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Top Plumbing Repair Kits

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

The term “plumbing” immediately makes one think of leaky faucets, clogged toilets and wet ceilings. Getting stuck with a plumbing problem at home can be quite frustrating because you end up having to spend money on it. However, there are many do-it-yourself plumbing repair kits out there that can help you avoid calling the plumber every time your toilet breaks or your kitchen sink starts leaking. Most of these kits are reasonably priced and ensure that you can fix the problem yourself without spending a large sum of money.

Speakman RPG05-0520 FBA_RPG05-0520 Vacuum Breaker Hub Plumbing Repair Kit for Bathroom Sinks and Fixtures

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Keep your vacuum breaker hub functioning properly with the Speakman RPG05-0520 Vacuum Breaker Hub Plumbing Repair Kit for Bathroom Sinks and Fixtures. This repair kit is designed to offer a 19/32-in threaded fitting and comes complete with a check washer, seat and hub that can be used with these select Speakman plumbing products: SC-5811-RCP, SC-5812-RCP, SC-5811, SC-5812, and SC-5856.


There's nothing worse than something going wrong with your plumbing, and fixing it can mean tearing out walls, ripping up floors, or throwing money at the problem. But if you've got a Speakman Vacuum Breaker Hub, you can be sure that the problem will be fixed—without any need for major renovations. Having a functioning vacuum breaker hub is a must for any bathroom, as it is an important part of the plumbing that allows all of the water to flow through your bathroom's sink and faucet. If you have problems with your vacuum breaker hub, you could have water all over your bathroom floor—and that's never fun! The Speakman Plumbing Repair Kit makes it easy to keep your vacuum breaker hubs in working order. With this kit, you'll be able to service sinks and faucets without having to tear up any tile or woodwork. This kit includes a check washer, seat, hub; 8 pieces total. It is compatible with the following Speakman products: SC-5811-RCP, SC-5812-RCP, SC-5811, SC-5812, and SC-5856.

What I Like

We needed the plastic pop-up with o ring and nylon screw on bracket with o ring and the screw for the bell covering. The other brass parts were not applicable to our set up and the seller should offer each repair type separately. The bottom line is that it works perfectly and repair is done. We are very satisfied with our purchase.

Danco 80816 Complete Toilet Repair Kit Fill Valve, Flapper, Rod, Float Replacement, White

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If you are in need of a replacement toilet repair kit, make your life easier with the Danco Toilet Repair Kit. It is complete with common replacement parts that are often used for fixing a leaky toilet allowing you to replace the faulty part with new ones to restore your toilet back to it's original working condition. The kit includes a fill valve, flapper, rod, float and easy to follow instructions which makes this DIY project easy to complete even with simple household tools.


Not only is a leaky toilet an annoying problem, but it can also be a scary one. When water doesn't stay where it should and starts seeping out of the bowl or running down the floor, it can also cause damage to your home that may not be covered by your home's insurance policy. Save yourself the headache and don't let a slow toilet become a big problem. The Danco Toilet Repair Kit is designed to stop up leaks and fix worn toilets. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions and everything you need for this DIY project, including replacement parts for the most common toilet parts that cause leaks and will restore your toilet to its original working condition.

What I Like

I read in a magazine where a man bent the rod on the float, but I just kept screwing the ball onto the rod until it was the correct length. It is a tight fit, but works flush after flush. No leaks underneath. The overflow tube thingy with the clip inside and that spring...I clipped the the tube to the spring and put the spring inside the overflow tube.

KOOTANS 1200Pcs Nitrile Rubber O Ring Kit 24 Sizes O Rings Assortment Kit Set Sealing Washer NBR Metric o-Ring Assortment for Plumbing, Gas, Automotive and Faucet Repair, Resist Oil and Heat O-Rings

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As a professional manufacturer, KOOTANS is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of this kind of products. With years' development, our factory also offers customized service. Please rest assured to buy wholesale 12 size O-ring kit with competitive price from us.


