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Top Watch Repair Kits

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

We found the best 10 watch repair kits that are available on amazon. These watches require a specific tool to be able to open them up and make repairs, so don’t just go buy any old kit off the internet without checking out our list of recommendations first.

BYNIIUR Watch Repair Kit, Watch Case Opener Spring Bar Tools, Watch Battery Replacement Tool Kit, Watch Band Link Pin Tool Set with Carrying Case and Instruction Manual

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This watch repair kit comes in 155 PCS, complete with 12 pcs of the most commonly used tools and 143pcs general purpose watch repair tool set. These are all top quality, easy to use precision tools, including 3 point watch wrench case opener (extra large), watch band link remover tool, pin punch, hammer, pliers, spring bar removal tool, band holder, 5x screwdriver, tweezers, case pry. This is a truly complete set that has every tool you need to open caseback, resize or change batteries on almost any type of watch. It can also be used for many other models of watches you may have. The high quality and the reasonable price will give you a great value for the money.


As someone who's put a lot of time and money into my watch collection, this kit was a must-have. It's great for anyone with a hobby or profession that requires their hands to be free, like many musicians, or anyone with manual labor in their daily routine.

For me, it's also helpful for when friends come over to visit—I can take down a few of my more expensive watches and let them try them on. That way, I can avoid having to hand them over if I don't know them well yet (and I don't want to make an insurance claim just yet).

Additionally, I can use one the tools included in this kit to open up my watches when they need maintenance or battery replacement. There are just some tools that you can't do without if you're working with watches on any kind of level (pro or not), and this kit has got 'em all.

What I Like

There are many similar tool sets like this one on Amazon and all of them appear to be made somewhere in China, so quality and longevity are not their strong suit. I bought this one because of the price and the included tools, which appeared to be adequate for my watch repair needs. I've used it to change the batteries on a half dozen different watches of varying ages and sizes and was able to do the job more easily.

Watch Repair Kit, Eventronic Professional Watch Battery Replacement Tool, Watch Link & Back Removal Tool, Spring Bar Tool Set with Carrying Case

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Eventronic watch repair kit is your indispensable tool whether you are a independent watch repairman or just a collector. Eventronic's watch precision tools comes with almost all the tools you need to repair your quartz and mechanical watches, including opening, closing the watch case; removing and replacing the band link and pin; case holder; hammer; spring bar tool; screwdriver and some small tools. The carrying bag can hold all the parts firmly and it's easy to carry when you are travelling.


If you have a watch, you'll likely need to do a little work on it now and then. Maybe your watch band sprung a leak and you need to replace the links, maybe you have to change the battery, or maybe your cover needs some tightening. You could always pay someone else to do it for you, but what's the fun in that? The Eventronic Watch Repair Tool Kit comes with all the necessary tools for the job—and not just one of each. You get a hammer, pliers, pin punch, tweezers, screwdriver, and more. Not only does this kit make it easy for you to take your watch apart yourself and put it back together again without having to mess around with tools that don't quite fit or aren't strong enough to handle the job, but it also saves you money. Why would anyone spend $50 at their local jewelry store when they can get this entire tool kit for less than half that price? It's a great gift idea for anyone who has a watch and likes doing things themselves!

What I Like

I ordered this because I got sick of constantly having to pay to get my various watch batteries replaced. I wish I had purchased it sooner because this kit paid for itself within the first days of owning it. One by one, over the course of a year or so, 4 of my watches went down needing new batteries. I finally pulled the trigger on ordering this kit as well as the needed replacement batteries and I used this kit.

Vastar Watch Repair Kit, Watch Repair Tools Professional Spring Bar Tool Set, Watch Band Link Pin Tool Set with Carrying Case

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The new Vastar watch repair kit is a complete tool sets to help you care for your jewelry needs. The 81-piece set includes hex keys, needle nose pliers, tweezers, spring bar remover, cotton swabs and a mini screw driver. - Adjustable pin removal tool improves its function. - Good quality spring bar tool set supply you comfortable touch feeling while using. - Portable spring bars band link remover easy to carry to anywhere by the nylon bag. - The open case remover designed especially for opening standard and oversized cases up to 52mm in diameter (larger than most other cases). - Soft pry bar for cases with high edges made of special material make it last a long time of use. - The portable pocket watch repair kit put it in the bag for easy storage when traveling.


