller, you can add on to your collection for even more versatility. There are also 2 extension bars (20mm and 35mm) that offer extra length when you need it most. From basic tools to specialty items like spark plug sockets and extensions, this set has everything you need.

What I Like

Did the job. I mean you can't expect much from a $10 socket set but it works just fine for small or medium size projects. I needed a socket wrench to finish wall mounting my tv stand. Same day shipping for $3 and it did the job just fine. The bolts for the tv stand were pretty big and tough to torque in but the wrench held up fine.

CRAFTSMAN Mechanics Tools Kit with 3 Drawer Box, 216-Piece (CMMT99206)

home tool set

Hey, want to improve your mechanic's tool set? Well, this 216-piece CRAFTSMAN Mechanics Tools Kit with 3 Drawer Box will help you do just that. The mechanics tool set is made up of durable chrome vanadium steel and comes with a full polish chrome finish for extra corrosion resistance. This tool set can either be used as a standalone product or with the CRAFTSMAN VERSASTACK System.


Having the right tools on hand when you need them is key to any job, and any mechanic will tell you that having a quality set of tools can make any challenging job easier. This kit from Craftsman contains 216 pieces of their top-quality mechanics tools, including wrenches, ratchets, sockets, and screwdrivers. The set comes in a 3-drawer storage cabinet with full polish chrome finish that's corrosion resistant to stand up to the elements and impressively durable. The tool set has 72-tooth ratchets in 2 drive sizes that provide increased torque, as well as 6-point sockets with fastener to help you remove or install bolts. The drawers have quick size identification to help you grab the right tool quickly, and the box has large markings so you don't need to hold your work up close just to see what size socket or wrench it takes.

The set meets or exceeds ASME specifications for professional mechanics use, and everything is compatible with CRAFTSMAN VERSASTACK System CMST60406, CMST60403, CMST17835, CMST17830, CMST17825, CMST17809, and CMST17824.

What I Like

I am delighted to report that the tools I ordered arrived much earlier than I expected, and all the tools I really need are all right here. One funny thing, however, is that fingerprints are all over my rachets and extensions. It's almost as if someone "rifled" through the set before sending it over. I just had to polish them out real quick, but still, it's an odd situation.

DEWALT Mechanics Tools Kit and Socket Set, 204-Piece, 1/4" & 3/8" & 1/2" Drive, MM/SAE (DWMT72165)