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Top Tool Box Organizer Of 2022

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Are you looking for the best deals on Tool Box Organizer Of 2022? Well, you're in luck. That's why we created this page with all that you need to make a smart purchase. Our reviews and buying guide will lead you through the process so you never have to worry. And if that's not enough, our friendly customer service representatives are only an email or phone call away if you need any help.

ABN Tool Box, 10in 1pk - 4 Drawers Toolbox Organizers and Storage, Toolkit Workbench Garage Organizing Set Plastic Chest

Tool Box Organizer

All of your small parts and tools can be organized and well-kept in this tool chest organizer tray! Whether you're at work or at home, if you've got some screws, nails, and other small parts which is always scattered all around the place and getting lost easily, just take them all together here to organize them up.


It's easy for small parts to fall out of your reach and get lost in your garage, but with the tool chest organizer tray from ABN, you can keep everything close at hand. This toolkit drawer organizer is constructed of durable high-impact PP plastic, so it can withstand repeated use and last for years. The small tool kit tools box includes four retractable drawers, each of which provides a secure compartment for all of your small parts and tools. Use this compact workbench drawer organizer toolkit for screws, bolts, nails, beads, fishing tackle, pins, and more. You can even store larger items like hand tools and hardware in the large top compartment. Each drawer can be completely removed when you need to access every nook and cranny. In addition to providing a home for all of your supplies that you're using in a project, the large top compartment also includes an extension that fits over the drawers to provide a spacious workspace when you're working on your projects.

What I Like

I actually have two of these. One of mine is filled with nails and screws, while the top has screwdrivers, a mini hammer, and a measuring tape. Each of the drawers has little tabs to separate and organize the different nails and screws, making it easy for me to find what I am looking for. The other one I have is used as a first aid kit and kept in my car.

BIG RED TRJF-C305ABD Torin Garage Workshop Organizer: Portable Steel and Plastic Stackable Rolling Upright Trolley Tool Box with 3 Drawers, Red

best Tool Box Organizer

When I'm working on projects in my garage and need to get some tools, I usually find myself searching for them all over the place. These days, we have no more than two sets of hands, which means that it can be relatively hard to retrieve anything you want in your garage if you do not have a good organizing system.


If you're a handyman or woman, there's no better way to keep your tools organized than with a Torin Garage Workshop Organizer. This portable rolling upright trolley tool box is composed of three separate plastic and steel storage compartments that are easy to move around and can be separated or connected depending on your storage needs. You can use the top section as a tool box, the middle section as two slide out drawers, or the bottom section as a tilt drawer storage cabinet. The bottom section has a collapsible, telescopic handle with a comfort grip for easy maneuvering. Each section is held together by metal latches and includes ball bearings for smooth operation that makes getting your tools in and out easier. This organizer is ideal for both residential and industrial use and comes with a limited 1-year manufacturer warranty.

What I Like

I bought this for my husband when he switched careers from being a mechanic. He got rid of a lot of tools but still had a lot left too he didn't want to part with. All of them fit in here (barley lol but that's not the product's fault).

DEWALT TSTAK Tool Box, Deep, Long Handle (DWST17814)

garage Tool Box Organizer

Are you tired of not having enough space for all your tools? Then you should take a look at the DeWalt TSTAK tool box. The extra large volume allows for added storage of tools and parts. Each unit has an organizer on top with fixed dividers for organization of drills, bits and many other small hand tools. Heavy-duty metal latches on top of each unit ensures they won't open while being transported. All units can be stacked below this unit using the side latches to hold them together. The Bi-material handle on top of each unit makes it easy to transport heavy loads without causing strain on your back.


I was really excited when I saw this tool storage box at the store. It's perfect for storing my favorite tools, and comes in a variety of colors so it fits in really well with the rest of my garage. There are a lot of different things I love about it. The handles on top make it really easy to lift, even when it's full of stuff, which is great because I'm always hauling tools between work and home. The dividers inside are fixed, so they don't move around as you put your tools away, which means you can actually fit all your stuff where you want it. The locks on the end are heavy-duty, so I know my stuff is safe. I love that this unit can be stacked underneath another one when they're empty, or on top when they're full. The only thing I wish could be improved is that sometimes the latches don't close tight enough and feel like they might pop open if you're not careful. But honestly, that's a minor complaint compared to how much I love this box.

What I Like

I bought this model for the top of my stacker. I'll include some pictures of it's size and internals. I got this one for my OSC tool and corded drill. I like the upper compartments for holding all of the drill bits and screw bit tips. It feels pretty tight and secure, not sure I'd trust it to fall from the back of my truck.

WEWLINE Tool Box Organizer 18.5" Tool Storage with Adjustable Compartment Portable Toolbox with Handle Perfect for Home Office Garge

mechanic tool box organizer

The WEWLINE Tool Box Organizer 18.5" Tool Storage with Adjustable Compartment Portable Toolbox with Handle Perfect for Home Office Garage Basement is the right handy helper that you need. It not only helps improve your tool storage, but also organizes your stuff of different types as it comes with 3 layers to store over 20 kinds of tools.


With its sturdy handle and reinforced corners, this large toolbox is the perfect storage solution for all your hand tools, power tools, and hardware. The compact design allows you to easily carry your tools around the house or to work on the jobsite.