Vastar's watch repair kit is the perfect thing to have around the house if you like to fix things yourself. The set includes almost every tool you could need, and they all fit into a convenient case that can be tucked away in a drawer or left out on a shelf for easy access.

The first time I heard about this set, I was impressed by its number of tools, but thought that surely it couldn't be fully comprehensive. Surely there was something missing that meant it wasn't worth the money. But when I started to go through the tools, I found myself pleasantly surprised. The set covers every major category of watch repair: Opening case backs, adjusting band pins, replacing gaskets, opening springs, and more. There are even some other tools that can help with less common problems like removing glass from bracelets and removing crystals.

The only tool it doesn't have is any way to store your watches while they're being repaired. If you don't have a display stand or want something to put your watch in while you're working on it and don't want to risk scratching it or getting oil on it in another container, then you should probably get a small plastic box where you can put your watch while you're working on it.

What I Like

I recommend this product. HINT: I'd look for a model-specific battery replacement video on YouTube before opening the watch case. I learned that the battery holding mechanisms vary from brand to brand and their workings are not always obvious. I replaced three watch batteries today with no casualties.

【Combination Version】Eventronic Watch Repair Tool Kit + Watch Press Set, Professional Spring Bar Tool Set,Watch Band Link Pin Tool Set with Carrying Case, Watch Battery Replacement Tool Kits

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Opening the back cover of the watch can be done quickly and easily. Watch repair kit is very suitable for repairing and adjusting the watch, such as disassembling the strap, opening the back cover of the watch, replacing the clock battery, replacing the strap, adjusting the strap, cleaning the inside of the watch , maintaining the inside of the watch and so on. High-quality fine workmanship tools, sturdy and durable.


There are so many amazing watches in the world, but it's often hard to find the one that's just right for you. The watch repair kit from Eventronic is ideal for those who want to quickly and easily fix and maintain the watches they already have, as well as for those who'd like to start their own watch collection.

You can use this kit for repairing nearly any type of watch—from a pocket watch to a smartwatch, and any in-between. It's got all the tools you need for taking apart a watch band so that you can replace or adjust it. It also has a great selection of screwdrivers and other little parts, including special ones that allow you to add or remove links from your bracelet without damaging it. In addition to that, there are guides on how to fix different kinds of watches, such as smartwatches and automatic watches.

This kit comes in a compact case that makes it easy to store when it's not being used. It also has a zipper design that keeps everything inside safe and secure.

It's an essential item for anyone with an interest in watches, whether you're a professional or an amateur!

What I Like

I have about 30 watches, and I have been neglecting them. About half needed new batteries. I bought this watch press to make the job easier. I was right. Putting the watches in the holder and using the back remover was so easy, except for 2 of my watches, which have very tight, thin backs. I had to use a sharp paring knife to remove the backs.

Watch Repair Kit Battery Replacement Tools Set, Ohuhu 213 PCS Watches Repairing Kits, Professional Spring Bar Watch Back Case Opener Bands Link Pins Remover with Carrying Bag & Instruction Manual

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There are only two tools you will probably ever need for watch repair. The first is the Watch Case Opener that can be adjusted to over 50mm wide. All you do is put the screwdriver in the slot then turn and the back of a watch comes off! The second tool is the Link Removal Tool which will help make changing your watch band so much easier!


Introducing the Ohuhu 213pc watch repair kit. Now anyone will be able to easily perform all of the most common watch repair work such as opening your watch case back, replacing the battery, replacing or adjusting the watch band and so much more. Made of premium quality materials, our watch repair kit is made to last!

This kit includes a total of 213 pieces, including a variety of precision tools that are easy to use and hard to lose. This includes spring bar tool, precision screwdrivers, nylon pry bars, tweezers and many more. Each piece is safely encased in a durable plastic case with a snap-fit cover and a handle for convenient carrying. All you need is this one kit and you're ready to go!