Kootans 1200Pcs Nitrile Rubber O Ring Kit 24 Sizes O Rings Assortment Kit Set Sealing Washer NBR Metric o-Ring Assortment for Plumbing, Gas, Automotive and Faucet Repair, Resist Oil and Heat O-Rings is a great value set for those who own or manage plumbing and other small household projects. It includes twenty-four different sizes of rubber O-rings, which are soft, flexible and have good resistance to oil and heat. The kit also includes two high quality aluminum alloy sealing hooks that can be used to remove seals or O-rings without damaging them.

What I Like

These o-rings come in convenient metric sizes, in increments from 6mm to 28mm, and I use these nitrile o-rings on my fingers to keep my multiple rings (jewelry) in place and secure. They work wonderfully for me, with no irritation, that I have experienced with other inferior brands. I have bought them 5 times already, I have had great results and success with them.

225PCS Rubber O Ring Assortment Kits 18 Sizes Sealing Gasket Washers Made of Nitrile Rubber NBR for Professional Plumbing, Automotive Repair, Air or Gas Connections

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O-ring Assortment Kits – 225 PCS are a must have for anyone working with plumbing or automobile repair. This O-Ring assortment kit includes all the most common O-ring sizes. All the sizes of this O-ring kit are enough to allow you to cope with various needs. Sizes range from 3mm to 22mm in outer diameter. For more details, please refer to our size picture.


When it comes to plumbing, sometimes you need parts that are so specialized that they're not available in your local hardware store. There are plenty of options for getting these hard-to-find parts, but one of the best is to visit a wholesale supplier. Many people don't know about wholesalers because they only deal with manufacturers or suppliers, which means that the products aren't always readily available. But companies like ours have a web presence where we can make our inventory accessible to anyone who wants to buy it, and that includes you.

Our 225PCS Rubber O Ring Assortment Kit 18 Sizes Sealing Gasket washers feature an assortment of o rings and gaskets made from nitrile rubber (NBR). Nitrile rubber is great water and oil resistant material that's durable and designed to last through years of use. This makes it great for sealing leaks in faucets, sinks, filters, and many other plumbing connections. In fact, this kit has 18 different sizes for you to choose from. That includes everything from 3mm up to 22mm in outer diameter. The kit is also stored in a sturdy transparent plastic box with labels to keep everything organized, which makes storing and using the parts easier than ever before.

What I Like

I bought this multipack thinking it would have my size for an outdoor faucet. I was too lazy to check for the right size, but I managed to use some smaller sizes and fix the leak. Now that the leak is fixed, I still have a bunch left over for future products, so for the price I certainly can’t complain.

SENLO Price Pfister Faucets Bathtub and Bathroom Shower 3-Chrome-Handle Remodel Rebuild Repair Replacement Tub Trim Kit Compression Valve Stem Verve 6-Step Metal Removal Faucet Seat Bibb Wrench Tool

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Save Your Time Our bath tub repair kit comes with a 6-step faucet seat wrench. This is one of the main reasons why so many people choose our replacement trim kit. With this convenience, you don't have to spend additional time finding this tool, when you try to remove tub seat. Beautify Your Bathroom As you can see, tub and shower repair kit with 6-step bibb seat wrench is the perfect solution to your water-use issues. Classic designed bathroom remodel kit provides more elegant visual satisfaction .


Changing a bathtub faucet can be a real hassle. It's hard to get down and dirty under the sink, and even harder to get back out again to finish the job. But with our convenient replacement kit, all you need is a 6-step bibb seat wrench to get your job done. It includes everything you need to replace your old faucet, from the new handle and shower head to the compression valve and washers. It's so simple, even a novice can do it!

When you want to replace your old faucet, don't look further than SENLO. We make helpful bathroom remodel kits that are easy to install, without any hassle or extra cost. So go ahead and make that change you've been meaning to have—order today!

What I Like

I am a 62 year old woman who likes to do things myself. My hot water faucet was leaking into the wall. I decided to replace the valve. This kit had the right tools to get things unstuck, all the parts fit, and the installation was a swear free breeze. Note that I almost always curse when doing these types of jobs. YouTube helped me figure out the process.

Danco 88192 Tank to Bowl Toilet Repair Kit for Crane

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If you are looking for a durable construction toilet repair kit, then go for the Danco 88192 Tank to Bowl Toilet Repair Kit for Crane. This repair kit is made from durable construction which offers enhanced durability and high performance for long years. It is perfect for Crane toilets. This is a perfect fit kit that also works with 3/8 in. x 3-1/4 in. bolt size. The washers, nuts, and sponge rubber spud gasket included in the kit will make sure that there are no leaks at all.