The 18.5" Tool Storage with Adjustable Compartment Portable Toolbox with Handle from WEWLINE has two integrated lid organizers to store screws, nails, wall anchors, and other small items. The five adjustable compartments allow you to customize this portable tool box to hold all your tools in one place. It features a sturdy handle that folds down for easy storage. Get your WEWLINE Tool Box Organizer 18.5" Tool Storage today!

What I Like

I absolutely love this tool box! It is everything I've been looking for. I recently started to take apart my PS4's and Controllers. So i have been buying so many parts and tools for them. Repeative pasts that come with tools...so many. The little box i had was getting cramped and broken. This fits everything i need. Its super sturdy and easy for mii to lock and unlock.

Anyyion 18-Inch Tool box with Removable Tray with Stainless Steel Dual Lock Secured ,Small Parts Box, Metal Handle is Truly Rugged

best tool box organizer

This Anyyion tool box is so strong, it takes me all weekend to find anything!<br>Hey, I'm just kidding! But seriously, all my tools are finally organized and it makes my life much easier.<br>When I was growing up in our garage, my dad had a lot of tools strewn all over the place. Leave it to me to pick up after him.<br>The great thing about this Anyyion tool box is that you'll eventually have all your tools in it organized the way you like them. Need a flash light or pliers? No problem.


If you need a durable and reliable tool box, then the Anyyion 18-inch Toolbox with Removable Tray is for you. This tool box is specifically designed to keep your tools organized and well-protected in any working environment. The product features a removable tray to help you store small parts and easy to find them. It also has a bottom compartment that can hold large, heavy items. Its sturdy construction ensures that your tools will remain safe from external damage and other potential threats, even at freezing temperature. The Anyyion Tool Box with Removable Tray is an ideal choice for those who often bring their tools outdoors or work in different environments.

What I Like

I replaced an old toolbox I had (same size) with a plastic latch that broke off with this toolbox that has stainless steal latches that are a better design (more sturdy) than the plastic latches which I believe are destined to fail. The insertable tray is a nice feature with well-spaced and thoughtfully designed holders for the small stuff. Overall good purchase and good price point!

OEMTOOLS 22160 19" Tool Box with Removable Tool Tray, Security Slot for Padlocks, Easy Access Tool Box Multiple Compartments Lid, Max. Weight 40 Lb.

tool box organizer foam

Hi, I'm Ashley with OX Tools. I've seen tool boxes that were either too small or too big. After looking at several different models, we've created the perfect mid-size tool box. It's sturdy, has plenty of room and has been designed to separate your tools into categories. For example: a long-handled wrench box, a box for screws and nuts, a box for hammers, pliers and other small hand tools. We finish it off by placing a removable tray in the top so you can carry smaller items in your toolbox without losing them in large wrench box or storage area.


Organizing is a great way to stay on top of projects, make sure you always have the right tools on hand, and keep your shop (or workspace) organized. What's even better is when you can do it in such a way that it doesn't get in your way. The OEMTOOLS 22160 19" Tool Box with Removable Tool Tray has plenty of room to hold both hand tools and power tools, as well as fasteners and parts. And if you need a way to secure your tools while on the go, this padlockable tool box has an opening on the front for easy insertion of a lock. This gives you added versatility; you can keep the big box locked up at home or in the garage, but take out just the tray for projects when you're out and about.The removable plastic toolbox tray gives added versatility; make room for bigger items and carry a smaller set of tools separately, if needed.The lid features 3 separate small parts box compartments and 2 removable box dividers for easy access to fasteners, bits, and often-used items. Lifting this lightweight tool box is easy; its maximum weight capacity is 40 pounds to help you move many tools, parts and fasteners around with ease.

What I Like

I am very happy with this toolbox. I was looking for a sturdy, compact box that would fit in my vehicle's cargo area for camping trips. I compared several 19" boxes and was most impressed by this one. It has less internal capacity than others, but it is more compact in width and height. It has a tray that is perfect for my needs, sturdy double latches, and lid storage compartments.

Amazon Brand - Denali Tool Box with Metal Latches, 15-inch

truck tool box organizer

This stainless steel classic tool box is the ideal storage solution for the home garage, workshop, job site and more. Perfect to store power tools and other large tools, this tool box securely locks with two rust proof metal latches with padlock eyeholes. This 15-inch tool box features a removable inner storage tray to keep small parts neatly organized. A top handle with an ergonomic design makes it easy to transport and carry your tools in style.


If you're looking for a classic, reliable stainless steel tool box that can safely store your most-used tools within easy reach, this product is a great choice. The 15-inch size offers dozens of storage spaces in which tools, hardware supplies, or whatever you need to keep organized can be neatly tucked away. Inside the main compartment, there's a removable tray with several smaller compartments to keep different items separate and easily accessible. The latches are rust-proof metal that lock securely, and the top handle is ergonomic for comfortable carrying and easy portability. The denali tool box for home/workshop/job site comes in a silver-colored finish that looks fantastic against other stainless steel and chrome furniture and fixtures. It measures 15 x 6.3 x 7.1 inches (LxWxH), making it ideal for small spaces where you want your tools to still have some room to breathe. For more information about this product, visit our Amazon brand page today!

What I Like

Three tool boxes would be best for use in a garage or house. Stainless steel and sturdy plastic construction with a removable inner storage tray with multiple compartments for keeping smaller items neatly organized. 2 rust-proof metal latches with padlock eyeholes make it possible to securely lock the tool box shut. Top handle with recessed. Ergonomic design offers a comfortable grip and easy portability.