Economical and Convenient: Both portable and durable, our top-notch watch battery replacement tool kit enables everyone to do watch repair and maintenance like a professional anywhere and in any situation. Its small, compact design means it can be taken anywhere.

What I Like

This kit has pretty much everything I needed. I would like a very thin pin like tool to fit in movement to release the stem but everything else has been just what I needed. This is the first time I have done my own battery replacement and movement replacement.

Watch Band Tool Kit - Watchband Link Remover Tool, Spring Bar Tool Set for Watch Repair and Watch Band Replacement with Small Hammer, Professional Watch Strap Remover Repair Tool, 108PCS Spring Bar

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Have you ever tried to fix and adjust your watch band? It can be quite a hassle, especially if you don't have the right tools. Here's some good news. If you're looking for the best watch band tool kit out there, check this one out. It may be just what you need.


The watch band tool kit contains all the necessary tools for changing a watch strap, including a specialized link remover for quick strap changes and a spring bar tool. The set comes with 108 new spring bars and 20 spring bar tips to ensure that you can change watch straps without damaging the ones you have.

The watch band holder allows you to securely hold the watch in place while you're working on it. It also comes with a small hammer and four different punch pins so you can easily remove old links and add new ones.

If you've ever tried to change a watch strap before, you know that it's not always as simple as it looks. There are springs, pins, bars—all kinds of stuff that can be frustrating if you don't know what to do with them. This tool kit has everything you need to make things easier on yourself.

What I Like

I purchased this kit to repair one of my favorite watches. I lost a pin from the band while lifting a box. At first, I wasn't sure whether I had purchased the right kit; but when I received the kit, I was astounded at how complete this watch repair kit is. There used to be shoe and watch repair shops everywhere, now they are far-and-few to find.

Watch Repair Kit, TOPWAY 149 pcs Watch Battery Replacement Tool Kit, Watch Back Remover Tool, watchband tool kit with 108pcs spring bar, professional watch tool kit with Carrying case and user manual.

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Need replacing battery? Repair the watch strap or case? You are in the right place! This watch repair tool kit includes 18pcs adjustable case openers, holder, pry knife, bracelet remover, link holder, screwdriver, tweezers and so on. Moreover, this watch tools case back opener is suitable for solving common watch problems such as battery replacement, movement replacement and adjusting the length of the strap, removing and installing bracelet. The screwdriver is designed for opening screw-locked back cover. The spring bar tool ensures you to install and uninstall the spring bars easily by these durable plastic pins.


Hello friend, do you want to open the back cover of watch? The TOPWAY adjustable watch case opener is really a good helper for you. It is not easy to open the back cover of watch by yourself. With the watch case opener tool, you can finish the work easily and quickly.

This watch tools set is an ideal choice for both professional watchmakers and newbies. It is made of high quality material, which can be used for long time. The tools are durable in use. The kit is so complete, including 18 pins of different sizes, 3 holders and 1 screwdriver. You don't need to buy them separately if you have it at home. This watch repair tools & kits includes an adjustable case opener, holder, pry knife, bracelet remover, link holder, screwdriver, tweezers, illustrated manual, etc. This watch tools case back opener is suitable for solving common watch problems, such as battery replacement, movement replacement, removing and installing the bracelet, adjusting the length of the strap, opening the case and cleaning.

You can choose this top-level watch repair tool kit if you want to repair your old or broken watches! Don't hesitate!

What I Like

This kit has everything that you're going to need to do standard watch repair and the tools are not cheap/flimsy feeling. That was my concern giving the price point. All indication is that this will last me a long time. I'm pretty stoked to have this for any watch problems down the road and to no longer have to deal with finding a location to take watches.

Watch Back Remover Tool, Watch Battery Replacement Kit, Watch Case Opener Tool, Professional for Battery Replacement, Gasket Replacement, Opening the Watch Back case, Watch Repair and Cleaning