We've all been there: you're in the middle of the night, sitting on the toilet and suddenly, you hear a loud bang. You jump off, only to discover that the tank lid fell off and right onto your head. It's an awful experience, but sometimes it's unavoidable. That is why we offer a toilet repair kit! Our kit includes 2 tank bolts with washers and nuts and 1 sponge rubber spud gasket. The bolts are 3/8 in. x 3-1/4 in. This repair kit is meant to be used with Crane brand toilets, but it can also be used with other brands if they use similar parts. It's durable construction means that it will last through years of wear and tear!

What I Like

This thick gasket worked well enough to seal my Gerber when the "extra thick" gaskets from Home Depot did not work. I had just installed a new Korky flush system. The hole in this gasket is not big enough to fit over the large plastic hex nut from the Korky flapper, but that's ok. When I first set the tank on the bowl it bobbed around,

Cramer 16080US Tub Repair-Kit Enamel Acrylic Porcelain Ceramic – Plumbing White – Bathtub, Shower Tray, Basin and Sink Refinishing

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The Cramer 16080US Tub Repair-Kit Enamel Acrylic Porcelain Ceramic – Plumbing White – Bathtub, Shower Tray, Basin and Sink Refinishment is the ultimate bathtub, shower tray, basin and sink repair kit. This product allows you to repair minor damage and chips up to ¾ inch on any enameled cast iron and steel, acrylic, ceramic, and porcelain surface. Applied with this kit, your repairs will last for a long time. Its heat resistant up to 140 °F which means it's suitable for working on basins and sinks made of these materials. Plus, it is an epoxy free product so there's no warning coat needed! The kit also has a spray top coating for a perfect finish as well as simple instructions for how to achieve long lasting results.


The 4-step DIY procedure is a breeze. You can repair minor damage and chips up to 1 inch. The materials are available at major hardware stores and also online at Amazon.com. The top coat dries quickly for a smooth finish, and the kit comes with sandpaper for enamel, ceramic, porcelain and acrylic. It's made in Germany since 1972. Original Cramer products are monitored by constant quality controls during production and additionally and continuously tested, inspected and certified by TÜV, an independent test laboratory.

What I Like

We chipped the brand new tub when we installed it while we were installing tile. We had tried the paint-on “cover up” in the past, and it was awful. This seemed to be a better option, and it was! It had a filler to actually fill the chip, then you sand it flush, and spray the white glossy paint over. It was a near perfect match!

141 PCS Rubber Sealing Washer Kit with 225 PCS Faucet O-Rings Gasket Seal Assortment Set,34 Different Assorted Sizes

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Do you feel the pain of changing gaskets every time you need to repair something in 2017? Don't worry, we have a solution for you! To solve this problem, we have this Rubber Sealing Washer Kit with 225 O-ring Gasket Seal Assortment Set,34 different types of assortments. The set includes 34 different sizes of gaskets that includes: 16 sizes of 916 pcs gasket pack and 18 sizes of 225pcs gasket pack.


141 PCS Rubber Sealing Washer Kit with 225 PCS Faucet O-Rings Gasket Seal Assortment Set,34 Different Assorted Sizes--What You'll Get:You'll get one set of 141pcs plumbing gasket assortment kit in 16 different sizes, and one set of 225pcs O ring sealing gasket kit in 18 sizes. Materials of the 225pcs O ring gasket:Made of Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) material. Materials of the 141pcs rubber washers:It includes three types washers:rubber, fiber and klingerit gasket to stop leaks & seal fittings,which also has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance etc. Applications:Ideal for automobile repair,electrical appliance and other fields. Suitable for faucets, cylinders, valves, pumps, automobiles, bearings, etc. Package:Each seal assortment kit comes in a sturdy molded storage case for organization and portability. The case includes a dimension chart for distinguishing different sizes easily.

What I Like

A lot of sizes and washer types are available in two very well-divided plastic cases.

Danco 80817 Home Washer Assortment, 42-Piece, Pack of 1, Black