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Top Power Tools Deals

Every power tool brand has a variety of different-sized tools that are ideal for various projects, but not all brands have a good selection. This list contains the best power tool deals from some of the most popular brands in the market today, including Porter-Cable & RIDGID.

Worx WX429L 4 Amp WORXSAW 4.5" Electric Compact Circular Saw

Top Power Tools

If you enjoy doing DIY projects but don't want to break the bank buying tools, the WORX WX429L 4 Amp Compact Circular Saw is for you. This powerful saw gives you a professional quality cut without being too cumbersome to use on a regular basis. It's also completely cordless and has all of the features you need without any extras that won't get used anyway.


There's lots of options these days when it comes to cordless circular saws. Most are useful for home improvement projects, and if you're just someone who likes to get out and make things, they're a godsend. There's one thing we've found that sets this saw apart from the rest, and that's its ability to get the job done quickly. The WORXSAW has a smaller blade than most other cordless circular saws—4.5 inches instead of 7.25 inches—but it cuts with twice the speed. That means that it can work harder because it doesn't have as much strain on it, but also that you don't need to use both hands to operate it. This one-hand-use feature comes in handy when you're cutting things in tight spaces or don't want to be carrying something big around.

This great little guy can also be used for cutting up a 2x4, which is a benefit that's unique among its competitors because most are only powerful enough to do 3x2s. In this particular case, though, less is more: the smaller blade takes less time to turn than the bigger ones do, so you can save some time and still cut through effectively enough to make your project happen!

What I Like

I bought this because of reviews on this brand. I have been using it for a week cutting 1x6 tongue and groove cedar for my walls. It hasn't let me down and the blade is still working good. I have cut both ends off of 124 boards for the walls and also to cut old cabinets and various wood to fit in my firepit. It has barely gotten warm. I really love this saw,

Hammerhead 10-Amp Variable Speed Plunge Woodworking Router Kit with Parallel Guide and Vacuum Adaptor – HAPR100

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The HammerHead® 10-Amp Variable Speed Plunge Woodworking Router Kit is the perfect tool for hobbyists, woodworkers and weekend warriors. It has a variable speed control dial for optimal results, provides precision bit-depth adjustment at any plunge setting and allows the user to control their project with the integrated spindle lock. This router is also equipped with a built-in wrench on its base to make quick adjustments and change bits fast.


I'm a pretty big fan of this router, and there are a few reasons why. It's got a lot of great features that make it really versatile and convenient to use. I've used it on a number of jobs, and it's served me wonderfully each time. The first thing that is great about this router is how easy it is to adjust the bit depth. You can control the depth with the simple control dial at any plunge setting, making it super easy to set up for any task you need. And not only does the depth adjustment have a wide range, but it also comes with an adjustable turret stop for more precise control over the exact depth setting.

The spindle lock is also really nice and makes switching out bits very quick and easy. This product comes with two chucks, one flat and one round, which are ideal for setting up the router for all kinds of tasks. I also really appreciate that the spindle lock works very smoothly and never binds up on me when I'm trying to change out bits, plus I like that both chucks have big handles so they are easy to grab hold of even when my hands are covered in sawdust from all the work I've been doing.

What I Like

I was hesitant to buy this router, but other people's reviews convinced me it might be ok. Well, I was surprised at how well it works. I've used it to route pine, maple, mahogany, and corian plastic. It's quite powerful and never bogged down. I wish it had a 1/2" collar to go along with the 1/4" like my Porter Cable,

Williams B-52EHLA 3/8-Inch Drive Long Enclosed Head Ratchet,Chrome Finish

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Great for industrial applications, this long enclosed head ratchet has a maximum torque rating of 90 ft.-lbs. and an overall length of 10 3/4-Inch. Manufactured in the US, it is made of sturdy Chrome Vanadium steel and features a carbon-tempered steel shaft. Designed with safety in mind, it comes with two pawls to ensure that they engage at all times. It is also moisture, dirt and dust proof thanks to the sealed body which preserves the internal lubrication. This one-piece ratchet provides strength and safety with an ergonomic grip handle. It also has overall knurling to increase gripping surface area and provide added comfort while working.


We just finished a big garage project, so we were in the market for a new ratchet to help us with any future jobs. The old one was fine and served its purpose, but it had a few drawbacks. It wasn't long enough to fit into tight spaces and it had no internal lubrication, so it was prone to rusting if you didn't clean off the grime after each use.

We love this new ratchet because it has all the features we want: an enclosed head that prevents dirt from entering and keeps the lubricant inside intact, a smooth chrome finish for durability, and an overall length that lets us reach places that were hard to get to with our last ratchet. We also like how easy it is to judge how much force you're applying because of how long it is—it makes us feel more confident when we're using it on something heavy.

