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Top 15 Watch Link Pins Remover Repair Tool

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

There are a variety of reasons why a watch link would break, and not all of the reasons are fixable. However, with some knowledge, skill, and help from a top 15 Watch Link Pins Remover Repair Tool , any broken watch link could be back in working order.

Watch Band Strap Link Pins Remover Repair Tool,24 in 1 Kit with 6 Extra Tips Replacement,20PCS Cotter Pin,Spring Bar Tool Set,1PCS Head Hammer

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If you have the misfortune to break a link in your watch band, fret not! You don't have to go out and buy a new expensive one. This EFIXTK Watch Band Link Remover will make your life easy. It is made from high quality material and has a sturdy construction. Just be sure to choose the size of the tool you need for your watch's band. The EFIXTK Watch Band Link Remover comes with 6 pieces of tips that can be used for various sizes of bands. As long as the pin is within the range of the tip size (14mm-30mm), you can get the pin removed without any hassle. The kit also comes with plenty of cotter pins, a holder, and an extra head hammer in case you lose one. It's all you need to put back your watch's band in place.


This EFIXT Watch Band Link Remover is the best tool to remove watch band link pins and attach watch band links. This product is made from high quality stainless steel, all of the tools are built with good quality material.

I’ve been using this watch band link remover for about two months now, and it’s still as sturdy as ever! I really like this tool and I recommend it for anyone who likes to wear watches. The watch holder is great too, but I don’t use it very often. This tool did come with some extra replacement pins, which was a nice surprise!

What I Like

I ordered this set after 30 frustrating minutes of trying to adjust a watch band with the aid of some YouTube videos and some tools around the house. I gave up and ordered this set. It took me 10 minutes to take out 4 links. The watch fits perfectly and I learned my lesson: use the right tools. Considering the cost of the watch, this set was a great buy.

selizo Watch Link Remover kit Watch Band Tool with 10 Extra Pins for Watch Band Link Pin Removal and Watch Sizing

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If you're looking for a high-quality watch band link pin remover, then you're in luck! We offer the highest quality watch bracelet removal tool. Our watch tool includes a solid pin and ten extra pins that are made of durable material, making it long lasting and easy to use! It is simple to use and only takes few minutes to remove or insert watch band.


With the Selizo Watch Link Remover Kit, you can easily remove and insert watch band straps, size your own bracelets, and even repair watch bands. It's great for watch link removal, watch sizing and watch repair. This professional tool kit comes with a metal watch band link remover, 10pcs spare pins and a piece of cleaning cloth. You can use this watch repair kit to remove watch links or install new ones. The tool is made of steel and with 10 extra pins for replacement. The bracelet link remover is designed with a round adjustable platform to allow proper positioning for probably any thickness of bracelet and the threaded push rod to remain level as it moves forward. This practical hole-feed drill bit set lets you drill straight, perfectly sized holes in a variety of materials—wood, plastic, aluminum, hardboard and more—fast!

It measures 6"L x 3-3/4"W x 2"H when fully assembled. The compact design includes 8 convenient tools in 1 toolbox measuring only 6"L x 3-3/4"W x 2"H when fully assembled. At such a low price point, you'll wonder how we could possibly offer such high quality at such an unbelievable value!

What I Like

With helpful tips from other Amazon customers, I didn't have any problems in using this tool to adjust my wife's Seiko watch band. Their tips emphasized perfect alignment using cardboard shims and that certainly was critical. Also, Youtube tutorials were most helpful. With all that guidance, it took me no more than 20 minutes to smoothly complete the band adjustment, without breaking any of the pins which came with the tool.

JUNP·GAN Watch Repair Kit, Watch Band Strap Link Pins Remover Repair Tool Set,Watch Battery Replacement Tool Kit with Carrying Case

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The Most Comprehensive Watch Repair Tool KitThere are a lot of watch repair tool kits available in the market. However, they are not functional enough or inconvenient in use. The JUNP·GAN Watch Repair Kit is designed by professional watchmaker and it is intended to solve the problems mentioned above. Compared with those watch tool kits, this kit is far more comprehensive(It can be used for almost all watch brands), convenient and portable.


The watch repair tool kit is the most comprehensive and practical repair tool kit for watches. It comes with watch case opener, nylon dies, watch band strap link pins remover and other accessories. With a powerful 55mm adjustable case opener and 18pcs adjustable pins, it can open regular and oversized watches easily. The capping machine will help you to close your watch case back . The nylon dies will help you to disassemble/assemble/open/adjust your watch. With this premium quality carrying zipper case, you can take care of them and get the job done by anywhere. It is perfect for watchmakers, collectors, durable, portable, practical, convenient and very easy to use.