What I Like

These are great, and really inexpensive. Snap-on bought Williams in the 90's and sells their previous generation tools under the J.H. Williams name. These are virtually identical to the Snap-On 936 36-tooth ratchets, the parts are completely interchangeable. Same goes for Williams ratcheting wrenches they're snap-on's previous generation, same with their ratchets, and sockets.

SKIL 6239-01 5.5 Amp Variable Speed Drill, 3/8"

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Hey guys! I've been using this drill for over a year now and I love it. It's low priced, powerful and really light. The best thing is the "non-slip bumpers". They provide great grip so you can use the drill in your hand or it can be free standing. As a general contractor who uses a lot of hole saws and hammer drills, the flexibility of this piece of equipment has been exceptional!


The SKIL 6239-01 is a mid-grip drill that boasts features like a powerful 5.5 amp motor and a keyless chuck with an on/off trigger lock. It has non-slip bumpers to protect surfaces and tools, and a 3/8" chuck capacity. Its variable speed trigger offers the versatility to handle a wide variety of applications, from driving screws to drilling holes for hanging picture frames. The one feature I really appreciate about this drill is the rubberized grip in the middle of the handle: it makes the drill feel less top-heavy, so I'm able to control my movements better when using this tool. Overall, I think this drill is great for someone who wants a mid-grip drill for light to medium carpentry tasks.

What I Like

I have a bunch of drills, from small to heavy duty, from corded to battery powered, and this is one of the best. It has enough power for most jobs. I mostly use it for drilling holes in wood and metal, but I've also used it for grinding and shaping, as well as driving screws.

Neiko 30075A Air Geared Orbital Sander, 8-Inch Pad

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I know this isn't a review of the Neiko 30075A air sander but who doesn't love a good list of specs? No one really so let's continue. This powerful, yet compact orbital sander performs at high speeds and produces an even sanding surface for your projects. You may think it's just about sanding but I prefer to use mine for things like cutting boards or DIY furniture!


This sander's got an air-geared orbital motor that puts out 5 cfm at 850 rpm, which is enough power to get even the thickest of finishes off your project. The motor's put into a metal housing, so you know it can stand up to whatever you throw at it. It's got an integrated throttle control, which means you can adjust the speed from any angle without having to stop working. The pad that comes with the sander is 8 inches in diameter, and is compatible with all 8 inch pressure stick sanding discs.

Cost varies widely depending on where you buy it. If you buy it directly from Neiko, the cost is $159.99 (as of this writing), but if you look around online or at local hardware stores, you can almost always find it for less than $100. Amazon has it for only $84.99 (as of this writing).

What I Like

This random-orbit sander works like it is supposed to. Don't expect Dynabrade Performance. Having done a lot of auto body work, I have used a ton of random-orbit sanders. The expensive ones do a lot more random orbiting, creating a vibration effect which minimizes swirl marks. This sander will leave marks, but they are easily removed.

Stalwart - 75-CD91 Cordless Drill Set- 89 Piece Kit, 18-Volt Power Tool with Bits, Sockets, Drivers, Battery Charger with AC Adapter, and Carrying Case by Red

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With 89 pieces, this cordless tool set gives you an arsenal of options when it comes to home repair. There are a number of different driver bits, sockets, and wrenches that will help you assemble furniture, put up artwork and repair broken appliances. You can also use the drill's power to tighten screws in wooden or metal structures around the house.


Stalwart's 75-CD91 Cordless Drill Set has everything you need to up your basic tool collection. This kit comes with a wide variety of bits that you can use for a variety of tasks, allowing you to choose the best bit for each job. The drill is adjustable and comes with 16 torque settings to apply the right amount of power for various materials, and it also includes forward and reverse capabilities so you can easily assemble or disassemble your projects. This set includes 89 pieces total—there are a variety of drivers, bits, and sockets in this set, so you can choose the best option for each task. It's also cordless, so you won't get tangled up in cords or run out of power mid-fix. This set is a great addition to any apartment's tool collection.

What I Like

Just solid. My first drill. I had to look up the torque settings because the manual is sparse. Can be used as a driver or drill. Convenient buttons and switches. It'll handle everything more expensive drills can. I've drilled holes in my metal computer case for standoffs, drilled a screw extractor, and driven every screw in the house now that I'm addicted to it.

Hammerhead 20V Cordless Reciprocating Saw Kit with 2.0Ah Battery, Charger, Wood Cutting Blade – HCRS201

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The Hammerhead cordless reciprocating saw kit is designed to cut through almost any type of material from wood, metal, masonry, PVC and fiberglass. The saw can even be used for cutting holes and dugouts. If a more compact tool is desired for specialized applications it can be used in hammer drill mode using the 1/4-inch single sleeve ratcheting chuck to allow for more precision when making accurate holes or installing hinges and hardware.