What I Like

This kit contains everything needed to service watches and watch bands. It makes changing batteries in watches easy. It makes servicing bands easy to remove or add links. The kit includes an assortment of o’rings, gaskets, and seals for watch back covers. This makes the kit complete except for the exact battery that may be needed. I recommend this kit.

BYNIIUR Watch Link Removal Tool Kit, Watch Band Strap Pin Remover, Watch Tool Kit Link Remover Repair Tool, Watch Adjustment Tool Band Replacement, Spring Bar Tool Set

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Just place your order right now.You don't have to wait several days for delivery, pay any tax or extra charges.Our tool kit has everything you need to make the watch repair job very easier and faster.Watch Band Strap Pin Remover Repair Tool Kit is professional,practical,cost-effective and ideal choice for watchmen .


It's tempting to buy watch tools that include a lot of different parts, but that's not always the best bet. You'll be more likely to use them if they're small and simple, as this kit is. Rather than dealing with multiple punches and multiple pieces that might not all be used at once, it has one punch and one piece for each pin size, along with a tool for getting rid of the old pins. This kit also comes with the necessary pins for watch band repair, so you won't have to worry about getting those separately. It even comes with a holder for your watch so that you can work without worrying about damaging it.

With this kit, you'll be able to quickly and easily replace links on your watch band and keep it looking good for years to come.

What I Like

First, I was surprised at how nice the zippered case is. The instructions include illustrations that make it clear how to use the tools. I was really only looking for a tiny screwdriver, but this set had really good reviews and was hardly any more than a screwdriver by itself. The jig to remove pins from watchbands is well designed and useful. I certainly recommend this kit for anyone needing tools for watches.

Watch Link Removal Tool Kit, Cridoz Watch Band Tool Chain Link Pin Remover with 12pcs Replacement Pins and 3pcs Pin Punches for Watch Bracelet Sizing, Watch Strap Adjustment and Watch Repair

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If you want to make the most out of your watch, Cridoz Watch Pin Remover Kit is a must-have toolkit. It allows quick and easily removal of links so you can resize your favorite bracelet. The tool also serves as a perfect companion to bracelets with movable or removable links.


A watch link remover is a handy tool when it comes to changing the size of your watch band or removing it completely. It can also be used to replace the pins on a watch band if you've lost one or more. This watch link removal tool kit includes everything you need to get the job done right: a watch link remover with 12 spare pins and three different sizes of pin punches, all in a compact case that fits in your pocket or purse.

The tool will fit almost any size bracelet—just line up the threaded push rod with the link pins and rotate the handle to push the needle to extrude the strap latch and free the links. There is an "arrow" sign on most watch bands, indicating which way to turn to detach them, and this tool makes it simple to follow those directions.

Once you've freed the band from your wristwatch, use this tool kit to change out old pins for new ones, or remove all of them altogether and swap in a different type of band—either way, it will help you get exactly what you want.

What I Like

My 9-year-old son is a bit of a character. He decided he needed a Rolex knockoff and bought himself one on Amazon using his allowance. Shockingly, the watch didn't fit. So now he needed a watch link remover. We helped him select this one, even though we were a little nervous, as we've never removed a link from a watch. In anticipation, my husband even watched.

Anezus Watch Link Remover Kit with Spring Bar Tool Watch Band Tool and 360 Pcs Watch Strap Link Pins for Watch Repair and Watch Band Removal

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Never before have I used such an excellent watch band tool. Now, I don't know what took me so long to get my hands on it. Since I've started use Anezus Watch Link Remover Kit with Spring Bar Tool Watch Band Tool and 360 Pcs Watch Strap Link Pins for Watch Repair and Watch Band Removal watch band link remover kit, I'm never going back to the standard screwdrivers. My detailed review is below.


If you're tired of removing your watch bands the hard way, you need the Anezus Watch Link Remover Kit with Spring Bar Tool Watch Band Tool and 360 Pcs Watch Strap Link Pins for Watch Repair and Watch Band Removal. This kit is an impressive combination of a professional spring bar tool, a 360-piece watch pin set, and a handy watch band tool that can be used to change your watches' bands quickly. The spring bar tool is made of stainless steel, durable and solid enough for applying the pins into the band in removing watch straps and bracelets. With 20 pieces of each size in the box, you have plenty of options for attaching watch bands while swapping bands and fixing watches. Its professional design makes it easy to work with no matter what timepiece you prefer. The kit also features a soft cleaning cloth for polishing your watches after installation.

What I Like

I bought this pack to repair one watch band. The multiple size options meant that at least one of the sizes would work, and it did. For the price I don't mind buying it to get one link for a band I really like and cost quite a bit more. It wasn't easy to install but with persistence I was able to get the link in place. I'm now able to wear my watch band which.

Temery Watch Band Strap Link Pin Remover Repair Tool Kit for Watchmakers with Pack of 6 Extra Pins